Envato Elements Review 2019 Is It Worth it?

Pros and Cons List for Envato Elements Short Review:


1. Easy to use and license assets.

2. A wide range of assets to pick from

3. A single price option which eliminates difficulty when assigning licenses to items.

4. Unlimited downloads

5. Sold by a company that cares about creatives


1. Even though the price is competitive, it may still be expensive for some creators.

2. The licensing is not as commercial as it states, sites like Vecteezy offer 100% commercial rights with their assets so you have more peace of mind.

3. Sub-licenses are required for extending any used assets to clients via a final product (this just adds confusion).

Conclusion: Is Envato Elements Worth the Subscription in 2019?:

After everything is considered, I would give Envato Elements my recommendation. Because they offer the option to subscribe, this makes them the leading choice for price when compared to companies like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, or iStock. Companies like Vecteezy are simply too niched when compared to what Envato Elements is offering.

Sure, the other services may be less expensive, but they do not offer the same expansive library that Envato Elements provides its subscribers.

If you’re looking to grow and expand your creative mark on the world, starting with Envato Elements is not a bad idea.

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What is it? Detailed Review Of Envato Elements

Envato elements is an online library that houses over 1,000,000 digital assets for its users to download and use in their content. Even though there are over a million assets for you to choose from, the service is surprisingly inexpensive. For only $16.50 a month, you get access to download an unlimited amount of assets.

If this sounds like something of interest to you, keep reading! This review will go into very specific detail about how the licensing works, the type of content you can work with, any restrictions, and more.

Why Should You Choose Envato?

Although this review includes alternatives, I think it’s important to understand the core principles that make companies worth your time. For Envato, it’s the fact that they seem to care about the creative nature of digital marketers.

When you look at their website, Envato calls themselves “The leading marketplace for creative assets, and creative people.” Which for what they offer and the price it sells for, it’s hard to disagree with them. Based in Australia, Envato is looking to change the high-priced nature of digital assets from their competition and focus more on creative potential.

Covering the Library: What are some of the assets offered?

Envato Elements offers the following [but not limited to] types of content for its users (I’ve also added examples of how you might use the content to help make it clearer):

· Stock video (Over 395,000 options)

·Looking to spice up your video content? Envato Elements offers stock video up to 4K resolution!

· Video templates (Over 14,000 templates)

·Want fashionable video transitions or intros? These templates have got you covered.

· Music Productions (Over 14,000)

· Does your video need catchy music in the background? You’ll find quality production made by talented producers all over this library.

· Sound Effects for Video (Over 80,000 sound files)

· Want to be the next best Foley Artist? Envato will help make this dream come true.

· Graphics Templates (Over 40,000 templates)

· Looking for advertising templates or your next resume design? Stand out by utilizing one of these templates.

· Graphics (20,000+)

· Advertising should be easy, incorporate graphics from Envato Elements to increase local recognition.

· Presentation Templates (19,500 different templates)

· Presentations don’t have to be boring black text on a white backdrop, these templates are perfect for students looking to get a good grade on their next presentation.

· Photos (A whopping collection of over 850,000 photos to pick from)

· Sometimes all you need to sell a blog post is a beautiful photo to go along with it. Make your webpage visually appealing by incorporating professional photography found within the Elements library.

· Fonts (5,500+ unique typefaces)

· Fonts are universally useful in just about everything digital, to have more than 5,000 instantly at your fingertips is impressive.

· 3D assets for compositions (24,000+ beautifully crafted assets)

· I included 3D assets even though it is still fairly “niche” (not as popular). Though there may be a situational user who could benefit from access to such material.

· And much more!

After you total all the assets offered by Envato Elements, you’re met with a shocking 1.4 million+ different assets to choose from. The reason this is shocking is that they offer it all on an unlimited basis for just over 15 bucks a month.

Another reason Envato stands out in the creative marketplace is that they provide more than just Envato Elements. Envato Markets, a different branch of Envato, offers a platform/marketplace where creators can independently sell their assets to the public. While this platform isn’t included with the Envato Elements subscription, there are still over 9,000,000 different assets for you to browse and consider purchasing.

Common Question: “Are the downloads really unlimited?”

A: Yes! As long as you are an active subscriber with Envato Elements, you can download an unlimited amount of items from their library.

How Licensing Works with Envato Elements:

As a creator, you don’t want to worry too much about the legalities that make creation difficult. Envato recognized this and made it very straightforward for you to utilize their assets appropriately. Once you’ve subscribed, Envato will give you access to their entire Elements library to begin downloading what you want.

To keep things simple, every asset found on Envato Elements has the same “simple commercial license”. Under this license, you obtain the broad commercial rights to that particular asset or “item”.

