March 2013

Post date: Mar 5, 2013 1:42:03 AM

Our March inspiration comes to us from member Melissa Wiltrout:

It’s that time of year when winter starts to really irritate me. Gone is the wonder of the first gentle snowfall. Weariness has taken its place. Daily I am forced to don multiple layers of heavy clothing and traverse roads topped with two inches of dirty ice, my head bent against the biting blast of northwest wind. Around me the earth seems locked into a spell of frozen whiteness, as if I’ve been transported back to the Ice Age without my consent.

Yet I recall a time, not so long ago, when the garden was lush and the air fragrant with the blooms of elderberry and lilac. Robins are singing and I can feel the touch of warm sun on my face. Yes, spring will come again. Until then, I will content myself with dreaming.

Writer’s Challenge: How does your backyard or garden look right now? Imagine how it will look (or how you wish it would look) four months from now. Describe your imagined scene vividly, using all five senses if possible.

Thanks Melissa. I can almost smell the lilacs...

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Michelle Rayburn

Guild President