Deep Reviews of Unique Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020

IMHO is excited to announce reviews of unique deals and discounts; as we all know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about the deals! This year, these two shopping holidays might look quite different than years past. And in a year when people are conserving their dollars and finding new ways to occupy their time, IMHO has the complete list of online deals that can help people turn 2020 from a rollercoaster of a year into a terrific year.

In a recent post from IMHO, holiday shoppers do not need to search the web for a great gift for someone else or even themselves, it’s all right here; offers from Audible, Envato Elements, iHerb,and Artgrid. In the event a holiday shopper has not heard of one of these companies, the post informs readers and shoppers all about the service(s) that these companies offer and even a review of each to let consumers know if the deals are worth it. Each company mentioned and their deal(s) are discussed thoroughly in IMHO’s post on their site as well as links to the specials. These offers are not traditional “50-inch TV for $100” type offerings but rather goods and services that can help expand one’s life. With COVID-19 ravaging the world, particularly the United States, some people are dialing back on spending this year due to being furloughed, laid off, or having pay reduced but people don’t have to let that ruin their holiday season. Go see what Skillshare, Audible, Envato Elements, iHerb, and Artgrid have going on for Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year before it’s too late!

IMHO Reviews is run by Vitaliy Lano and does all the hard work of finding sites, services, and other goods that consumers can use to embolden their daily lives and/or their businesses. From AudioBooks, to stock media sites, or even freelancing sites, IMHO does the hard work for the consumer and verifies what online resource companies offer and their value. People can follow IMHO (Vitaliy Lano) on a multitude of social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Disqus, Facebook, and Quora. On Vitaliy’s YouTube (with 4.2 thousand subscribers), he has 32 video reviews of online services to watch. On platforms like Twitter (with over 1400 followers) and Reddit, consumers can read about the reviews and discuss them with peers or with Vitaliy directly. Readers can also find answers to questions on these services and platforms through IMHO’s Quora page (where Vitaliy has provided 14 answers and has over 112k reviews, 3k of those in November 2020 alone) So, whether a consumer reads or watches the reviews on IMHO’s main site or a social platform, they can find all the easy to digest content on services that can change their life.

In addition to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals mentioned, check out other reviews by IMHO such as Audible, Storyblocks, or SoundStripe on the Reddit page. The review provided by IMHO are not for typical products like “Which razor is better, electric or manual?” or “Which turkey is better for your Thanksgiving, Jenny-O or ButterBall?” so people won’t find any reviews like that from IMHO but rather of internet-based services. If someone has considered which Audio Book service is more reliable and has more titles available then they can find that via IMHO. Perhaps someone is considering getting their freelancing career up and running, IMHO has already done a deep dive into some of the top freelancing sites available and the pros and cons of the sites. The hard work is already done for readers, all users have to do is read the review and decide if they trust the review and it seems 4.2 thousand YouTube subscribers or 1400+ Twitter followers substantiate that question. Previous readers of IMHO have written positive reviews on the YouTube channel, such as: “Hi Vitality! Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make this awesome video… It was very insightful for someone like myself: curious about the service but knowing nothing. You made some excellent points which stuck with me such as treating this knowledge 'centre' and online school as an investment in oneself...” And, “Brilliant video thank you. I'm new to skillshare and am about to have a look on the site for relevant classes.”

IMHO Reviews included more detailed instruction for each of the special deals that can be found in separate posts regarding Envato Special offer and Audible Black Friday Discount.