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this section came about after reading this article http://muchtoolong.blogspot.com/2012/02/starting-out-in-transmedia-5-points-of.html by Simon Staffans and realizing there are a lot of articles out there that say transmedia case studies :) 
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 Why So Serious? 360 Alternate Reality Experience The Dark Knight www.alternaterealitybranding.com/whysoserious_viral09/ Includes reviews and analysis  
Agent139 Dexter as a Transmedia Case Study Dexter www.modernmythology.net/2011/04/dexter-as-transmedia-case-study.html from source: "This piece paints a good picture for those who are still struggling to understand what transmedia is and why it is that I say that "transmedia is the future."" April 2, 2011 
Andersen, Michael and Storyworld WEBCast What’s Possible with Transmedia: Case Studies in Successful Projects (WEBCast 7/27) multiple www.digitalbookworld.com/2011/what%E2%80%99s-possible-with-transmedia-case-studies-in-successful-projects-webcast-727/ from source: "For this special StoryWorld WEBCast Michael Andersen, owner and senior editor at the Alternate Reality Gaming Network (ARGNet), will lead attendees through a tour of what’s possible with alternate reality games, cross-platform strategies, and transmedia storytelling. " July 6, 2011 
Anderson, Michael May 3, 2011 - A Walk Through Westeros: Retracing “The Maester’s Path” Game of Thrones www.argn.com/2011/05/a_walk_through_westeros_retracing_the_maesters_path/ from source: "On Sunday, April 24th, HBO’s newest show, Game of Thrones, brought viewers into the world of Westeros, a land flush with political machinations and magic. Based on George R.R. Martin’s highly acclaimed Song of Ice and Fire book series, the franchise came pre-packaged with a committed fan base that has been somewhat patiently waiting for the next installment for six years. With Game of Thrones, HBO hopes to replicate the success of True Blood, their previous foray in fantasy adaptations. To help that along, the studio turned to Campfire, the advertising agency behind True Blood‘s Blood Copy alternate reality game."  
Arrglington, April  CTIA Case Studies: Transmedia Storytelling through Advanced Mobile Content multiple jump.snappages.com/blog/2011/10/17/ctia-case-studies-transmedia-storytelling-through-advanced-mobile-content from source: "Last week Christine Weibrecht and I drove to San Diego to attend the CTIA panels presented by Transmedia Los Angeles and the PGA New Media Counsel. Below is a recap of the case studies presented. I’m posting on John Heinsen’s presentation separately, so stay tuned for my next post." October 17, 2011 
Arrglington, April   A Project by Transmedia LA Presented by CASE STUDY MIracle Mile Paradox www.slideshare.net/aprilarrglington/the-miracle-mile-paradox-arg-case-study slideshow with a good overview of the project  
Bain, Kathleen ; Jensen, Kim ; Sangruengkit, Pavita ; Silman, Ezra and Zi, Chris Case Studies Portal multiple convergenceishere.weebly.com/case-studies.html from source: "Welcome to the Case Studies Portal! Below there are seven pages of case study goodness. We split up the case studies by what platform they originated on. For instance, at the top you can see The Matrix and Avatar, two brands that started out as films and branched out from there. In a similar fashion we also have Books, Games, TV Shows, and Comics. Some of the pairings might seem a bit odd, but the reasoning behind it was to compare a brand we considered successful with a brand that we considered to have failed in the transmedia/crossmedia context. There are also two stand-alone studies which did not get compared directly to another case study, Batman and Sherlock Holmes, but they still follow the same criteria, which you can find linked just below. "  
Campfire Game of Thrones Case Study Game of Thrones http://vimeo.com/29285256 from source: "HBO needed to raise awareness for it’s new show "Game of Thrones", an adaptation of George RR Martin’s epic fantasy novels. To do this, Campfire brought the world of Westeros to life through a series of interactive experiences based around the 5 senses. The novels already had a passionate and connected fan base, so our strategy was to activate those fans and have them broadcast their excitement to a wider audience."es September 19, 2011 
