IMHO Reviews Shares Mindvalley Experience After Using It for 30 Days

After trying out Mindvalley for 30 days, the owner of IMHO Reviews Vitaliy Lano recently shared his experience through an article and a new video.

IMHO Reviews created a series of posts about online learning platforms, and it was met with a large amount of success due to the positive feedback and many readers who mentioned their desire to start on a path of investing in their personal growth.

While most of the platforms on the list focused on improving work skills, many people are not performing to the level of their full potential, as they are lacking knowledge about day-to-day life subjects such as relationships, health, money and the mind.

This was the reason that led IMHO Reviews to discover Mindvalley, which was founded on the principle that there should be a balance between work and other spheres of life; otherwise, the lack of balance will eventually influence others, which will lead to collapse.

Looking at the Mindvalley website and listening to their podcasts and free Masterclasses, Vitaliy realized that it seemed promising, but he wondered what exactly would happen to a person who goes through that kind of experience.

Thirty days is a short period, and to change habits and thinking models and rewire a brain that was built over years takes a significant amount of work.

"If this were so easy, anyone could do it—everyone would, and we would live in a very different world," Vitaliy stated, and that is a challenge that Vitaliy wanted to experience.

How it begins:

It is simple to sign up and gain access to all of the courses, and it takes around 15 minutes to figure out how everything works, the location of the Quests and Masterclasses and so on.

The second part is choosing the Quests. Vitaliy chose five Quests pertaining to the areas of life that he thought could be improved. Every Quest has a detailed explanation, and it is easy to determine the quality and estimate the results based on the results from other students who shared their experience.

Some of the available Quests include:

The Quest for Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao

The Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance by Marisa

Hero. Genius. Legend. by Robin Sharma

Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

The process:

Most of Mindvalley's Quests include theoretical knowledge, exercises, daily routines and guided meditation and a practical journal. Vitaliy believes that a proper system should be in place in order to stay organized and complete the daily tasks from each Quest. Another key piece is to constantly (morning and evening) remind and enforce new desired habits along with important concepts until they stick and transform your personality.

How much time does it take?

To take five Quests, it takes around one hour per day. However, five Quests is a lot. Vitaliy added: "I would suggest starting with two or three at once. Because many Quests tend to cause a paradigm shift in your inner reality. Such rapid transformation can create small unbalances between the old and new personality, which can lead to mood swings and ‘cravings for old you.’ As you remind yourself of the direction that you are going, new knowledge always takes over."

Were there any real changes after 30 days?

According to Vitaliy, almost every aspect of his life has improved on some level, including:

- his morning routine, which includes a workout

- his organizational routine, which keeps habits in place until they are established

- his energy level throughout the day

- his level of productivity

- his meta (thinking) model, which help him to be aware, focused and present and makes life easier to comprehend during these uncertain times

Vitaliy stated that, like any online product, Mindvalley is not for everyone. To succeed with Mindvalley, people have to be at least a little open-minded. Mindvalley breaks a lot of rules with their innovative teaching methods, such as microlearning, meditations, practical exercises and learning slowly over the course of 30 to 70 days, which most people are not used to.

Pricing is another breaking point for the mass market. Mindvalley is not the cheapest learning platform—the classes and teachers are high-quality, including leading professionals in their area of expertise. It is quite difficult to estimate how much a new personality costs these days, but to Vitaliy, it is priceless, as is his relationship with his son or feeling great every day, and it does not matter what kind of chaos our world is in today.

Vitaliy Lano is looking forward to continuing Mindvalley Quests and sharing his experience after 90 and 360 days of using the platform. To learn more, visit Mindvalley review.