Storyblocks Sets Video Creators up For YouTube Success in 2022

Storyblocks sets video creators up for YouTube success in 2021

Storyblocks, the first and largest subscription-based company that offers unlimited stock video, audio, and images, will help video creators produce engaging video content for YouTube in 2022, IMHO Reviews owner Vitaliy Lano announced today. Storyblocks is a unique platform that is tailored for video content creators who need to quickly compose and edit high-quality video products without spending a fortune on stock materials and video editing software. With a simple monthly subscription, Storyblocks users gain access to a vast, royalty-free collection of stock video, images, and audio. Subscribers also have access to Storyblocks’ handy video templates and a simple video editing platform called Maker. Whether video creators need to add some extra b-roll to a project or find a catchy background track to create a compelling introduction sequence, Storyblocks offers plenty of options that can complement any type of video.

Explosive growth of video user generated content in 2021

Video creators will soon learn this year that they need to regularly produce targeted video content that’s SEO-optimized and reflects what users are searching for. Video content that’s low quality or misses the mark will quickly be buried in YouTube’s selective algorithm. That’s why companies like Storyblocks are important for video storytellers to know about and understand how to use.

Lano added, “Decent-quality content, decent sound, and decent image quality will not cut it this year.”

The amount of user-generated video content is expected to continue to see more explosive growth into 2021, according to IMHO reviews. As consumers continue to turn to video platforms such as YouTube to learn about new products and services, companies and brands are racing to keep up with the video demand. With the increase in video content, we can expect to see overall user-generated video quality to improve as well. What’s more, YouTube’s algorithm strongly favors videos that generate user reactions and engagement. That means it’s more difficult for newcomers to the video streaming platform to compete against established video channels that already have a loyal following, according to IMHO reviews.

"Everyone loves user-generated content - it's engaging, it's personal, we can relate to people rather than brands, but we can't connect if there is no value or the video quality is poor," IMHO Reviews owner Vitaliy Lano said.

reasons video creators love to use Storyblocks

6 reasons video creators love to use Storyblocks:

  1. Storyblocks makes it easy for even the busiest video creators to repurpose their video content so it’s optimized for a variety of different video and social media platforms. Storyblocks subscribers can create several versions of the same video completely through Storyblocks, so content is always new and fresh across whatever social media publishing platforms they’re using.

  2. Video creators can easily transform written articles into captivating video presentations thanks to Storyblocks’ huge library of stock videos, images, and audio. Stories can come to life with the help of royalty-free stock content that is perfect for any type of video presentation.

  3. With Storyblocks, it has never been easier to quickly create short-form videos for YT Shorts and other platforms. Since Storyblocks takes the hassle out of shooting and editing original b-roll, photos and audio, video creators can produce more content in less time. This frees them up to take on more projects, improve their skills or rest their creative muscles.

  4. Videos can’t be boring with the help of Storyblocks. There’s no longer a need to have footage of one person speaking on screen for the entirety of a video. Storyblocks make it easy to locate and add in royalty-free video footage and images that will help illustrate the message and hold the audience’s attention.

  5. Storyblocks also helps marketing professionals produce stunning video ads that are perfect to promote a small business or wow any type of client. Marketing professionals can easily capitalize on the growing popularity of user-generated video content with a high-quality video produced through Storyblocks. Online videos are proven to be effective in attracting new customers and promoting products in new and exciting ways compared to more traditional forms of media.

  6. It’s never been easier to turn out fresh, new content thanks to Storyblocks’s huge library of pre-made video templates as well as Storyblocks’ easy-to-use editing platform, Maker. In order to succeed on YouTube this year, creators will need to generate new content faster than ever before. Users who don’t frequently produce new content will soon be forgotten and buried in YouTube’s algorithm, according to IMHO reviews.

Storyblocks was founded in 2009 and today offers convenient features tailored for modern creative video professionals looking to produce awesome video content. From a diverse library of unlimited stock footage options to a simple and fast video editing interface, Storyblocks makes it easy for storytellers to put together stunning videos that are ready to share on any platform. Plus, Storyblocks makes sure it’s affordable for storytellers to access high-quality stock images and sounds so they can get their stories told without spending a fortune. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Storyblocks has been recognized on the Inc 5000 list for seven consecutive years and has been named one of the best places to work by rankings in national publications.

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