Audiobooks vs. Audible Review 2022: Which Service Is Better? recently announced a considerable update to the titles in its library, now offering more than 200,000 titles and 1.2 million podcasts. With hundreds of audiobook services now available, it can be difficult to decide which one to subscribe to. Audible has long been considered the gold standard for audiobook services, but it is beginning to see some competition. Although both platforms have benefits and downsides,’s updates have made it a serious contender in the race for the best audiobook service.

Short Audible Review

Audible is a good company for $14,95 you get 1 book from the library of 500,000 audiobooks, 2 books from the Originals Selection, access to radio shows and wellness programs. Audible has the largest library responsive app and great customer support. Audible keeps adding new features and free listens for members.

Audible advantages and disadvantages


  • Audible has a very large library of audiobooks—almost 500,000 titles.

  • Audible has the best compatibility for a wide variety of devices.

  • You can share your content with family members—the first title is free for them to download even if they do not have a subscription.

  • You can easily return or exchange a title if you really do not like it, even up to a year later as long as you still have an active subscription, although this feature should not be abused or your account can be shut down.

  • Even if you cancel your Audible subscription, you will still have access to the titles you purchased.

  • The narration speed can be adjusted, and you can set a sleep timer.

  • You can set the audiobook to button-free mode to make driving safer.

  • You can save clips from 30 seconds to two minutes in order to re-listen to your favorite parts of the book.

  • Audible also has workout videos and meditations.


  • Audible has a narrow selection of podcasts, Audible originals and free audiobooks.

  • You only have access to one book each month with the basic subscription.

  • The search function could filter results more specifically.

Short Review is a good company. For $14,95 you get 1 book from the library of 200,000 audiobooks, 2 books from the VIP Selection, and access to 1,2 million podcasts. This makes stand out among its competitors, including Audible. There are discounts for semi-annual and annual subscriptions. advantages and disadvantages


  • With two VIP titles (during the first free month) in addition to the free audiobook, you will get three free books for the price of one on Audible (since the two bonus titles on that service are limited to Audible originals).

  • Audiobooks now offer a wide range of bestsellers as well as the New York Times bestsellers.

  • You can download titles to listen to offline, such as when you are flying or you do not have reliable cell service or WIFI.

  • The Audiobooks support team is efficient and replies quickly.

  • The Audiobooks free book section is much larger than Audible, which only offers about 50 free titles.

  • Like Audible, Audiobooks allows families to share an account on three different devices.

  • You can listen through the Internet or on mobile devices, and Audiobooks will track your progress and keep your place when you switch between devices.

  • The narrators are experienced professionals.

  • You will have access to your purchases forever, even if your subscription eventually expires.

  • You can listen to a three-minute preview of an audiobook to help you decide if you want to use your credit to purchase it.

  • Audiobooks often offer two for one deal on titles if you would like to purchase additional audiobooks.

  • The Audiobooks search function for podcasts is very specific, efficient, and user-friendly as far as filtering results.

  • Like Audible, you can download content for offline use when you are traveling.


  • Unused credits will expire after three months.

  • You will no longer have access to audiobooks you purchased from the VIP section if your subscription expires.

Costs of each service

Audible is priced at $14.95 a month for one audiobook, with two free Audible originals and the opportunity to purchase additional credits if you need them. There are other subscription levels that will give you more credits per month, such as a platinum membership costing $22.95 for two credits.

Similarly, offers one audiobook a month for $14.95, with one extra book from the VIP section, which is a curated selection of approximately 150 books that changes on the first day of each month. This gives users a much wider selection of free titles on Audiobooks than on Audible. Users can also purchase additional credits on Audiobooks.

The free trials for both services include three books—one premium credit and two bonus titles (originals for Audible and VIP books for Audiobooks). vs Audible Verdict

Although Audible has a slightly larger library of audiobooks, Audiobooks is definitely worth a try. The two platforms are the same price, but Audiobooks offers a wider variety of content both for the monthly credits and the free content through the service. Their additional credits are also more affordable, and there are frequent deals to save users money.

To learn more or sign up for a free trial on visit IMHO Reviews. To learn more or sign up for a free trial on Audible visit IMHO Reviews .