Candler, Sheri Transmedia case study-Totally Amp’d Totally Amp'd www.thefilmcollaborative.org/blog/2012/10/transmedia-case-study-totally-ampd/ from source: "To coincide with 2 large events of interest to the cross platform storyteller, London’s Power to the Pixel and Los Angeles’ Storyworld Conference, I wrote up this case study of a cross platform project that was featured on the Storycode site. "  
Candler, Sheri Transmedia case study-Guidestones Guidestones www.thefilmcollaborative.org/blog/2012/10/transmedia-case-study-guidestones/ from source: " this case study will be particularly relevant to those working with low budgets and ambitious plans. Writer/director Jay Ferguson’s initial inspiration for Guidestones came from his late father’s fascination with serialized shorts. "  
dahlenw Dexter Transmedia Case Study Timeline Dexter www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxpded6Wvu4 from source: "his is a 3D timeline created using the data from hunterprey.com about the Dexter ARG Transmedia campaign Modernista! did for Showtime." January 30, 2012 
droga5 Bing | Decode Jay-Z Case Study  Decode www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNic4wf8AYg&feature=youtu.be from droga5 site: "Decode Jay-ZCLIENT BRIEF: Bing launched in 2009 into a market dominated by Google. Bing needed to increase usage and position itself as a modern choice. A younger target is key to growing Bing’s market share but is highly suspect of advertising and product claims. Our challenge was to shift perceptions in a non-traditional way among a younger target of Bing as the search engine built for today’s generation and grow usage of this new alternative to Google." June 2, 2011 
droga5 Bing:Jay-Z Client Brief Decode www.droga5.com/#/casestudies/bingcs from source: "Bing launched in 2009 into a market dominated by Google. Bing needed to increase usage and position itself as a modern choice. A younger target is key to growing Bing’s market share but is highly suspect of advertising and product claims. Our challenge was to shift perceptions in a non-traditional way among a younger target of Bing as the search engine built for today’s generation and grow usage of this new alternative to Google." June 2, 2011 
Gargan, Meghan  Transmedia Case Study: HIMYM HIMYM meghangargan.com/millennialmusings/?p=386 from source: "Who doesn’t love How I Met Your Mother? It’s almost impossible not to laugh at Barney’s womanizing ways, idolize Lily’s style, imitate Robin’s tough-girl attitude, snuggle up to Marshall’s marshmellow-ness and sigh at Ted’s hopeless romantic tendencies (whether in frustration or envy is up to you). I first fell in love with this show a while back – the characters, story (the telling of the story) and the antics hooked me for life. However, what has kept me engaged as the story line continues (and at times drag out, I have little patience, people) is the show’s use of transmedia storytelling." February 15, 2011 
jawbonemag Dexter Transmedia Case Study by Modernista! & Showtime... via JawboneTV Dexter www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp1_69jfbs8 from source: "Modernista! put together this great case study on their transmedia/ARG work with Dexter a few weeks ago. Thanks to Modernista! and Showtime for providing the info. For a complete interview with Modernista! innovations director Howard Goldkrand, visit JawboneTV and read 'Dexter ARG: Transmedia Storytelling Born and Executed in Blood' (http://bit.ly/hwoIHJ)" December 10, 2011 
Johnson, Lucas J.W.  The Pervasive Presence of Richard Castle Castle silverstringmedia.com/2011/09/26/the-pervasive-presence-of-richard-castle/ from source: "I’ve been a fan of the show Castle since near the end of the first season, when I started watching. Mostly because it’s Nathan Fillion and the role is perfect for him — plus, he plays a writer, and that’s pretty cool. It’s a fun show, all told. So I was certainly interested when they took it transmedia." September 26, 2011 
