January 2016

Post date: Jan 6, 2016 3:47:16 AM

This month's newsletter, written by Patti Nicholson:

Happy New Year to all! Beginning this year, I plan to approach the coming year a bit differently. At my job, I and my co-workers chose a word to focus on this coming year. My word for the year is 'focus' -- using the definition 'pay particular attention to.' It is interesting to catch myself looking at the processes I do at work just a little closer.

The same word can apply at home. Instead of flitting from one room to another or trying to do several jobs at once, I am learning (albeit slowly) to stop and just 'focus' on one at a time before moving on to the next.

Writing Prompt: Has anyone chosen a word for the year or made some personal changes starting with the new year? I know it's very early in the year, but write about your progress and your victories and/or failures.

COMING UP: January 12, 2016 - Join us as we welcome our speaker, Nathan Anderson. He will be speaking on 'Using the Power of Story in Writing Non-Fiction.' Nathan is a chaplain, author, speaker, husband of one, father of four, musician, thinker, cancer survivor, adjunct professor, and bad cook. He graduated from Bethel Seminary and is part of the church in the Chippewa Valley.

Please join us at our January meeting.


If you want to receive feedback on your work, come early (5:30 p.m.) to meet with others. Bring 6-8 copies of your short piece (300 words or so) for the group to read along as you share. You could bring what you’ve written in response to the prompt above, or something else you’re working on. It can be a portion of a book chapter, or a short article too.

See you at the January meeting!