9 Best Royalty-Free Music Sites In 2024

If you have ever made a video or a podcast, chances are you looked for music that you could download and include in your project. Royalty-free music is one of the most popular kinds of music for videographers to use, but it can be difficult to find trustworthy music websites with songs that are truly royalty-free and do not come with confusing and purposefully misleading licensing and terms of use. To help aspiring videographers and podcast creators, we have compiled a list of the best royalty-free music websites to ensure that you will receive quality content for your project and know exactly how it can legally be used. 

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Epidemic Sound Royalty Free Audio Pricing And Coverage

Epidemic Sound is a website with a library of more than 30,000 royalty free songs available, with new songs added each week. The platform also provides more than 60,000 sound effects. Users can choose to create a personal, commercial, or enterprise account. A personal account is for users creating content or podcasts for their own use on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitch with unlimited followers and views—this version also includes monetization. A personal account costs $15 a month. The commercial account is for freelancers and businesses producing commercial content, and this version includes all the features from the personal level plus Vimeo and unlimited use of music in digital ads. A commercial account costs $49 a month. The enterprise level is for media companies, publishers, and broadcasters, and it includes multiple user accounts, clearance for TV ads and shows and cinema, music curation support, customized music productions, and even a dedicated account manager. The enterprise-level costs $500 a month. Epidemic Sound offers a free trial of 30 days, and after that, users must pay a monthly subscription.

 Epidemic Sound vs. Artlist 2024 License | Price | Library | Trial |Breakdown 

Epidemic Sound Library For Royalty Free Music

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Epidemic Sound is a much more convenient option than most royalty free music websites if you are frequently creating content, as you do not need to purchase every track individually. The free trial is also an excellent feature, as it gives you the opportunity to try the service for an entire month before you commit to a subscription.

Artlist is one of the most popular royalty-free subscription services and my personal favorite because of the variety of songs and its affordable price.

Artlist Pricing Review

Artlist includes more than 18,000 original songs, with unlimited downloads for a year. The website updates the music daily, and any song you download is yours to use forever. One license covers the entire library, which means the songs can be used anywhere—including for YouTube monetization or any commercial use worldwide (depending on the plan). Users can try Artlist free for 14 days, and there are two different subscriptions to choose from. The Social creator plan costs $9,99 when billed annually or $14,99 a month when billed monthly. Its license covers Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Podcasts (one channel per platform). The Creator Pro plan costs $16,60 a month (billed annually), and its license covers unlimited use on social platforms, client work, podcasts, paid ads, websites and all online platforms, commercial work, and broadcast and TV.

Artlist Library
Storyblocks Audio Ex Audioblocks Royalty Free Music

All of the content on Storyblocks can be used multiple times for personal and commercial projects. Storyblocks updates their content frequently based on what users are searching for. Any content that users download will be theirs to keep and use forever. Their library of more than 112,000 tracks also includes sound effects. Storyblocks has a wide range of subscription options. For individuals, there are three different subscriptions: basic audio, unlimited audio and unlimited all access. All of these options come with the standard license, which means that the content is yours to use forever and there are no restrictions on distribution and production budget. This license covers one person up to $20,000 in indemnity. For the basic audio subscription, users get three music downloads each month for $99 a year. The unlimited audio includes sound effects and costs $149 a year. The unlimited all access subscription costs $349 a year and includes sound effects as well as video footage and photos.

Storyblocks Audio pricing

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Storyblocks is a well laid out, user-friendly website, and the licensing is straightforward and comprehensive, making the process easier for video makers.

Soundstride  Royalty Free Audio Website pricing

Soundstripe provides unlimited access to thousands of songs, with new curated playlists each week and more than 200 new songs each month. The platform also offers more than 40,000 sound effects. Users can filter the search results by genre, mood, and artist. Conveniently, if you only need part of a song, you can find stem audio files so that you can easily extricate one instrument. Soundstripe integrates very well with Adobe Premiere, streamlining the process for video makers. A standard account covers freelancers, YouTubers, podcasters, individuals, nonprofits, and businesses with fewer than 50 employees, and it costs $11.25 a month. A premium account is for the same kind of users, but it includes sound effects and stem files, costing $21 a month. A business account covers businesses with more than 50 employees and includes separate team member accounts, costing $66.25 a month. If you are only looking for sound effects, you can also choose an SFX-only account for $8.25 a month.

Soundstripe Library of Royalty Free Music And SFX

Soundstripe Review

Soundstripe is a great option for video makers. The best feature of Soundstripe is that membership covers the use of any music in the library for your video production, and the license remains valid even if your membership expires or is canceled.