How to Use the License Appropriately (and legally):

Although this sounds simple, there are a few things Envato doesn’t outright mention and you should watch out for.

1. Items need to be registered on a per-use basis.

a. If you intend on using an asset more than once, then you need to re-register that asset again for secondary use. Each time you download an item, an asset is only licensed for a single, specified use. To legally use an item more than once, you need to double-register it. (This can be found on your downloads page).

2. You cannot re-sell or re-distribute assets.

a. For instance, if you download stock video footage from Envato and re-upload it to Shutterstock then you are infringing on the license.

3. You cannot use the assets on most things relative to merchandising.

a. An example of this would be downloading a graphic from Envato and then directly printing it on to a t-shirt for sale.

b. The resale of a graphic would have to be contingent upon “fair-use”, if for instance, you download a graphic or photograph from Envato and then make substantial changes to it, then it may fall under fair-use guidelines. Fair use would enable you to re-sell this newly altered graphic because it is significantly altered from that of the original.

4. If you are delivering a product to a client utilizing an item, you need to provide the client with a “Sublicense”.

a. A sublicense is essentially an extension of the license provided to you when you download the asset. To keep it simple, just visit your downloads page and see how to provide a sublicense.

5. Lastly, you cannot create a trademark or copyright claim over items utilized in your creations.

a. Essentially, you didn’t “make” that digital asset and therefore it isn’t your intellectual property. To keep it legal, and fair to Envato, don’t try to copyright your final products when they were made utilizing Envato Elements.

Common Question: “What if my subscription for Envato Elements ends, will my previously created content lose the rights for those assets?”

A: Envato elements offers what is called “Future-Proof Licensing”, meaning even if you were to unsubscribe from the Envato Element service, all of your items that were registered are still covered with broad commercial rights.

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Envato Elements: Pricing Structure:

Throughout the Envato ecosystem, pricing is generally very fair. Specifically, Envato Elements is $16.50 a month (billed annually), though there are ways to get access to some digital assets for free. Envato Elements does not offer a free trial, but they do offer the ability to create a free account, here. With a free account, you can download select items offered by Envato Elements.

If you’re struggling with the idea of whether to purchase a subscription, this may be your best bet to help finalize a decision.

Although there isn’t a cheaper option, the structure of Envato Elements is in favor of the consumer. By utilizing only one unique price, Envato avoids having to diversify the way their library is licensed. One consistent price makes your life as a designer a lot easier, and in the long run, makes the subscription worth it.


Envato Elements is offered at $16.50 a month; however, it is billed annually, this totals out to $198 + local tax.

If you intend to utilize the services provided by Envato Elements for a limited amount of time, you can opt to purchase the $33 per month plan (+local tax). If you go into the service with a plan to grab what you want and leave, then this might be your most cost-effective option.

More serious designers looking to invest in the growth of their craft or business should consider saving money in the long run by utilizing the 16.50/m dollar subscription.

Regardless of which option you choose, the best way to save with Envato Elements is to browse, plan, and execute!

· Browse what you want and/or looking for.

· Plan what you will utilize.

· Execute the most cost-effective option.

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Common Question: “Does Envato Elements have any coupon options to help lower the subscription cost?”

A: No. Googling them does provide results, but there is no section to provide a coupon code when checking out with Envato Elements.

Best Alternatives to Envato Elements in 2019:

Although Envato Elements makes themselves an affordable option in their marketplace, they are not the only ones. Different marketplaces offer different assets for you to download. Even if you are set on becoming a subscriber with Envato Elements, it is important that you consider your other options.

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Here are just a few of the other services offering digital assets for content creators:

1. Vecteezy: If you are a graphic designer, Vecteezy offers over a million high-quality vector graphics for you to utilize in your illustrations. Vecteezy offers “worry-free licensing” that includes full personal/commercial use. Vecteezy also utilizes a “free forever” model which is the exact same as Envato’s future-proof licensing.

Vecteezy does not have a library as expansive as Envato Elements, but if you are purely interested in graphics then it might be a better option.

a. Vecteezy offers a subscription-based service called “Vecteezy Pro” which is priced at $14 a month (if billed monthly) or $9 a month (if billed yearly).

2. Shutterstock: Shutterstock offers a large library of video and photo content for creators to browse and download. However, it is a lot more expensive. For instance, 5 HD clips from Shutterstock will cost you $359! There are no subscription plans to make utilizing this service cheaper.

The only reason you might use this service is if you want consistently professional video or photo content.

3. Free Sites Like Pixabay or Unsplash: These sites offer stock videos and photos uploaded by photographers and videographers for free. These assets are licensed under the Unsplash and Pixabay license which is free for commercial use and does not require attribution (though for the uploaders, it is appreciated). If consistent professional quality isn’t your thing, then you can utilize these websites for free!