IMHO Reviews Picks 3 Best Stock Footage Sites For Mid Year Update

IMHO Reviews Picks 3 Best Stock Footage Sites For Mid Year Update

Stock video websites are a great tool to have in the marketing and content-creating arsenal. With the right footage, the company can create unique content and get the message across.

But with so many stock video websites out there, it's not easy to pick the best one, especially for a beginner. IMHO Reviews compiled a list of the top three sites that offer a wide variety of high-quality clips to start the journey in creating videos.

"There are plenty of stock video websites available to the public, including the free services. But if you are willing to pay for your content you are more likely to achieve success,"- said IMHO Reviews owner Vitaliy Lano and explained that when they were choosing the websites for the list, they have taken into consideration what beginner-friendly features these sites offer and how budget-friendly they are, as well as their popularity among users. Each site offers different types of quality and formats, so you are sure to find a website that suits your needs.

Which stock video website is the best

The first on the list is Storyblocks, a stock video website that offers HD and 4K stock video clips and provides royalty-free rights for all users. In addition to their video, audio, and image library, Storyblocks offers several different options for user experience including the video editor that helps create stories, social media posts, stories and short videos faster with just a click of a button.

The website has millions of royalty-free clips, music tracks images, and after-effect templates available for immediate download with new content being added weekly. Storyblocks also offers footage in HD and 4K formats as well as unlimited downloads, plus nearly instant downloads from their smaller-sized clips. Stock videos can normally run into thousands of dollars but Storyblocks offers subscriptions starting at an affordable $20 per month or $120 per year.

"Storyblocks caters to professionals in video, design, and photography," - said Vitaliy. "Unlike other stock footage websites that offer users a limited amount of downloads per month, Storyblocks offers unlimited downloads to subscription members. The way we see it is that if you want to be a professional video or content creator, you need to be able to download more than just a few clips per month. So why not pay a little extra and get all the downloads you'll ever need?"

The second website on Imho Reviews' list is Artgrid that features a large collection of high-quality stock footage for creators. Artgrid library includes thousands of 4k-8k clips from all around the world that have been curated with special attention to quality and uniqueness.

"Artgrid is an invaluable resource for people looking for unique video clips," - stated Vitaliy. "We have spent years building our database of stock video websites so it was only natural to add Artgrid to our website as it is one of the best services in its niche".

Artgrid has created an expansive library of stock footage that includes beautiful clips of nature, cityscapes, wildlife, and everything in between. With its vast selection of footage, it's easy to find something new and exciting to use in the next project. In addition to providing quality stock videos for video creators across various industries - including filmmakers, photographers, and social media influencers - Artgrid also provides quality customer service. With a passionate team who truly understands what business owners want, it is always a pleasure to do business with this company.

"It is not easy finding quality stock video footage for a low cost, but Artgrid makes it simple. Artgrid strives for excellence with each creative piece they produce and it shows in their work! Their online platform allows users to view previews of all their videos, making it easy to find the perfect footage. Compared to its competitors, Artgrid pricing is very affordable and starts at only $24,92 per month." - explained Anna, content creator at IMHO Reviews.

Envato Elements, the third stock video site on the IMHO Reviews list, is a powerful and versatile all-in-one solution to streamline the process of creating engaging content. With over 2 million members, they are an established brand with a lot of expertise and experience. The company offers resourceful tools such as stock video footage, graphics, templates, and fonts that make it easy to create beautiful designs for any project. For those who are starting out with zero stock footage resources, Envato Elements will be an excellent source for a good amount of professional-looking stock.

Envato Elements offers affordable pricing for stock video footage. It is subscription-based with several pricing plans starting at as low as $16,50 per month.

With these three stock video websites that were reviewed, people will find what business needs to create affordable and high-quality videos. "Personally, I use all three services, but Storyblocks is my go-to when I need to create a video. It is very affordable, all the licensing information is laid out clearly on their site, and yes, the clips are actually good. If you're trying to find some helpful information about stock footage sites, check our website for more details," - added Anna.