AudioJungle  Envato Music Library Of Royalty Free Music

On AudioJungle, users can choose from an extensive library of more than 1.3 million tracks and sound effects. Each track is priced individually, ranging from $1 to more than $10,000. Users can filter results by genre or tempo. They offer several different licenses depending on how you would like to use the music. If you sign up for the overarching organization of Envato Elements, you can pay a monthly subscription of $16.50 for commercial licensing and millions of stock photos as well as songs.

AudioJungle Review

AudioJungle has a less organized website layout than the other options on this list, but it is a viable option if you make videos infrequently or prefer to pay per track.


Ever felt like a DJ trying to mix the perfect track for your project? Enter PremiumBeat, a subsidiary of Shutterstock, where finding royalty-free music is as smooth as a jazz solo. Think of it as your personal music curator, with a touch of that Shutterstock gloss. But remember, every rose has its thorn, and PremiumBeat's is its price tag. Let's find out if it's worth the tune!

Who is PremiumBeat Best For?

With its polished selection, PremiumBeat is the go-to for professionals seeking top-notch tracks. It's like a gourmet restaurant for your ears - ideal for filmmakers, YouTubers, and corporates who aren't afraid to splurge a little for quality.

Years in Business:

19 years. That's almost two decades of setting the rhythm in the royalty-free music world.

Quality of Music: How Many Tracks?

Royalty Free Music 40662

Sound effects 16187

The Maestros Behind the Music: Creators

Curated by music experts, each track in PremiumBeat's library is a gem crafted by professional composers and musicians. It's like having Mozart and Beethoven throwing a party for your project.

Price Explained: What's the Tune Going to Cost You?

A standard license at PremiumBeat is $49, while a premium one hits $199. It's a bit like choosing between a concert ticket and a backstage pass.

Licensing Explained

The licensing at PremiumBeat is as clear as a bell. Standard License for web use, Premium for the big screens - simple yet comprehensive.

Is Service Worth the Encore?

Here's the million-dollar question: Is PremiumBeat worth its weight in gold? For those seeking quality over quantity, absolutely. But if your wallet's singing the blues, you might want to explore other stages.

Cons: Hitting a Few Sour Notes

While PremiumBeat offers a symphony of quality, it does come with a high note on price. And remember, if you stop subscribing, it's like unplugging the speakers – you lose access to your playlist. Plus, there's no dedicated SFX library, so it's more about the music than the sound effects.

Conclusion: The Final Chord

So, is PremiumBeat the lead singer in the band of royalty-free music sites? For those who value quality and variety, it's a resounding yes. But if you're jamming on a budget, this might not be your stage. In the end, PremiumBeat hits many high notes but be aware of the price tag – it's not just background music; it's an investment in your project's soundtrack.

Free Royalty-Free Music Without Subscription

Mixkit Royalty Free Music

Mixkit is a website that offers royalty-free music at no cost. Mixkit offers a stock music free license that enables users to include that music in their commercial and non-commercial projects for free. The permitted projects include podcasts, social media video posts, online marketing ads, YouTube videos, and videos for educational purposes. The songs can be downloaded, copied, modified, distributed, and publicly performed on any web or social media platform, which includes internet-based on-demand video services, ads, and podcasts. Tracks cannot be used in CDs, DVDs, video games, or TV or radio broadcasts. They cannot be remixed or claimed as your own. Attribution to Mixkit is appreciated, but it is not required.

Is Mixkit worth it?

Mixkit is a bit of a risky option, as they state on their website that any legal issues that might arise are the responsibility of the user, making it very important to read the terms of use carefully if you decide to include songs from Mixkit in your projects.

purple planet royalty free music

Purple Planet offers royalty-free music at no cost for personal projects and requires attribution. The personal projects can include monetized channels on YouTube and films that you send to film festivals or use for educational purposes. To use their songs for commercial purposes and no longer need to give attribution, you can pay $8 for a standard license or $40 for a broadcast license. The standard license includes music that can be used in DVDs and products for clients and at a single public location such as a bar or spa or for hold music at one location. The broadcast license includes all of the features plus unlimited locations and worldwide broadcasting or advertising on TV and radio on unlimited locations and international distribution of the film.

Is Purple Planet worth it?

Purple Planet offers several different options and is clear about the terms of use for their free music, making it a good option for downloading royalty-free music.


There are two different kinds of licenses on Bensound: a free license with attribution and a pro license. For music under the former license, users can include the song in online videos and other projects for free if they credit Bensound.com. That music cannot be claimed as your own, registered in any store or on any platform, used in podcasts or audiobooks, or remixed. If you do not want to credit Bensound, you can purchase a Bensound Pro license, but the same conditions apply, and a license is only good for one person or company. There are three different licenses available under the pro license. The standard license costs 34 euros for one track and gives you worldwide rights to use the music on websites and in videos, films, presentations, and hold music, and background music at a venue. The extended license costs 65 euros for one track and permits users to include the song in internet advertising, local TV and radio advertising, software, video games, apps, CDs, DVDs, and films at shows, concerts, and plays. The last option allows music to be used in national and international TV/radio advertising and costs 580 euros per track.

