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"Lifebook Online is one of Mindvalley's most popular programs that has over 56,000 students enrolled. It consists of 18 hours of training over a course of 6 weeks. The next launch will be on January 2nd, and in my opinion, it is one of the best ways to start a New Year. Right now, the program is being offered with a $750 discount," explained the owner of IMHO Reviews, Vitaliy Lano.

IMHO Reviews article discusses how the Lifebook Online program uses different tools, such as visualization, guided meditations, future journaling, and taking action to help students achieve a balanced life. The program works with 12 different areas of life: health and fitness, intellectual life, emotional life, personal character, spiritual life, love relationship, parenting, social life, financial life, career, quality of life, and life vision. The course teaches how to get a clear vision of life goals, and by the end of the program, each student creates a roadmap for their life.

Aventura, Florida -December 06, 2022 - /PressAdvantage/ - IMHO Reviews released an article discussing Mindvalley for Business. Mindvalley is an online learning platform that offers over 70 personal development programs in 6 main categories: Body, Mind, Soul, Career, Relationships, and Enterneuprenship. The courses, called Quests, are taught by the world's top coaches, including Jim Kwik, Marisa Peer, Paul McKenna, Ben Greenfield, Steve Cotter, Neale Donald Walsch, Lisa Nichols, Jeffrey Perlman, Ken Honda, and more. Mindvalley for Business is an innovative learning platform for businesses that also gives members access to a wide range of workshops, live events, conferences, and webinars.

In today’s economy, more and more people are seeking other avenues of income, and one of the most common options is doing freelance work. This work is purely up to the individual, based on their skill set, and can include services such as commissioned artwork, writing, editing, composing or producing music, tutoring and much more. Roughly 60% of the US working population have turned to freelancing as opposed to traditional 9 - 5 jobs. This number is predicted to increase as both companies and individuals alike are beginning to see the benefits of freelancing.

Stock video websites are a great tool to have in the marketing and content-creating arsenal. With the right footage, the company can create unique content and get the message across.

But with so many stock video websites out there, it's not easy to pick the best one, especially for a beginner. IMHO Reviews compiled a list of the top three sites that offer a wide variety of high-quality clips to start the journey in creating videos.

Online learning saw its moment in the sun with the onset of the global pandemic. Extended lockdowns forced millions of students and employees all around the world to stay at home. As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, companies realized they couldn’t continue paying their employees while the global economy was in tatters and business was slow. With an ample amount of time on their hands and the looming prospect of unemployment on the horizon, employees began upskilling themselves through any means available. Online learning platforms were the go-to option for many of the people who were looking to learn new skills hoping to stand a better chance of gaining employment once the pandemic was over.

A cryptocurrency exchange should be secure. In an age when hacks and digital intrusions are commonplace, there is no room for error for a system, that holds as much potential wealth as a crypto exchange, to be vulnerable to attackers. There have been many notorious hacks in the last few years, such as the Mt. Gox hack, that have shown just how susceptible to malicious intent these supposedly secure exchanges are. Since the markets are unregulated, the risk is even higher for newer investors. The minimum level of security that is expected in 2021 is two-factor authentication. Crypto exchanges should also store most of their assets offline or in “cold” storage. They should also allow users to withdraw crypto to their own private wallets as it is much secure than letting them remain on an exchange.

One article in the section titled “Self Improvements Ideas And Skills That Work” brings up excellent advice about practical steps one can take to better themself. A few tips shared in the article are to learn something new every day, build a knowledge reinforcement system, create a vision board, work on childhood traumas, start a daily gratitude journal, develop healthy habits, meditate, and others. The article does a good job of summarizing the broad changes that one has to bring about in one’s life to grow and improve as a person.

Meaningful change and a new outlook on life are within reach thanks to these five revolutionary Mindvalley quests selected by IMHO Reviews.

An investment into a Mindvalley monthly subscription unlocks invaluable access to life-changing knowledge that can help anyone take charge of their careers, achieve their goals, and optimize their wellbeing.

To help users get started, IMHO Reviews handpicked five quests that will take less than a month to complete. In the end, users will be left feeling empowered and grateful for the investment they made for themselves.

Online review company IMHO Reviews has released its Spring 2021 list of essential learning for job seekers and other professionals. The roundup features nine online courses offered by Udemy, an online training destination, and helps learners increase productivity, master critical skills and create work opportunities.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way of the world,” said Vitaliy Lano, owner of IMHO Reviews.

