Motion Array Review 2024

Is Stock Video Subscription Worth It?

Having a subscription to stock footage sites saves a lot of time and money. It's not just YouTubers who use it; we see stock footage everywhere from commercials to featured films. Today there are many sites to choose from, and in this article, I am going to talk about a popular all-in-one video platform called Motion Array. From this review, you will learn about Motion Array's pricing, features, licensing, pros and cons. I will also compare it with other stock footage sites to see whether Motion Array is worth it or there are better options out there. 

Motion Array Review 2022 Is It Worth It? By IMHO Reviews

Motion Array Overview: Pros and Cons 



What Is Motion Array? 

Motion Array is a digital asset platform that was founded in 2013. It has quickly become one of the most popular stock footage sites, and was acquired by a creative technology company, Artlist. For as low as $18,75 a month, you get unlimited access to an extensive library of more than 700,000 digital assets, including video clips, music, photos, After Effects templates, Premiere Pro Plugins, and more. 

Is Motion Array Worth It? 

Motion Array's royalty-free license, low price, and unlimited downloads of high-quality videos, motion graphics, music, photos, After Effects templates and presets, and Premiere Pro Plugins, make it a great choice for any video creator or marketer.  

I like Motion Array because I can get all the assets I need to create my videos in one place. The quality is always superb, much better than on many stock footage sites. Motion Array offers great value for money, and if you are a video creator who is looking for an unlimited source of stock footage that comes with a hassle-free license, then it is an excellent choice for you.

There are a few things that make Motion Array stand out among its competitors. The first is the variety of assets. Sure, there are some companies that have bigger video or audio libraries, but Motion Array boasts the world's largest collection of Premiere Pro templates and an impressive catalog of After Effects Templates that can take the quality of your videos to the next level. The second is the price. Motion Array is membership-based, meaning that for just around $20 a month (with purchase of annual subscription) you get access to everything in the library and can download as many assets as you want. That's much cheaper than some stock footage companies charge just for one HD video! The third is that Motion Array membership comes with a Review video collaboration tool and a Portfolio website builder. So basically, Motion Array is a one-stop solution for all the video post-production needs, and for me, it is totally worth its subscription price. 

Motion Array Review

Motion Array is a good video asset company. For $30/m; 250/y you get unlimited access to thousands of premium-quality templates, videos, photos, music, sound effects covered by a simple, universal license. I like that I can create amazing content quickly. Overall, Motion Array is a great platform and worth its value. 

Motion Array Library

Motion Array has a library of more than 2,00,000 assets, and new ones are being added almost every day at no additional cost to existing members. The best part is the variety of assets that are being offered: you can find everything you need for your video post-production in the library, from stock videos and sound effects to templates and presets. As I've mentioned before, the quality is awesome, too, and that is not surprising as the company is now owned by Artlist. Motion Array has the world's largest catalog of Premiere Pro templates which is a huge bonus for me.

The library is easy to use and navigate. You can download files really fast, and if you install plugins and extensions for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop, it will take you even less time to download everything.

Motion Array's library is divided into six categories: Templates, Presets, Audio, Videos, Photos, and Plugins.

Templates: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Motion Graphics, Adobe Premiere Rush, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro

Presets: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve Macros

Audio: Royalty-Free Music (100,000+), Sound Effects (11,000+)

Videos: Footage (100,000+), Motion Graphics (17,000+)

Photos: Stock Photos (100,000+)

Plugins: Adobe Premiere Pro 

Pricing And Membership Options

Motion Array offers three different plans: monthly, annual, and team. All plans include a full usage license, unlimited downloads of all assets in the library, exclusive plugins, 250GB of storage, plus a Video Review tool and Portfolio Site Builder. The monthly plan costs $29.99 per month, the annual is $20.83 per month or $249.99 per year (billed annually), and the team plan is $18,75 per month or $224.99 per year for each member (available for teams of 2-20 people). There are no hidden or additional fees.

So which plan should you choose? Well, I create a lot of content, so the annual plan works best for me. It also saves me over $100 a year. However, if you just need to download a few assets for an upcoming project, then you can go with a monthly plan.

Motion Array Free Plan

Motion Array doesn't have a free trial, but there is an option of signing up for a free Motion Array account that includes free downloads, shifter plugin access, one month trial of the Video Review tool, one month trial of the Portfolio Site Builder, up to 1GB of review and upload storage. The free plan doesn't grant access to the whole library, but you will still be able to download hundreds of free assets, and in my opinion, it's a good way to check out the platform before committing to a paid membership. 

Motion Array License

For me, the license is one of the most important aspects of choosing a stock footage site. Motion Array membership allows me to use as many assets I want in as many projects as I'd like. Their standard universal license is very simple, I don't need extended coverage or special permissions. 

Most assets from the Motion Array library can be used for commercial purposes. That includes social media marketing, advertising, YouTube, feature films, live events, broadcast television,  sports programming, non-profit communications, and company communications. However, there are some videos and images that are labeled “For Editorial Use Only”, and those can be used in non-commercial productions like public service announcements and newscasts, but not in vlogs, commercials, movies, etc.

Any project you finish while your paid subscription is active will be covered forever. Once you cancel your membership, you won't be able to use the assets you downloaded in any new projects.

Motion Array FAQ

How Does Motion Array Work?