Is Bensound worth it?

Compared to other options, Bensound is fairly expensive if you need to purchase a license, but it is a good option for free music if you give attribution.

Joshwoodward Royalty Free Audio

This is a small free music platform with a total library of approximately 200 songs. The songs are by the artist Josh Woodward, and they can be used in projects (even commercial ones) as long as the project creator gives attribution to Josh Woodward. The songs cannot be used in advertisements or as in-store music or on-hold music without purchasing a traditional license for $30 per song (in which case you would no longer need to give attribution). The songs can also be modified.

Is Josh Woodward worth it?

Josh Woodward’s website is a great option for people who are looking for free-quality music made by an actual artist.

What does royalty-free music mean?

Although free is in the name, unfortunately, royalty-free music does not usually mean free of cost. Royalty-free music means that you are essentially purchasing a license to use a song and the company you buy it through is paying the royalties to the creator. Occasionally, you might be able to obtain royalty-free music by giving attribution to its creator instead of payment, but often you must pay for a royalty-free song.

How does royalty-free music work?

When you purchase royalty-free music, you are free to use it in your videos or other projects. Royalty-free music includes all kinds of music, not just instrumentals. However, it is important to keep in mind that not every royalty-free music company has the same terms and conditions, so it is crucial to review those carefully before you make any purchases.

Royalty-free music vs. copyright-free music

Although you do not personally have to pay the royalties on royalty-free music, most royalty-free music is still copyrighted. Copyright-free music is rare to find, but if you see that label, it means that you have theoretically found music without a copyright. Music that seems to be copyright-free will sometimes be labeled with a Creative Commons license, but even that music technically has a copyright. The Creative Commons license mandates that users release their projects under the same license as the music they used, meaning that if you use free music for your movie, you would have to release your movie free of charge and permit everyone to reuse your movie for no cost, making it difficult to generate a profit.

Types of music licenses

Music with a Creative Commons license is often free, but you must give attribution to the creator and not use the music commercially unless it explicitly states otherwise. YouTube videos often include music with a Creative Commons license and an attribution to the music’s creator in the description of the video. However, these videos cannot be monetized or profit the video creator in any way unless the music is permitted to be used commercially.

Royalty-free music often can be used commercially, but the terms of use must state that.

Music that is available for personal use must not be associated with any company, brand (even a personal brand), or organization. It must also not be used in films or posted on websites or pages that have a link to portfolio work. This music can only be used for videos of personal life events that you would like to share with family and friends.

The most common use for royalty-free music

Royalty-free music is most often used for YouTube videos, streaming, Twitch, podcasts, Instagram posts, films, video editing projects, and intros and outros.

Why should you use royalty-free music?

Royalty-free music is the most cost-friendly way to obtain high-quality music for your projects and not have to worry about potential legal trouble from using other kinds of music. Royalty-free music usually has clear terms and conditions and can be used in videos, podcasts, intros, and advertising projects.

Can I use royalty-free music on YouTube?

Most YouTube video creators use royalty-free music in their projects. Although YouTube offers its own royalty-free music, there are usually many strict conditions and they do not offer a wide selection of songs. Thus, most popular YouTubers find music through specialized websites, such as Epidemic Sound and Audiojungle. 

Where and how to get royalty-free music

By now you might be wondering about the best place to buy and download royalty-free music. Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to sources for royalty-free music. In this article, we will provide a rundown of nine of the most popular royalty-free music subscription

websites. Artlist, Storyblocks Audio, Soundstripe, Epidemic Sound, and AudioJungle are royalty-free music subscription websites that do not require attribution and can be used commercially. Mixkit, Purple Planet, Bensound, and Josh Woodward are royalty-free music websites that are free of cost and watermarks and do not require a subscription or sign-up.

Royalty-Free Music Subscriptions

IMHO Reviews Conclusion

The best royalty-free music site depends on what you will be using the music for. If you are looking for a royalty-free music subscription website with songs that do not require attribution and can be used commercially, Epidemic Sound and Soundstripe are both user-friendly websites with a great selection. If you need completely free royalty-free music, Bensound and Purple Planet clearly define their terms of use and offer a large number of quality songs. Regardless of which website you choose from this list, you are guaranteed to find quality music and avoid the hassles of copyright infringement claims so that you can keep making compelling content efficiently and enjoyably.