IMHO Reviews Shares Whether Envato Elements Is Still Good for Creators After 1 Year of Use

After a year of using Envato Elements, IMHO Reviews has many good things to say about the company. During the past year, IMHO Reviews downloaded and used 856 files. With almost daily usage, IMHO Reviews saved thousands of dollars on royalty-free images, stock videos and graphics.

"One of the benefits of Envato Elements is its convenience," Vitaliy Lano, owner of IMHO Reviews said and explained that everything a creative needs for a project, from images and graphics to video footage and audio clips, is on one website, which saves a vast amount of time for subscribers. It is also user-friendly, and creatives can find high-quality material easily. Furthermore, the subscription price is economical, and the licensing is straightforward, which enables users to avoid the headaches of copyright infringement that ensue when licensing terms are confusing and complicated. Another major benefit is that users can subscribe for a whole year instead of having to buy separate pieces of individual content.

Additionally, the Envato Elements library is constantly being updated with new files. What sets it apart from other digital stock services is that there are no download limits, enabling subscribers to download as many files as they need.

Recently, Imho Reviews started receiving more questions about Envato Elements on their video review, and IMHO Reviews owner Vitaliy encouraged people to ask more questions.

"The more you understand what Envato Elements is and how creatives can benefit from using it, the faster you will take your business to the next level,” Vitaliy said. “Please ask more questions—we will be happy to share our experience and knowledge about Envato Elements."

In the opinion of IMHO, all creatives can benefit from subscribing to Envato Elements. It provides the most excellent value for a user’s money. For only $33 a month or $199 a year, a user can receive unlimited downloads from an extensive collection of nearly 2.5 million digital assets. Students can save 30 percent and get an unlimited monthly subscription for $23, or purchase an unlimited annual plan for $11.50 a month ($138 plus tax per year).

The library holds all the materials that a creator might use: Wordpress plugins, fonts, stock footage, video templates, photos, graphics, themes and more. There are more than 820,000 stock video clips, more than 19,000 video templates, more than 26,000 music files, more than 167,000 sound effects, more than 63,000 graphics templates, more than 28,000 graphics, more than 33,000 presentation templates, more than 1,700 WordPress themes and plugins and more than 1 million photos (plus an additional 50 million images from Twenty20).

A major bonus for people who would like to learn new techniques and skills is that the subscription also contains access to the online learning platform Tuts +, which offers thousands of e-books, courses and how-to tutorials on subjects such as web design, music and audio, business, photo and video and more. Another benefit of Envato Elements is that all of the digital materials in the library are licensed within the same single-use commercial license and are royalty-free. Envato Elements also provides a future-proof licensing, which permits users to cancel their subscription and continue to use the materials that they registered and downloaded previously.

It is important to keep in mind that items cannot be re-sold or re-distributed. Items also cannot be used as a basis for merchandising, which means that a graphic from the Envato Elements library cannot be printed on a T-shirt that will be sold unless the graphic is altered significantly first. Additionally, if a user is delivering an end product to a client, the user will have to give the client a sublicense. Subscribers also cannot copyright their final products if they were made using assets from the Envato Elements library.

However, like any platform, there are also disadvantages to Envato Elements. The primary downside is that every item needs to be re-licensed each time a subscriber uses it. Secondly, videos automatically download in a .mov format and they are quite large at approximately 1GB each—thus, it takes a long time to convert them. Lastly, despite the low price, it could still be expensive for creators who are just starting out.

Although there are cons to Envato Elements, the fact that users receive unlimited access to the entire collection of millions of top-quality materials for 50 cents per day outweighs any downsides. Overall, Envato Elements is worth the cost. It provides straightforward licensing, a wide range of assets and the most inexpensive price on the market.

Creatives can obtain everything they require for their projects from one location and focus on creating—no longer having to stress about the financial aspects.

To learn more about Envato Elements and its licensing and the knowledge IMHO gained from a year of usage, visit IMHO Reviews Envato Elements