November 2013

Post date: Nov 5, 2013 12:40:16 AM

This month's newsletter, written by Patti Nicholson:

While getting ready to write this month's newsletter and figure out a writer's prompt, I started over about a dozen times. I figure I'm not alone in that practice! Trying to come up with something unique and inspiring is not always easy. And what happens if what I think is inspiring falls flat?

It would be really easy to say that the prompt for this month is to write about what you are thankful for. I rarely take the easy route though. I would rather have you write about who inspires you. For me, it is my Dad, who selflessly took the best care of my Mom until too many sleepless nights made it physically impossible for him to continue.

Now that Mom is in a very good Memory Care facility, Dad is able to get the sleep he needs and is able to see Mom every day. At 83, he is back to enjoying life, one day at a time.

Writing Prompt: Who inspires you and why? Write about it.

COMING UP: November 12, 2013 "What's New in Publishing" presented by guest speaker, Monica Holtz. Bring your questions. You are also invited to bring IPads, Kindles, and other e-reading devices to the presentation. See the schedule page for moer details.

FEEDBACK (CRITIQUE) OPPORTUNITY: If you want to receive feedback on your work, come early (5:30 p.m.) to meet with others. Bring 6-8 copies of your short piece (300 words or so) for the group to read along as you share. You could bring what you’ve written in response to the prompt above, or something else you’re working on. It can be a portion of a book chapter, or a short article too.

FUN STUFF: Did you find the typo in this month's newsletter? If so, click on the 'Contact Us' link and send us an email. The first one to respond will receive a prize.

See you at the November meeting!


Patti Nicholson

Vice President for Reflection