Konzal, Adalbert Woitek Entertainment architecture : constructing a framework for the creation of an emerging transmedia form movies eprints.qut.edu.au/50489/ from source: "This thesis investigates the radically uncertain formal, business, and industrial environment of current entertainment creators. It researches how a novel communication technology, the Internet, leads to novel entertainment forms, how these lead to novel kinds of businesses that lead to novel industries; and in what way established entertainment forms, businesses, and industries are part of that process. This last aspect is addressed by focusing on one exemplary es-tablished form: movies." May 28, 2011 
McGonigal, Jane  Why I Love Bees:A Case Study in Collective Intelligence Gaming I Love Bees www.avantgame.com/McGonigal_WhyILoveBees_Feb2007.pdf from source: "Indeed, as I have documented with this I Love Bees case study, the immersive" February 1, 2007 
papadelias, Angelique  Coke – Transmedia Case Study Coke angeliquepapadelias.com/coke-transmedia-case-study/ from source: "he Brand Coca Cola when I think about what it means, reminds me of a heritage brand that is everywhere. A brand that people look for, it makes people happy when they have one of their products. I’ve never seen anyone crying or upset when they are having an experience with Coke, or Fanta, or Powerade or any one of these drinks that is part of that whole brand." January 22, 2012 
Power to the Pixel Case study: Collapsus Collapsus www.slideshare.net/tishna/case-study-collapsus from source: "Tommy Pallotta’s case study at the first day conference of Power to the Pixel’s Cross-Media Forum, 12 October 2010" October 22, 2010 
Rutledge, Pamela  Case Study Example: The Three Little Pigs The Three Little Pigs athinklab.com/transmedia-storytelling/case-study-example-the-three-little-pigs/ from source:"If the Three Little Pigs were told as a transmedia story it might be designed liked this..."like this..." February 22, 2011 
Staffans, Simon The Phantom - a Theoretical Transmedia Case Study The Phantom muchtoolong.blogspot.com/2011/02/phantom-theoretical-transmedia-case.html from source: "Below is what could be called a Case Study of a Theoretical Transmedia Development (or CSTTD) (happy there were two ”T”:s in that abbreviation, or this post would’ve featured in some quite different google searches) of the existing property The Phantom. " February 11, 2011 
Stites, Chole Pt1: Investigating the Possibilities of Transmedia; Collapsus, a Case Study Collapsus workbookproject.com/culturehacker/2010/10/26/pt1-investigating-the-possbilities-of-transmedia-collapsus-a-case-study/ from source: "Through a case study on Collapsus, an Energy Risk Conspiracy project, I will expose components necessary for building a successful transmedia project, along with the capabilities and influence accessible through employing such processes. " October 26, 2010 
Vasile, Ana  Case study : Assassin’s Creed, a transmedia franchise 2/2 Assassin’s Creed www.transmedialab.org/en/storytelling-transmedia-2/case-study-assassin%E2%80%99s-creed-a-transmedia-franchise-22/ from source: "Following the launch of the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations video game, we are continuing with our overview of the saga, which has sold 28 million units worldwide" November 25, 2011 
Vasile, Ana et Godest, Olivier  Dexter in transmedia Dexter www.transmedialab.org/en/case-study/etude-de-cas-dexter-version-transmedia-2/ from source: "n December 2010, Showtime announced that a new season of the series Dexter will start shooting in spring 2011 (the sixth one). Since we have some early day fans in our team, we couldn’t resist telling you a little more about this series, which is presently beating audience records in the US. Here’s an analysis of this phenomenon that obviously found an echo in transmedia." March 31, 2011 
Weiler, Lance An overview of Pandemic 1.0 Pandemic 1.0 lanceweiler.com/work/case-study-pandemic/ a collection of resources highlighting Pandemic 1.0  
Weinreich, Nedra Lauralee's Depression: An Immersive Storytelling Case Study Miracle Mile Paradox / ARG blog.social-marketing.com/2012/09/lauralees-depression-immersive.html from source: "I've had a fun summer as one of the main writers for the Miracle Mile Paradox, an alternate reality game a group of us from Transmedia LA decided to create as a learning experience (for us as designers). I was originally thinking about how we could bring in a nonprofit angle, a la Conspiracy for Good, but a cause marketing strategy didn't seem to fit well with the story."  
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