StoryBlocks Review 2019:

Is it Scam or Worth Its Price? My Experience

It seems like every content creator these days has a subscription to StoryBlocks, one of the leading stock media companies out there. And since you're reading this post, you've probably heard of this service before but not entirely convinced that it's a good match for your business or personal projects. In this review, I will not only talk about pricing and discuss the features of StoryBlocks, but I will also share my experience with the company - I've been a member of VideoBlocks and then StoryBlocks for almost 2 years now. Moreover, I will make a video to demonstrate what kind of things you can make using StoryBlocks media. So let's get rolling.

What Is StoryBlocks?

In 2017, VideoBlocks, a popular royalty-free video stock service and a graphics marketplace, launched a new stock photo, video and audio service called StoryBlocks. Since I've been a big fan of VideoBlocks for quite some time, I was excited to test their new platform. And today, after a few months of using it, I'm ready to share my opinion with you.

StoryBlocks, much like VideoBlocks, is a subscription-based service, offering their members monthly and annual plans. StoryBlocks now represents all of the company's services: video, audio and photo stock libraries. Their subscription includes unlimited downloads from the vast and growing members library. And as I've mentioned before, all of the content is royalty-free so you can use it forever even if your membership expires. The company also offers a separate marketplace option that gives subscribers access to millions of images, clips, and audios. I love the fact that by becoming a StoryBlocks member I now get a 60% discount on all Marketplace content. And if I decide to sell any of my artwork there I get a 100% commission.

The company announced that for now VideoBlocks will continue operating as a separate website but over the time they will merge with StoryBlocks. You can read review of VideoBlocks here. However, all of StoryBlocks services, including VideoBlocks, are easily accessible by clicking the button on the top of their main page. In the future, StoryBlocks may also be adding additional services, such as templates, fonts, etc.

StoryBlocks Pricing

Now let's talk about pricing. In the images below you can see how much each plan is and what's included.

Storyblocks Video:

You can choose from two plans: Basic and Unlimited.

With Basic plan you only get 5 HD clips per month. Keep in mind, that 4K, After effects templates, audios and images are not included in the plan. So basically, you're paying $19 per month ($8.25/month if you purchase annual subscription) for 5 HD footage clips.

With Unlimited plan you get an unlimited number of downloads, HD, 4K and After effects templates. Audio and images are not included. This plan cost $39 per month ($16.58/month if you purchase annual subscription).

Storyblocks Audio:

Monthly: $9/month for 5 tacks and $15/month for unlimited downloads.

Annual: $8.25/month for 5 tracks and $12.41/month for unlimited downloads.

In Audio, the difference between monthly and annual subscription is not that big.

StoryBlocks Images

Monthly: $5/month for 5 HD images and $9/month for unlimited downloads.

Annual: $4.08/month for 5 HD images and $8.25/month for unlimited downloads.

With Images, much like with Audio, the difference between monthly and annual subscription fee isn't that noticeable. Therefore, purchasing an annual subscription might be a waste of money unless you need a lot of photos and audio for your projects.

Unlimited StoryBlocks

This plan includes everything:

Unlimited downloads of all Videos, Audios and Images.

The price is $29.08 monthly and $65 annually.

Which Plan Should I Use?

Now you might be asking yourself: do I really need a StoryBlocks subscription? Will it be good for any of my projects? And if I do, should I just get Images, or do I need Audio and Video subscription, too?

Well, that depends. I have an unlimited Video subscription because I always need clips for my projects. And when I need to make thumbnails, etc. I usually just use screenshots from the videos - and that actually saves me hundreds of dollars each year. However, when I need to get music or high-quality images for any of my projects, I prefer to get a monthly subscription to either Audio or Images (or both), and download as many photos and audio clips as I need.

So before you make any decision ask yourself these questions:

1. What kind of materials do I need? Do I only need high-quality images for my projects or could I use clips and audio as well?

2. How much stock do I need? How often will I be creating new content?

3. Do I have all of my projects lined up for the next few months? Or is there a possibility of getting any new ones that I'm not aware of?

For my work, videos are very important. Every week I need some clips for my projects but I also don't want to store hundreds of gigabytes on my drive. And that's why I get an annual unlimited Video subscription from StoryBlocks. When it comes to Audio and Images, I don't need to use them that often, so I prefer to get a monthly subscription whenever I'm working on a project that requires me to use high-quality photos or audio clips.

StoryBlocks has tons of videos, images and audio clips. So just take a lot at your projects and decide how much stock footage do you need. You can browse through the library to get the idea of what kind of stock StoryBlocks have. If you're constantly creating new videos and always looking for inspiration, then you'd probably benefit from the Unlimited plan and it might be even worth purchasing an annual subscription. And if you just have a few projects, then it might be a good idea to try an Unlimited monthly membership, download enough stock footage and come back when you need more. And if you just need a few video files to spice up your videos, then try a Basic plan or get a free trial (more on it below) and see how it works out for you.

StoryBlocks Free Trial

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a StoryBlocks free trial anymore. The only way to get a free trial is by signing up through a VideoBlocks link. This will give you a 7-day free VideoBlocks trial.

Keep in mind that during these 7 days of free use you're only allowed to download 5 HD videos. No images, no music, no 4K and no after effects. You're free to use those royalty-free files for any of your projects. If you like the service and don't cancel your free trial subscription within those 7 days, then you will be charged $19 every month and will be able to download 5 HD videos monthly. Read full review of Storyblocks Free Trial Here However, if you purchase an Unlimited annual plan you will be able to download as many videos as you want (including 4K and after effects) for just $16/month. I believe, that this is the best option for someone like me, who uses video clips on a daily or weekly basis.

Is StoryBlocks A Scam?

No, StoryBlocks is not a scam. It's a legit company that has been around for many years. Their address is 1515 N. Courthouse Rd. 22201, Arlington, VA, USA. You can contact StoryBlocks via e-mail or by calling one of their phone numbers:

(886) 788-9225

(866) 282-5360

The company has a Better Business Bureau record and has been in business for the past 9 years (since 7/21/2009).

Is Storyblocks worth it Price in 2019?

In my opinion, StoryBlocks is a great platform for anyone looking for a quality stock video, audio and photo at a fraction of the regular cost. I use it all the time for all of my projects and so far I have only good things to say about it. I recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a cost-effective and high-quality source of media and wants to decrease production time.

StoryBlocks is now offering 50% off their annual subscription, so if you're thinking of joining the platform now you can get a good deal by clicking this link. Or, if you are still not sure whether it is the right fit for you, get a 7-day free trial and download up to 5 HD files! You can read the review of the trial here. And if you're not happy with the service just cancel your subscription within the 7 days to avoid any charges.

Moreover, even before you sign up you can see which videos are available for download to all members for free and which footage cost extra. There're no extra charges and no upselling techniques. VideoBlocks is paying 100% commission to their contributors which makes it stand out even more. And they are constantly adding new content to the Unlimited Members Library (and if you subscribe you don’t have to pay extra for it).

Why StoryBlocks Is Worth It For Me?

  • It is easy to use and I get unlimited downloads. No extra or hidden fees whatsoever.
  • It saves me a lot of time because I don't have to shoot footage myself.
  • I get a lot of ideas for creating new videos just by browsing through the Video library.
  • There is more than enough footage for all of my projects and they are constantly adding new videos.
  • It's cheap compared to other stock services.
  • It helps me create more streams of income to maintain my lifestyle.