Writing Resources

Have you found a great book for your creative library? Have you discovered a helpful website or found a valuable online newsletter to subscribe to? Share information and recommendations with the group here. Send your information to us via the "Contact Us" link with "RESOURCE" in the subject line and we'll post it here. (Book reviews limited to 100 words please. Include publisher & year of publication, please.)


CHARACTERS, EMOTION & VIEWPOINT by Nancy Kress. 2005 Writers Digest Books.

WRITER'S GUIDE TO CHARACTER TRAITS by Linda N. Edelstein, Ph.D., 2006 Writers Digest Books

BUILDING BELIEVABLE CHARACTERS by Marc McCutcheon (2000 Writers Digest). This book guides you into building personality profiles for convincing characters. Never stall out again with flat, unemotional people.

THE ARTISTS' WAY by Julia Cameron (1992 Putnam/Tarcher). This is a great 12-week self-directed workshop for identifying and owning your creative gifts. Great practical tips for supporting and encouraging the "artist within."


Bell not only explains plotting techniques, but also guides the reader with exercises that address scene construction and point of view. It is a writing course in a book that you can finish in the comfort of your home.

REVISION & SELF-EDITING by James Scott Bell (2008 Writer's Digest Books). Discover how to transform your first draft into a polished final work. Bell provides specific revision tips and targeted self-editing instruction.

SELL YOUR BOOK LIKE WILDFIRE: THE WRITER'S GUIDE TO MARKETING AND PUBLICITY by Rob Eagar (2012 Writer's Digest Books). Learn how to promote and sell your book.


Cecil Murphey's Blog - Cecil's searchable blog covers instruction and suggestions on a multitude of topics necessary for all writers.

Dictionaries & Thesaurus - Quick source for multiple dictionaries and thesaurus.

Writers Digest - Access many and varied articles about writing and writers.

Acronym Finder - Ever wonder what NSA or BBI represent? This is the place to find it.

Words That Rhyme - Need help finding that perfect word to rhyme: Try this site.

Query Shark - The query shark critiques fiction queries. Send a query in and get professional advice. Read submitted queries to learn what works and what does not. This blog shows examples with editorial comments.

How to Write a Query Letter - Paragraph by paragraph advice on what to include.

The Evil Editor - This blog is all about critique, but he lives up to his name. He says be prepared to be publicly humiliated. Read his posts and see what he tells writers on a multitude of excerpts. Lots to learn here.

Online Learning at the Library - The Eau Claire Library offers free online learning in many subjects including marketing, web design, photography, and more. This program is free with a library card number. Click on "Services" and then "online learning." You will set up a with lynda.com and be ready to go. Learn about the various subjects that writers often need.

The Writers Circle - This interesting website has links to other resources and advice, but the facebook page offers short reminders in grammar, punctuation, and cute little tidbits.

Where the Map Ends - From interviews and forums to tools and tips for writers, this site has some of all of it.

Wilda Morris's Poetry Blog - Finally, a blog for the poet's in our group. Check it out and challenge your skills.

Taxes - How to record and report expenses and royalties for year-end tax reporting.

The Cliche Finder - Find those cliches the easy way with this free search function.

Symbols, Signs & Flags - Find whatever shape or picture you need with this handy dandy free finder of all this symbolic.

Dictionary of Christianese - The casual slang of the Christian Church, alphabetically and by subject.

Poetry Writing and Analysis - Comprehensive Learning Guide for Poets

Site Beginner - How to Make a Website; A Complete Guide for Beginners

How to Use Wix - Creating a Website Using Wix Editor