January 2013

Post date: Jan 3, 2013 4:54:33 PM

Happy 2013 from WWCWG!

We start off the year with inspiration from Melissa Wiltrout:

Did you know God can read? Often I think of the story told in the Bible (2 Kings 19) in which King Hezekiah spread out the letter sent from Sennacherib, king of Assyria, before God and prayed for deliverance. God saw the letter and heard Hezekiah’s pleas, and he answered him, delivering Israel from the hand of this mighty enemy.

I’m comforted by the fact God can read. There are times I cannot seem to put my prayers into words, but I can write them down and ask God to read them. He doesn’t mind if I make spelling errors or use a trite expression. He who knows my deepest thoughts feels my heart and hears what I’m saying, whether I use a pen or my tongue.

Writer’s Challenge: Start out the new year by writing something to God. It could be a letter, a poem, or just your own heartfelt prayer.

Thanks Melissa!

THIS MONTH: This month, we feature our own guild founder, Mary Pierce. Mary just completed her master's degree and we celebrate with her. She will be teaching us how to find "More Life in Your Time," and if I know Mary, we'll have some great laughs too! This is a session to inspire everyone, no matter what you write.

CONTEST: Our WWCWG contest guidelines are posted, so check them out. Our contest is open to paid members of the guild.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS: Our guild numbers are a little bit smaller this year from last year. Do you know of someone who may not have heard of the guild? We promote our meetings on the radio and in the local papers. We recently sent information to some of the larger churches in Eau Claire, too. But our best form of publicity is YOU! Be sure to tell your friends and fellow church members about the guild.

CONNECT: We have a WWCWG Facebook page. We'll be including links to our meeting info so you can easily share it with friends to invite them. However, if you don't have facebook, don't worry. We won't share anything there that you can't get from the website or an e-mail message.

Michelle Rayburn

Guild President