IMHO Reviews Test Storyblocks New Features and Updates

Storyblocks New Cloud Video Maker Tested By IMHO Reviews

Although the Cloud Video Maker is still in beta, IMHO Reviews tried the new feature from Storyblocks and came to the conclusion that it will be an excellent (and, thankfully, free) addition to the all-access subscription.

Footage and audio subscription website Storyblocks recently has added the Cloud Video Maker to their all-access subscription option. The Cloud Video Maker is a convenient and easy-to-use tool that can be implemented to import all of the elements (including videos, audio and pictures) from a user’s library. It also has a wide variety of effects available to create high-quality videos, and it comes with a large amount of pre-built video templates within different categories.

"The Cloud Video Maker is definitely fun to play with,” IMHO Reviews owner Vitaliy said. “It loads fast and has a wide functionality. It is self-explanatory and easy to make a promo video in just a few minutes. I also understand that it is work in progress and some of it I hope will be improved in the near future, like the fact that it only renders on 720p resolution. But overall it is great for making videos for small to medium-size businesses, and the fact that it is free for members with an all-access subscription make it awesome."

Even more promising is the fact that the Cloud Video Maker is constantly being updated, with new features being added. In addition to the Cloud Video Maker, Storyblocks recently has added several other exciting features to their library, including Premiere Pro templates. These templates are an ideal way to save time and polish any project. Premade Premiere Pro templates are now available to download from the library for all unlimited members.

More Updates From Storyblocks

Another update is the addition of brand new footage to the library in the last few months. Users can now choose from more than 2,500 high-quality, authentic clips of people. Storyblocks Audio added to their collection 2,500 soundtracks and sound effects within the past few months. To help video and audio creators, Storyblocks is constantly adding new footage and music tracks at no cost to their members.

About Storyblocks Licensing

About Storyblocks Licensing

All of the content on Storyblocks can be used multiple times for personal and commercial projects, and the content does not contain watermarks. It is especially suitable for companies, as Storyblocks can cover up to $1 million indemnification, organization-wide licensing and perpetual worldwide license services. Storyblocks also covers individuals up to $20,000.

An individual license covers one person and gives that person the usage rights for the content, meaning only that person can use the downloaded content. That person can share the finished project, but cannot distribute the original media file. A business license gives usage rights to all of the team members, meaning that the content can be shared throughout the whole company as long as the business purchases the right number of seats.

A little bit About Storyblocks

A Little Bit About Storyblocks

Storyblocks was born from two websites that were created in 2009, later merging to produce the single website called Storyblocks that has become well-known today. The website offers more than 900,000 video footage clips, more than 400,000 photos and more than 100,000 royalty-free songs. Customers can sign up for a subscription that includes only audio, one that includes only video or an all-access subscription that includes video, audio and photos, plus loops, sound effects, illustrations, vectors and templates.

The all-access subscription costs $349 a year, or $65 a month if users prefer not to be billed annually. For members who would only like to have access to video footage, the basic subscription costs $99 a year (or $19 a month), and it includes five downloads of HD footage each month. The unlimited video subscription costs $199 a year (or $39 a month) and includes 4K footage and After Effects templates.

Unfortunately, there is no free trial available, but users can cancel their subscription at any time. Best of all, they can still use all the files they previously downloaded for any of their projects in the future.

Storyblocks has been highlighted as one of the best stock video websites by IMHO Reviews as an affordable subscription website with an extensive library of content for all video and audio creators. For more information about Storyblocks and the new features available on the website for many of the different subscription levels, visit IMHO Reviews Storyblocks.