Skillshare Review : Start The Right Way With Skillshare

I wanted to make a review about Skillshare for quite some time because a lot of people on the Internet have been talking about it. You must’ve heard about Skillshare and you came here to find out more information about the service. So what is Skillshare? And why are there so many complains from people who tried it? Is it even worth the money? Today we are going to take a look at it and give an overview of Skillshare.

When I first heard of Skillshare, I was really curious whether it was a really good platform like some were claiming, or if all the positive reviews were coming from people who were trying to promote the service. I noticed that many people made Skillshare sponsored posts saying that the company is trustworthy. And although I believe them now, at that time I was a bit skeptical since I also found negative reviews from people who tried the service and ended up canceling their membership and asking for a refund. I always try to learn something new so I decided to give Skillshare a try and decide for myself whether it’s worth it or not.

Skillshare looks awesome at first glance

Skillshare is an online learning community that offers over 19,000 classes, anything from web design and writing to photography and marketing. I love that you can take classes from your own home at a time which is convenient for you.

For about $10 a month you get a full access to all Skillshare classes that are taught by real people. You can learn from them and create alongside them. This is not a transactional education. This is a community of lifelong learners, who want to learn, collaborate, or teach a class of their own. It all starts on Skillshare.

Skillshare is not as well-known as Linda, Pluralsight or Udemy, but it’s very rapidly growing and becoming more and more popular every year.

Skillshare homepage layout and how to find the right class

If you take a look at Skillshare homepage you will see that it’s designed beautifully — after all, it’s a platform for creative people. You will also notice that the company is offering free classes and scholarships for those in need. You can see all the different courses that Skillshare offers on their website.

categories of classes from skillshare

You can easily browse classes on Skillshare before you sign up. You can also watch introduction video for any class you’re thinking of taking. This can help you decide whether Skillshare is the right fit for you.

Let’s say, you want to learn photo editing. So you just input “photo editing” into a search bar and it will show you all the videos related to that topic. If you’re a premium member you can have access to any class 24/7 both online and offline.

Members can use Facebook or Google accounts to sign up, and this way they know for sure that Skillshare is using secure authentication and that they don’t have to worry about someone stealing their personal information.

How much is Skillshare?

On the price chart, you can see that the monthly subscription is $12, and the annual is only $96. That it’s a very good deal considering that you get an access to all the classes that are available right now plus all the classes that will be added in the future.

How much is Skillshare per month

But there’s more to it

Skillshare is a community, and all students can read and leave reviews and ask teachers questions. Some courses require you to do projects, which, in my opinion, is a unique feature that makes Skillshare stand out among other platforms. You can also see the projects that other students have done in the past.

Feel free to browse classes and projects along with workshops before you join Skillshare. It’s a pretty easy website to navigate. You can also see which classes are available for free (more than 1,000 at the moment) and which ones are included in the Premium subscription ($10/month for more than 19,000 courses).

You can also refer your friends and get 1 month of Skillshare classes for free for every person who joins using your invite link.

My experience with Skillshare

I signed up for Skillshare before I knew about any deals and discounts available for new users. Still, I only had to pay 99 cents for the first two months which is definitely a steal! My original plan was to take as many courses as possible within those two months and see if I can apply any of the skills that I learned in real life. Other great Learning Platforms that I like.

Review of Skillshare projects feature

What I don’t like about Skillshare

I’ve noticed that there are a couple of categories on Skillshare that have only 100 classes. And if you’re only interested in one of those categories, then you will quickly run out of classes to take. However, that’s pretty rare, and most categories have way more classes.

Is there enough classes on skillshare

There are also some classes I didn’t like because they seemed more like a YouTube video and not like the quality content I’d expect from Skillshare. However, most classes I took were absolutely wonderful and the teachers were very qualified. I suggest you browse the classes you’re interested in before joining the Skillshare. You can also get a 2-month free trial, take some classes and decide whether you like the service or not.

Why most people fail at Skillshare

Some people join Skillshare and expect that it will magically transform their lives overnight. They feel they’re entitled. They want to achieve great things but are not willing to work for it. Yes, Skillshare is an online education, but you still have to devote time and effort if you want to learn something.

I was surprised to see how many people left negative reviews only becausethey didn’t have time to attend classes! There were also some issues with people not canceling their free trial within 2 months and being charged because of that, but again, I don’t see how it’s Skillshare’s fault.

My conclusion

I love Skillshare and I truly believe that it’s worth every penny. I took many classes online over the past several years and I can say that the quality of most of the Skillshare courses I took is outstanding. I also like that they’re constantly adding new classes.

If you are thinking of joining Skillshare here are a few things you should do first:

Browse classes and make sure there are the ones you want to take.

Explore different categories.

Click To Get a free 2-month trial before you commit to Skillshare.

Find time in your schedule for Skillshare. If you’re not that good at time management, take a productivity class on Skillshare.

Take it seriously. You can learn many useful skills and completely transform your life with Skillshare. But, as I’ve mentioned above, you need to devote some time and effort (even if it’s only 30 minutes a day). Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section below.