First, you need to subscribe for an Unlimited membership (choose between monthly or annual plans depending on your needs). Then, start browsing thousands of premium assets and download the ones you need for your project. You can also use any of Motion Array's tools, like Review that helps source and share feedback on your videos, and Portfolio website-builder.

Who Can Use Motion Array?

In my opinion, Motion Array is a platform that is suitable for digital content creators, YouTubes, filmmakers, motion graphics and VFX artists, and animators. It is easy to use, however, if you plan on working with After Effects or Premiere Pro templates, you need to know how to do it. Luckily, Motion Array has a whole Learn category which goal is to help members expand their creativity with amazing tutorials, resources, and troubleshooting.

Is There A Motion Array Free Trial?

No, Motion Array doesn't offer a free trial. But you can create a free account and download hundreds of assets at no cost.

How Can I Sign Up For A Motion Array Free Account?

You can use this link to sign up for a free Motion Array account. Of course, you won't be able to enjoy the same benefits as paying members, but it's still a great opportunity for those who want to try the platform. Once you signed up for a free account, just go to Marketplace and select the "Free Assets" checkbox to filter your search results.

How Does Motion Array Unlimited License Work?

After you buy a Motion Array subscription, you can download and then use any assets from both paid and free categories. You don't need to credit Motion Array, and you can use assets in new projects as long as your paid subscription is active. So, basically, if you create a video using Motion Array assets while you are still a paying subscriber, you can continue using them in your finished work forever. However, after you cancel your account you won't be able to use any assets in your new projects. You also cannot re-sold or make assets available for download. 

How Do I Cancel Or Downgrade My Motion Array Account?

You can cancel or downgrade your paid account to a free one at any time. The process is really straightforward. Just go to "My Account", then click on "Manage Subscription" and choose "Downgrade To Free". If you want to delete your account, then you still need to downgrade it to a free account first. After that, go to "My Account" and click on "My Details". There, at the bottom of the page, you will find the "Delete Account" button.

What is Motion Array Continuity Plan?

As you already know, if you cancel your paid account, you won't be able to use Motion Array assets in any new projects. However, there is a way to avoid that and it's called the Continuity plan. This plan costs $9,99 a month and it allows members to keep the license for all assets they've downloaded before and create new projects using them, and also continue to have access to the Portfolio, Plugins, and Review system. The Premiere Pro Plugins will remain licensed and watermark-free. But keep in mind, that the Continuity plan doesn't allow the download of new premium assets, so if you need to get new assets, you will have to upgrade to the monthly or annual Unlimited plan.

Is Motion Array Available Worldwide?

Mostly, yes. However, the company doesn't work with customers from the following countries: Cuba, Crimea Region, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Venezuela, and Sudan.

What Is Motion Array Review Tool?

Motion Array Review is a collaboration tool that allows members to upload and share their videos with team members and clients. Collaborators can join in a conversation, comment in real-time, and once the project is complete download the final videos. I think that Review is a fantastic tool that saves me time and helps efficiently get feedback from clients. Review is included in all Motion Array subscription plans.

How Does Motion Array Portfolio Builder Work?

Portfolio is Motion's Array website builder tool. It enables members to create beautiful and professional-looking video portfolio websites in a matter of minutes. Portfolio is easy to use even for beginners. All you have to do is select a theme and the sections that you need, adjust fonts, upload your own logo, and change colors. You can also connect your email address and social media accounts. After that, upload your videos to build a portfolio of your best work, connect your own domain, and publish your website. Portfolio is free for all Motion Array paying members.

Motion Array Alternatives

Motion Array is a great stock footage website for video creators, but is it the best one? Let's compare it with other similar platforms so that you can decide for yourself which one would suit your needs best.

Price: Unlimited All Access plan $65/month or $360/year; Unlimited Video plan $50/month or $240/year

Library: 1+ million video clips, Adobe Premiere and After Effects templates, motion backgrounds; 100,000+ music tracks and sound effects, 430,000+ photos, vectors, and illustrations

License: Royalty-free unlimited usage license

Storyblocks is the most popular stock footage website right now. It offers its members access to millions of digital assets for a monthly fee. Everything is royalty-free, and with unlimited membership, you can download as many assets as you need. It is a bit more expensive than Motion Array, but the library is bigger and the quality of stock media is very good, too. Storyblocks also comes with a built-in video editor tool called Maker.

Price: $299-599/year

Library: RAW / LOG clips, LOG footage, 4K - 8K clips, ProRes / DNxHR, HD clips

License: Royalty-free commercial use license

Artgrid is another excellent platform for video creators. It doesn't have as many assets as other sites on this list, but the quality of their footage is exceptional and unlike others, it comes in a wide range of formats. All the footage is professionally color graded which makes editing even easier. So if you are looking for high-quality stock footage, then I recommend giving Artgrid a try.

Price: $33/month, $198/year

Library: 820,000+ video clips, 19,000+ video templates, 26,000+ music tracks, 167,000+ sound effects, 63,000+ graphic templates, 28,000+ graphics, 33,000+ presentation templates, 1+ million photos, 1,700+ WordPress themes and plugins

License: Single-use commercial license

Envato Elements has one of the largest libraries of digital assets. The quality of many assets is good, and the price is low. However, the license is not as simple as the one Storyblocks or Artgrid has.