IMHO Reviews Shares Skillshare Classes for Creatives to Take in March 2022

Skillshare classes for creatives in March

IMHO Reviews today announced the five best Skillshare online classes that creatives should take this spring to boost their skills and grow their careers.

The Skillshare courses recommended by IMHO Reviews cover topics including self-care, productivity, photography, illustration, and improving overall creativity. The courses are part of Skillshare’s premium paid plan.

Skillshare users can now receive an annual Skillshare membership that is usually $99 for only $59.40 through a special online 40% off discount. Read more about Skillshare, and learn how to get a discounted annual membership at IMHO Reviews.

This latest roundup of Skillshare courses is part of an effort by IMHO Reviews to promote useful online services that anyone can use to enrich themselves and improve their professional skills in 2021.

“A quote from IMHO goes here about why you chose these classes and what you hope people learn from them,” Vitaliy, owner of IMHO Reviews said.

Information about courses available on Skillshare

Here is some information about each course available now on Skillshare:

  1. Revolutionary Self-Care: Embrace, Nurture, and Grow Your authentic Self

Best-selling author Chidera Eggerue teaches this eight-part online class on Skillshare. In the course, Eggerue guides students of any learning level to find their authentic voices, improve communication their skills, take necessary risks, ask for help when they need it, and more.

Eggerue presents these teachings through a series of short video lessons that take less than one hour to watch altogether. The empowering self-care course also includes seven projects - including sharing personal affirmation wall with other learners in the course. There are already 4,505 students enrolled in Eggerue’s course.

  1. Productivity for Creatives: Build a System That Brings Out Your Best

For many creatives, productivity is a challenge to manage, but YouTuber, author and entrepreneur Thomas Frank has fine-tuned a productivity strategy that is suitable for creatives of all types and skill levels.

Frank teaches this eight-part course on Skillshare, sharing his best advice for developing a professional mindset, creating a great workspace, treating inspiration like a muscle. He also teaches creatives practical techniques for improving workflow by effectively using templates, collaboration, and delegation.

The course has nearly two hours of video instruction and is appropriate for learners of all skill levels. There are already 6,065 students enrolled.

  1. Portrait Photography: Shoot & Edit Instagram-Worthy Shots

Learn how to create stunning portraits with photographer and YouTuber Jessica Kobeissi in this exclusive Skillshare course.

Kobeissi has a successful YouTube channel where she discusses the photography industry, but this class gets into the finer details of photography techniques and usable portrait photography strategies. The course is 11 lessons with 40 projects for learners to complete. During the course, Kobeissi presents the entire process of finding the best looks for photographs, subject poses, natural light, and editing to create amazing portrait photos.

The course is open to learners of all skill levels and does not require a camera to complete - though familiarity with DSLR photography is helpful. There are already more than 3,000 students in the course.

  1. The Style Class: Work Out Your Illustration Style in a Daily Project

Artists looking for a way to up their illustration game and become better artists all around should take this class.

Professional illustrator and designer Tom Forese guides Skillshare students on a 20-lesson journey to discover and hone their unique illustration styles. The class includes a whopping 168 projects and nearly four and a half hours of video lessons.

Several of the projects will take days or weeks to complete, so allocate about a month for this great course. In the end, learners will have a better understanding of what makes them unique artists and how to learn in their distinct artistic style.

The class is best for intermediate-level illustrators, and it already has 5,099 students enrolled.

  1. Find Your Style: Five Exercises to Unlock Your Creative Identity

Illustrator, designer, and podcaster Andy J. Pizza will help Skillshare learners discover their personal style in his wildly popular 12-lesson Skillshare course.

It doesn’t matter what a learner’s preferred creative outlet is - painting, fashion, singing, whatever - Pizza’s inspiring online class will help anyone unlock his or her identity, translate personal tastes, and experiment with the craft effectively.

This class is beneficial for all types of creatives who want to feel a little more comfortable with themselves and their projects. It’s appropriate for any level learner, and it has nearly 26,000 students enrolled.

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning community that offers educational videos and short courses geared toward creatives and business entrepreneurs. Skillshare offers both free and paid membership options through either either monthly or annual subscriptions. The company was founded in 2010 in New York, New York and has grown to include thousands of online courses.

Paid Skillshare plans give users full access to a library of more than 20,000 classes. A free version of Skillshare gives learners access to about 2,000 educational courses.

For a limited time, Skillshare is offering a 40% discount for its annual membership plan. That means new users will get a year of Skillshare for $59.40 when they sign up, which is $8.25 per month. To get the deal, simply go to and click on “Go Premium.”

Learn more about Skillshare on the IMHO Reviews Blog. There, readers can also learn more about other online learning resources, read reviews, and explore the best deals.