Storyblocks vs. Envato Elements 

Unlimited Stock Media Sites Comparison 2023

At Storyblocks Vs Envato Elements comparison you will learn which service is more affordable and which has better value. Which service library is wider and which licensing has better terms. They're both awesome services to buy which one is for you? 

It's no secret that most successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of visual content and what it means for the growth of the business - from increasing brand awareness and audience engagement to generating traffic to the website and improving lead generation and conversion rates. Stock media sites can be an amazing tool for creating visual content. Nowadays, there are a few good subscription-based stock video, audio, and image services. In this article, we will compare two of the most popular platforms - Storyblocks and Envato Elements - and try to find out which one is the best.

Storyblocks Vs. Envato Elements in short:

Storyblocks has a bigger video library. Envato Elements offers a wider range of digital products. Storyblocks has better licensing, all files are yours forever even if you end the subscription. Envato Elements is cheaper.

Pricing Comparrison:

Storyblocks Pricing:

Various monthly and annual plans.

Unlimited All Access Plan includes unlimited downloads of 4K and HD clips, After Effects Templates. audio clips, and images and costs $65 a month for a monthly subscription and $29 a month ($349 per year) for an annual one.

There is also an option of purchasing separate video and audio plans.

Basic Video Plan includes 5 HD downloads per month and costs $19 a month for a monthly subscription and $8,25 a month ($99 per year) for an annual one.

Unlimited Video Plan includes unlimited downloads of 4K and HD clips and After Effects Templates and costs $39 a month for a monthly subscription and $16,58 a month ($199 per year) for an annual one.

Basic Audio Plan includes 3 downloads of music per month and costs $9 a month for a monthly subscription and $8,25 a month ($99 per year) for an annual one.

Unlimited Audio Plan includes unlimited downloads of music, sound effects, and loops and costs $15 a month for a monthly subscription and $12,42 a month ($149 per year) for an annual one.

Envato Elements Pricing:

An unlimited download subscription gives members full access to all files in the library, including videos, audio, images, graphic templates, fonts, and more. The cost of this subscription is $33 per month if billed monthly or $16,5 per month ($198 per year) if billed annually. This subscription is only available for individuals. However, Envato Elements offers great deals for teams - starting at just $10,75 a month per member - and organizations. 

Students with a valid student e-mail address can save 30% on subscription plans, and pay as little as $11,50 a month ($138 per year) for an unlimited annual subscription or $23 a month for a monthly one.

Envato Library example

Question to ask yourself: How much is your budget? How much you think you can invest to improve your visual?

What Is Included In The Membership:

Storyblocks Library:

842,000+ HD and 4K Videos (footage clips, AE templates, motion backgrounds)

103,000 Royalty-Free Audio Clips (Music, Sound Effects, Loops)

427,000 High-Quality Stock Images (Photos, Vectors, Illustrations)  

Storyblocks Library Example

Envato Elements Library:

814,074 Stock Videos (Stock Footage & Motion Graphics)

18,915  Video Templates (Broadcast Packages, Elements, Infographics, Logo Stings, Openers, Product Promo, Titles, Video Displays)

24,462 Music (Music Tracks, Logos & Idents)

154,052 Sound Effects (Game Sounds, Human Sounds, Urban Sounds, Nature Sounds, Cartoon Sounds, Sound Packs, Button Menus, etc.)

63,329 Graphic Templates (Print Templates, Product Mockups, Websites, UX and UI Kits, Infographics, Logos, Scene Generators)

27,752 Graphics (Backgrounds, Textures, Social, Vectors, Patterns, Icons, Objects, Illustrations)

33,453 Presentation Templates

1,039,201 High-Quality Images And 50M+ Stock Photos From Twenty20

7,829 Fonts (Serif, Sans-Serif, Script, Handwritten, Decorative)

2,394 Add-Ons (Actions and Presets, Brushes, Layer Styles)

2,433 Web Templates (Admin Templates, Email Templates, Site Templates, Landing Page Templates)

1,066 CMS Templates (Shopify, Ghost, Tumblr, Drupal, Unbounce, PrestaShop, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, Muse)

1,770 WordPress ( Plugins, Themes)

28,936 3D Objects

1,000+ Courses and 240+ eBooks (Web Design, Illustration, Photo & Video, Business, etc.)

A question to ask yourself: What visual elements do I need? Do I need just a video content or I want to improve visual on my website as well?


Storyblocks Licensing:

Easy licensing. Everything is 100% royalty-free, and you get to keep all the files you download even if you decide to end your subscription. All the projects created using Storyblocks footage can be distributed worldwide.

There are two licensing options: Standard and Enterprise. Both are royalty-free and allow unlimited usage for commercial and personal projects. If your projects don't cost more than $20,000 then you can go with the Standard license.

Envato Elements Licensing:

All files in the library have the same license terms. Once you download a digital work, you will get a license to use it just once. If you wish to use it again, you need to go to your Downloads and register it once again for different use. You can use files for personal or commercial projects.

The files cannot be redistributed or resold or used in on-demand services. It is also not allowed to use files for merchandising (e.g. you cannot print a logo from Envato Elements library straight onto your shirt).

If you cancel your membership, you cannot use any digital works from the library anymore. However, all the existing uses that were registered before the end of the subscription are covered.

A question to ask yourself: Is this a one time project that I need visual elements for? Will I be having new projects on a monthly basis that requires digital stock?

Storyblocks vs. Envato Elements Detailed


Both Storyblocks and Envato Elements are great platforms and, in our opinion, a subscription to any of these two services is a must-have for any creative. Choosing which one is the best is not an easy task. If you want to save some money and still enjoy unlimited downloads then Envato Elements would work better for you as it provides exceptional value at a low price. It is also a good choice for web developers who would benefit from using many of Envato's web design assets. 

Storyblocks, on the other hand, is much more user-friendly than its counterpart. We love their hassle-free licensing and the fact that all content can be used multiple times for commercial and personal projects. Obviously, it is more expensive than Envato Elements, but if you opt for an annual subscription instead of a monthly one, you will save over 50%. Overall, Storyblocks is a good place for creators to find great content at a relatively low price. 

A question to ask yourself: Which service suits your needs?