IMHO Reviews today released its curated collection of Audible audiobooks for the month of April that will inspire, entertain, and enlighten listeners.

The selection of seven Audible titles ranges from self-help, fantasy fiction, historical biography, and more. The recommendations are based on their quality as well as how well they fit into the times people now live in as a society. The audio format makes it easy to listen to stories on the go and is a great way to consume more books.

Just in time for spring, IMHO Reviews announced the top 6 latest Skillshare online workshops that will enrich the month and offer creatives a dose of inspiration and motivation with each lesson.

Skillshare workshops are developed by combining several Skillshare classes into one cohesive sequence of lessons. Workshop participants receive a more in-depth learning experience and a chance to build their skills through regular courses over the course of several weeks.

IMHO Reviews today announced the five best Skillshare online classes that creatives should take this spring to boost their skills and grow their careers.

The Skillshare courses recommended by IMHO Reviews cover topics including self-care, productivity, photography, illustration, and improving overall creativity. The courses are part of Skillshare’s premium paid plan.

“A quote from IMHO goes here about why you chose these classes and what you hope people learn from them,” Vitaliy, owner of IMHO Reviews said.

Storyblocks, the first and largest subscription-based company that offers unlimited stock video, audio and images, will help video creators produce engaging video content for YouTube in 2021, IMHO Reviews owner Vitaliy Lano announced today. Storyblocks is a unique platform that is tailored for video content creators who need to quickly compose and edit high-quality video products without spending a fortune on stock materials and video editing software. With a simple monthly subscription, Storyblocks users gain access to a vast, royalty-free collection of stock video, images and audio. Subscribers also have access to Storyblocks’ handy video templates and a simple video editing platform called Maker.

IMHO is excited to announce reviews of unique deals and discounts; as we all know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about the deals! This year, these two shopping holidays might look quite different than years past. And in a year when people are conserving their dollars and finding new ways to occupy their time, IMHO has the complete list of online deals that can help people turn 2020 from a rollercoaster of a year into a terrific year.

IMHO Reviews is ready to release their findings regarding the best freelance site for small businesses after using three different online platforms.

Ultimately, IMHO Reviews decided that every platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Fiverr is best for low-cost, short or recurring projects, PeoplePerHour is ideal for location-specific work or work that requires a long-term relationship and Freelancer has the widest selection of freelancers to choose from.

After trying out Mindvalley for 30 days, the owner of IMHO Reviews Vitaliy Lano recently shared his experience through an article and a new video.

While most of the platforms on the list focused on improving work skills, many people are not performing to the level of their full potential, as they are lacking knowledge about day-to-day life subjects such as relationships, health, money and the mind.

This was the reason that led IMHO Reviews to discover Mindvalley, which was founded on the principle that there should be a balance between work and other spheres of life; otherwise, the lack of balance will eventually influence others, which will lead to collapse.

"One of the benefits of Envato Elements is its convenience," Vitaliy Lano, owner of IMHO Reviews said and explained that everything a creative needs for a project, from images and graphics to video footage and audio clips, is on one website, which saves a vast amount of time for subscribers. It is also user-friendly, and creatives can find high-quality material easily. Furthermore, the subscription price is economical, and the licensing is straightforward, which enables users to avoid the headaches of copyright infringement that ensue when licensing terms are confusing and complicated. Another major benefit is that users can subscribe for a whole year instead of having to buy separate pieces of individual content.

The online audiobook and podcast platform, Audible, recently announced a new subscription plan they are offering, called Audible Plus. This new membership plan is still in the preview phase, with more changes and updates are yet to come. IMHO Reviews examined the new features, content, and functionality of Audible Plus; here is what we found.

With all the great and improved features, Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus have the potential to be two excellent options for those who enjoy listening to audiobooks

Although the Cloud Video Maker is still in beta, IMHO Reviews tried the new feature from Storyblocks and came to the conclusion that it will be an excellent (and, thankfully, free) addition to the all-access subscription.

Footage and audio subscription website Storyblocks recently has added the Cloud Video Maker to their all-access subscription option. The Cloud Video Maker is a convenient and easy-to-use tool that can be implemented to import all of the elements (including videos, audio and pictures) from a user’s library. It also has a wide variety of effects available to create high-quality videos, and it comes with a large amount of pre-built video templates within different categories.