Audible Review Reveals Why You Shouldn't Sign Up For Audiobook Services

IMHO Reviews have recently released a new Audible review where they discussed the pros and cons of the platform, explained how the service works, talked about pricing, and among other things, shared their opinion on whether Audible is the best audiobook service out there.

"We all know that Audible is one of the most popular audiobook sites today but is it really the best one? That is what we wanted to find out before writing this review. We tried out different audiobook services - some were great, others didn't impress us that much. Can any of them compete with Audible? Yes and no. Audible has the largest library with over 470,000 titles so that alone makes it stand out among competitors. However, there are other subscription services that are slightly cheaper and offer more than just audiobooks - magazines, sheet music, etc. Still, most people today choose Audible, mainly because of its extensive library, relatively low prices, and the fact that you get lifetime access to all the books you download. Plus, Audible offers many unique features that none of the similar services do" - says Vitaliy, the founder of IMHO Reviews.

The Audible review describes many of those features. For instance, Audible allows its users to return or exchange audiobook if they are not satisfied with it within 365 days from the date it was purchased. However, IMHO Reviews warms everyone that this policy should not be abused, otherwise, your account may be suspended. Another interesting feature mentioned in the review is called "Send This Book", and it allows users to send the book they liked to friends or family members for free. Audible also comes with a live sync feature that tracks listening progress.

Unlike some audiobook services, Audible has a credit system. That means that each month Audible members receive 1 credit that can be redeemed for 1 audiobook. According to IMHO Reviews, each member also gets 2 Audible Originals of their choice every month at no extra cost.

Vitaliy shares that most people prefer to sign up for a 30-day free Audible trial first to see whether the service fits their needs: "Audible free trial comes with 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals that are yours to keep even if you decide not to purchase a membership afterward. I think that it is a great way to test the service, see if you actually like it. As much as I love the platform, I realize that it might not be the best choice for people who read a lot. As I've mentioned before, with a basic subscription plan you only get 1 book per month and 2 Audible Originals and it may not be enough for some people. However, it is always possible to purchase extra credits."

In their Audible review, IMHO Reviews also examines why many people nowadays prefer listening to audiobooks rather than reading a book. The main reason is that most of us are so busy with work that we simply don't have time to read. That is why audiobooks have become so popular, you can listen to them anywhere - on your way to work, during lunch break, or at your child's soccer practice. In a way, audiobooks allow you to productively manage every minute of your life.

IMHO Reviews has recently published an article that compares the most popular audiobook sites. Their "Best 5 Audiobook Services for 2020" review contains all the information about pricing, different subscription plans, free trials, and the pros and cons of the major audiobook platforms.