Pond5 Review 2019: Is It Worth it?

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Anyone looking for stock footage for their creative projects will know that it can be a minefield when it comes to licencing and copyrights. Thankfully there are several stock image and footage websites that allow you to navigate this issue with ease, one of which is Pond5. Pond5 is one of the leading stock footage suppliers that offers not just royalty free footage but also music, sound effects and images too. In this Pond5 review we are going to go through how Pond 5 works, the licencing options and some pros and cons. Once you have read through this review, you will be able to decide for yourself whether Pond5 is worth it.

Pond5 Review: What is Pond5?

Pond5 is a New York based company (although it does have offices across the globe) that was founded in 2006. It was originally set up to sell stock video footage to other creatives but has since expanded into various other types of video editing effects, music and images too. Collaborating with Adobe in 2014, Pond5 became synonymous with quality editing and was quickly identified as a big player in the creative community.

Today Pond5 is used by major brands such as Facebook, Disney and Netflix. They now boast the worlds largest collection of footage (with over 17 million clips being in 4k or HD, over 900,000 music tracks and more than 1.2 million sounds effects. They have content for any project and any need, making it a one stop shop.

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How Does Pond5 Work?

Pond5 works in two different ways. The first is a “pay as you go” system where you pay an individual price for the content and the licence. There are three different types of licence which means there are three different prices for one item. It will depend on whether you are an individual, business or organisation. Each licence has set requirements that it covers which you need to look at closely to make sure you are buying the right one for your needs.

The second option for buying items from Pond5 is to subscribe to a membership. These are a monthly fee which allow you a certain number of downloaded items each month. Depending on your circumstances, this may be the cheaper and more efficient option.

The Pond5 Licensing Options

Some people may find the licensing options confusing and if this is the first time you have bought stock footage from any supplier then it may well be a bit tricky to navigate. Thankfully Pond5 have examples of the type of projects that are covered by each licence. For example, if you are creating a background video for a personal blog and you only need access for one person then an Individual Licence will cover you. If you are creating an internal training video to be used for corporate purposes and you need access for up to 5 people, then you will need a business licence. If you are creating a project for TV or a streaming service and you want unlimited users, then you would need the organisation licence. Relevant read: Envato Elements Review 2019 Is It Worth it?

The prices of these licences are as follows:

  • Individual – The cost of the item
  • Business – The cost of the item + $149
  • Organisation – The cost of the item + $299

There is also a membership option which is paid monthly or annually. This membership allows 10 downloads a month (with monthly rollovers for any unused downloads) at just $999 a year (or $199 a month).

Pond5 also provide a Best Price Guarantee for all of their stock footage, music and after effects. This means that if you see an identical clip for sale online at a better price then you simply email the support team at Pond5 and they will price match it for you meaning you really won’t find a cheaper option anywhere else.

The Pro’s and The Cons of Pond5

For a balanced review, we have created a list of pros and cons of Pond5


  • High quality footage – this includes HD, 4K and 360 video footage.
  • Professional music tracks downloadable in a variety of formats.
  • Adobe compatible After Effects
  • Huge range of sound effects starting at a low price point.
  • A Best Price Guarantee meaning Pond5 will price match from any source.


  • Licences can get expensive for the right coverage
  • Amateurs may not fully understand which coverage they need
  • A certain level of software is required for some items, thereby incurring more expense.

What Do the Users Say about Pond5?

As in most cases, one of the best ways to tell if a company is top notch is to ask the consumers. Review sites such as Trust Pilot allow users to write their own opinions of the companies and services they use and nearly 8000 people have written reviews about Pond5, with the vast majority of them being very positive.

With 74% of the reviews saying that Pond5 is excellent, it is easy to see that Pond5 is highly rated in the creative community. One person states that they saved a fortune by buying the footage through Pond5 rather than having to hire the equipment and shoot it themselves. Another said that the website itself was very straightforward and meant they could find what they needed right away.

While there are a few bad reviews, many of these have been responded to by Pond5 themselves in an attempt to rectify any problems that the reviewer may have, which shows their level of high customer service and the pride they take in their business.

Is Pond5 Worth It?

Pond5 has lots of content that is of the highest quality that can make your project look more professional and stand out. By buying this footage or music track as a royalty free download, you are saving yourself a lot of money (and even more time) than if you were to create the content yourself. While the licencing and the membership fees can be quite high, you are paying for an excellent service and professional quality footage. Pond5 users agree that by using this website they have been able to greatly improve their projects and would recommend them time and time again. This Pond5 review has found that although expensive, it is worth every cent.

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