IMHO Reviews Publishes Blog Discussing The Pitfalls of Online Learning

Pitfalls of Online Learning

IMHO Reviews, a web publication that shares reviews of popular products and services, has launched a brand new section that deals with online learning. The IMHO Reviews online learning section aims to let its readers know the exact information that they need to choose the learning platform that aligns with their needs.

Online learning saw its moment in the sun with the onset of the global pandemic. Extended lockdowns forced millions of students and employees all around the world to stay at home. As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, companies realized they couldn’t continue paying their employees while the global economy was in tatters and business was slow. With an ample amount of time on their hands and the looming prospect of unemployment on the horizon, employees began upskilling themselves through any means available. Online learning platforms were the go-to option for many of the people who were looking to learn new skills hoping to stand a better chance of gaining employment once the pandemic was over. Given the multitude of options for online learning, there was a need for an unbiased platform that did the analysis of all the major websites and clearly communicated the USP of each of them to a market that was hungry for knowledge.

The new section on IMHO Reviews contains articles that analyze and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different online learning platforms. One article presents an overview of some of the most popular list of places and websites to learn such as Skillshare, Masterclass, Udemy, Coursera, and others by judging them on parameters such as price, content library size and diversity, accreditation, and whether it offers a free trial. The article also highlights the most important unique features of the aforementioned websites.

Another article posted by the website lists a few downsides of online learning by saying that the student’s experience ends up being isolated and solitary. Workloads can also increase as universities expect more from the students who are learning from behind a screen. There is a lack of support in harder courses where instructors are more involved and their lack of in-person guidance can be a real detriment. Finally, online coursework asks for extraordinary self-discipline from the student, which may be a roadblock to some who miss the structured requirements of a campus course.

The biggest culprit for reducing the value of online education, according to the article, is procrastination, which is a natural result of not having the peer-supported pathway that a regular university course offers. The article does not place the blame squarely at the student’s feet as they accept that procrastination is a part of human behavior. Distractions and an isolated learning environment increase the propensity for procrastination beyond acceptable levels. There is also a lack of accountability as a lack of oversight lets some people slack off and fly under the radar.

The article also says that some people might not have the stable internet connection and hardware required for a smooth online learning experience. Lack of resources can hamper even the most well-intentioned students. Hands-on learning also suffers as students do not have access to the fully stocked and funded labs that universities provide. Taking the conversation to a personal level, the article says that distance learning also has a negative effect on one’s mental and physical health. The lack of interaction isolates people and becomes an impediment to developing the soft skills that are needed to excel in the workplace.

The article concludes by saying that, though online learning presents a new paradigm that is here to stay, it is a double-edged sword as with more freedom comes more responsibility. It can work for self-motivated individuals but can stifle the professional growth of the students who need the experience of studying at a university to become well-rounded individuals.

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