7 Best Stock Video |Photos Websites 2019

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Video content has been on the rise over the past years. YouTube, the world’s largest video streaming platform receives 300 hours of video content every minute. In addition to the massive amount of video uploads, the platform's users who are 1.3 billion watch 5 billion YouTube videos every day. From these stats, it’s easy to see that Video content is the future and necessary for every publicity campaign.

One problem with videos though is they are expensive to produce. Producing a high-resolution 4K video by yourself will cost you at least $3000, as you would have to have to source your own equipment and hire professional videographers to film your video. This is not cost effective and makes stock videos an appealing and attractive alternative to producing your own videos.

If you are looking for great alternatives to creating your own videos, then read on to learn about the seven best stock video websites where you can access amazing collections of stock videography to help enhance your next campaign.

Pond5 is one of the few websites that are dedicated to providing royalty free stock videos that people can access at any time. According to Pond5, their purpose is to provide filmmakers, creators, and producers with the content and tools they need to help improve their projects.

Pond5 is a company that was found in 2006 with offices in five countries across the world. There are 95 000 active videographers on the platform providing royalty-free stock videos you can access and download to enhance your project. The content library of Pond5 is vast and large; they have over 63 million files with more being added on a daily basis.

“Be brilliant on a budget” are the words that appear on the heading of the storyblocks website and the first thing you will see when you visit the website. Storyblocks is a p2p video and photo-sharing platform where you pay to access stock videos and photos by videographers and photographers respectively.

The company behind Storyblocks found in 2009 by Joel Holland who wanted to find a way to provide people with High-Quality Content at a fraction of the price. Storyblocks is the one stop shop when it comes to stock content. You will find a collection of both amazing stock photos and stock videos to help you create pro projects at a fraction of the usual costs when doing it from scratch.

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If you search for the word stock on Google, chances are, the first results you will see will be from Shutterstock. Whenever I refer someone to Shutterstock for stock videos, they find it hard to believe because the platform is dominant on photos, not video. Nevertheless, Shutterstock is a great stock video site especially for businesses who can afford to spare some money and are looking for consistent quality and variety.

Shutterstock’s library is massive, they have over 10 million royalty free-4 K HD videos to help you easily plan your marketing campaign and create great video content. Their site is also great when it comes to User Experience and interface with features such as resolution search.

If you are looking for free stock videos you can use commercially without any limitations or being required to credit or pay, then Pexels might be a great option for you. When Pexels initially launched, it was supposed to be a free stock photo site. Later on, the platform started sourcing videos from creators after realizing how popular video content was getting.

In addition, Pexels is the only platform that offers awesome mockup videos that you can edit. You can use these mockup videos to showcase anything from your website, mobile app or even a home for sale.

Videohive is a marketplace that enables video creators to upload their videos for sale as stock footage. The creators of videohive are well paid which motivates them to keep producing more in terms of quality. Through Videohive, creators can also be contacted for custom video creation orders.

Videohive works on a licensing system offering their customers two licensing options. You can get a regular license with is ideal if you won’t be reselling the end product created from the Video. To sell the end product, you can get an extended license.

iStockphoto is another amazing stock video website in the same category as Shutterstock as it focuses more on photos as compared to videos. Nevertheless, Shutterstock has an impressive collection of videos. Besides the videos, iStockphoto has a large video library, works with partner sites, and free membership plans. iStockphoto uses a system of credit packs. Their content is priced using these credits. You can get these credits from as little as $12.

Pixabay is one of the largest stock video websites with over 1.5 million royalty-free stock videos on the website. The 1.5 million videos were made possible through the efforts of creators present on the platform. One of the best things about Pixabay is that it offers the platforms’ videos free of charge. You can edit the videos to suit your needs and resell the edited videos if you want.

The content on Pixabay is released under the Creative Commons license meaning you don’t have to request explicit permission before you can edit the videos. Pixabay’s videos come in many formats including MP4 and AVI. The categories for the videos are vast, you can get videos relevant for any use including displaying nature or depicting a business setting.


To conclude our Imho review of best stock video websites, Stock videos are useful and great when it comes to pro video and marketing campaign creation. Creating your own videos from scratch can be costly, painful, and time-consuming process, which is why you might need to use stock videos for repetitive and generic processes in your workflow. These seven stock video websites above will help you get started and provide you with everything you need to help optimize your video creation workflow.