IMHO Reviews Reacts To A New Audible Unlimited Plan

IMHO Reviews Talks About New Audible Unlimited Plan

The online audiobook and podcast platform, Audible, recently announced a new subscription plan called Audible Plus. This new membership plan is still in the preview phase, with more changes and updates are yet to come. IMHO Reviews examined the new features, content, and functionality of Audible Plus and shared their thoughts on the new plan.

What is included in an Audible Plus membership

Library and New Business Model Revealed

The Audible Plus subscription plan has an extensive selection of over 68,000 hours of content and over 11,000 titles to choose from. Members of Audible Plus get limitless access to that entire content catalog. "Everyone loves unlimited usage. And I believe that this new business model will attract many customers who prefer to have unlimited access to thousands of titles rather than pay $14,95 per one credit (one audiobook) " - added Vitaliy, the owner of IMHO Reviews. The Audible Plus catalog includes a wide variety of genres, from children to comedy, wellness to documentaries, and selections from Audible Theater, to name a few. The available titles will be rotated, with new choices added every week, and the titles getting removed soon indicated with a banner announcing the removal date. Any of the available titles in the Audible Plus catalog can be streamed immediately through the app. Titles can also be downloaded to listen to offline. "The Audible app is great! And it works perfectly well with a new plan", - Vitaliy said.

The $7.95 Audible Plus subscription plan allows members unlimited access to the Audible Plus catalog of audiobooks, podcasts, and more. There is also a more expensive subscription plan for $14.95, which is no called Audible Premium Plus. The Audible Premium Plus plan combines Audible Plus and Audible’s credit-based membership plan. With Audible Premium Plus, members have unlimited access to stream any titles from the Audible Plus catalog, receive one credit per month that they can use to purchase any audiobook of their choosing from the premium selection regardless of price, and 30 percent off all additional premium titles. Members have one year after the issue date to use their credits before they expire. If a member is not happy with a title, they can easily exchange it for any other title. That is great news for Audible Premium members who used to pay $14,95 a month for 3 audiobooks, because now they also gain access to thousands of titles at no extra cost.

Thoughs On Audible Plus Catalog

IMHO Reviews has not yet found any bestseller or New York Times Best Seller audiobooks available in the Audible Plus catalog. While the content catalog is extensive, Audible Plus members do not have unlimited access to every title available through Audible. The Audible Plus catalog is frequently refreshed with new titles on a weekly basis, and other titles that have been there longer are removed. A banner with the removal date will be visible on titles getting removed soon.

Customers don't get to keep the audiobooks if they cancel the Audible Plus membership. However, customers can continue where they left off by re-subscribing to Audible Plus. In addition to the Audible app, the Audible Plus catalog will also be available across Alexa-enabled devices and Amazon Fire tablets.

IMHO Reviews found 343 podcasts included in all levels of membership and just a few of those that are public podcasts. Most of these podcasts are content only available from Audible. Audible Plus also has improved search abilities. Users can easily filter their search; this allows the user to control the search results to see only titles available in the Audible Plus catalog or in a particular format, audiobooks or podcasts. "Overall, we found the search function to be user-friendly. It is easy to find titles in specific genres and types," -added Anna, the content creator of IMHO Reviews. In addition to the Audible app, the Audible Plus catalog will also be available across Alexa-enabled devices and Amazon Fire tablets.

is the Audible Plus membership worth it

IMHO Reviews Shares Thoughts On Audible Update

"Audible is an excellent service that has been around for years. The customer support, and the variety and quality of audiobooks are always excellent. The only complaint I've ever heard about Audible is that it was expensive. But with the new Audible Plus plan, the company changed that and provided people with a good affordable option" - Vitaliy said. The Audible Plus business model is similar to that of Scribd, another popular audiobook service, and at $7.95, it costs a dollar less per month. It is early to compare the catalog's content volume and quality while Audible Plus is still in the preview stage. With all the great and improved features, Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus have the potential to be two excellent options for those who enjoy listening to audiobooks.