November 2015

Post date: Oct 31, 2015 3:53:58 PM

This month's newsletter, written by Patti Nicholson:

Thanksgiving is the day on the calendar that is set aside for being thankful. If you think about it though, do we spend the day truly being aware of what we are thankful for? Or are we busy cleaning house before company comes, watching football, cooking meals, or preparing shopping lists for Black Friday?

I'm not exactly sure when my perspective on this day (and, really, life in general) changed for me, but it has. I discovered the stress I put myself under took so much energy that it was nearly impossible to enjoy the family that was gathered. I learned that my house does not need to be spotless. And, finally, I realized that being grateful for what I have (faith, family, and friends) feels so much better than complaining about what I don't have.

Writing Prompt: How do you spend Thanksgiving or any other holiday or special day? Do those days increase your stress level or are you able to focus on what is truly important and fully enjoy the moment? Write about it.

COMING UP: November 10, 2015 - guest speaker, Pastor Dan Stanley. Writers write for many varied reasons. When the writer is a Christian, do the reasons change? Pastor Stanley will be speaking on what the Bible tells us about being a writer. Please join us as we welcome Pastor Stanley at our November meeting.


If you want to receive feedback on your work, come early (5:30 p.m.) to meet with others. Bring 6-8 copies of your short piece (300 words or so) for the group to read along as you share. You could bring what you’ve written in response to the prompt above, or something else you’re working on. It can be a portion of a book chapter, or a short article too.

See you at the November meeting!