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 The Narrative Designer's Network A collection of a forum, a few blog publications and a future encyclopedia of terms. See http://narrativedesign.org/2009/10/calling-all-narrative-designers/ for overview  February 24, 2010 interactivenarrativedesign.com/ 
 Convergence Culture Consortium (C3) (from source) "C3 explores the ways the business landscape is changing in response to the growing integration of content and brands across media platforms and the increasingly prominent roles that consumers are playing in shaping the flow of media. " http://www.convergenceculture.org/weblog/transmedia/ - transmedia link March 1, 2010 www.convergenceculture.org/ 
 Transliteracy Research Group (from source) "The Transliteracy Research Group is based at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, in the Institute of Creative Technologies and the Faculty of Humanities. The Transliteracy Research Group coordinates theoretical and practice-based research into transliterate materials and behaviours. "  August 10, 2010 www.transliteracy.com 
 Tools for Transmedia a blog This is a blog to collect reviews and comments on services and tools that can be used for transmedia projects.   February 27, 2011 toolsfortransmedia.wordpress.com/ 
 Alternate Reality Gaming Network (ARGNet) (from source) "The Alternate Reality Gaming Network is the largest and most complete news resource available for players of online collaborative Alternate Reality Games." news, ARG March 10, 2010 www.argn.com/ 
 ARG Netcast  (from source) "The ARG Netcast is a weekly show covering all things Transmedia Entertainment and Alternate Reality Gaming. Each week, we discuss recent events, current campaigns and interview special guests." transmedia, ARG, entertainment May 14, 2010 www.argnetcast.com/livecast/ 
 Transmedia Design (from source) "There are many transmedia curriculum and extra-curricular activities at the Australian Film TV and Radio School (Australia’’s flagship media academy) and this blog captures some of that activity. " transmedia May 2, 2010 transmediadesign.org/ 
Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism New Media Literacies (NML),  (from source) " New Media Literacies (NML), a research initiative based within USC's Annenberg School for Communication, " participatory culture, New Media Literacies, media literacy, transmedia navigation March 1, 2010 newmedialiteracies.org/ 
Arrglington, April  The Arrglington Jump check out her win, fail, hot rating system as well as her slide hows and overview of transmedia transmedia March 14, 2011 thearrglingtonjump.com/ 
Center for Social Media http://www.centerforsocialmedia.org/ (from source) "We investigate, showcase and set standards for socially engaged media-making. "  April 28, 2010 www.centerforsocialmedia.org/ 
Dena, Christy  Christy's Corner of the Universe (from source) "Christy Dena is a cross-media specialist who works as a narrative and game design consultant, strategist, educator and developer." cross media, ARG, cross-platform, gaming February 25, 2010 www.christydena.com/ 
Dinehart, Stephen E.  The Narrative Design Explorer (from source) ""My name is Stephen, and I’m a transmedia story designer and interactive narrative design evangelist." transmedia design, interactive narrative design, interviews February 24, 2010 narrativedesign.org/ 
Dinehart, Stephen E.  The Narrative Designer's Network: Narrator part of the NDN - focuses on interviews with narrative designers  February 24, 2010 narrator.narrativedesigners.net/ 
Gomez, Jeff Cosmic Streetcorner (from source) "The world is changing so rapidly, and it’s my job to keep up with a lot of it, especially where it impacts popular culture, children and young adults and storytelling. " transmedia, entertainment, children March 11, 2010 http://www.kidscreen.com/cosmicstreetcorner/index.php 
Gray, Johnathan The Extratextuals - Up The Content Stream Without A Paddle from his blog - "Jonathan Gray ...is Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Author of Show Sold Separately: Promos, Spoilers, and Other Media Paratexts, Television Entertainment, and Watching with The Simpsons: Television, Parody, and Intertextuality, he has also co-edited two collections, Satire TV: Politics and Comedy in the Post-Network Era and Fandom: Identities and Communities in a Mediated World, and an encyclopedia, Battleground: The Media." media, paratext, tv, transmedia April 29, 2011 www.extratextual.tv/ 
Green, Jo Ann, Thorington, Helen, and Riel, Michelle  Networked Performance (from source) "Networked Performance (N_P) is a research blog that focuses on emerging network-enabled practice. Networked Performance is real-time, embodied practice within digital environments and networks; it is, embodied transmission. " ARG, augmented reality, performance, participatory, social media March 10, 2010 turbulence.org/blog/ 
Hayes, Gary Personalize Media from site - Gary is currently the director of Innovation Unit LAMP in Sydney, Australia and CCO of MUVEDesign (a virtual, augmented & alternate reality development company). He is also a Consultant Producer in Social & Transmedia to the TV, Film and Arts industries. transmedia, social media, augmented reality, cross media, participatory media February 25, 2010 www.personalizemedia.com/ 
http://culturehacker.workbookproject.com/who/ Culture Hacker (from source) "Culture Hacker focuses on how tech impacts storytelling. " cross media, torytelling, brands, transmedia, media March 15, 2010 culturehacker.workbookproject.com/ 
Jawbone TV Jawbone TV - Transmedia Tag the transmedia tag from Jawbone TV - check http://www.jawbone.tv/news.html for news transmedia, digital narrative April 9, 2010 www.jawbone.tv/topics/transmedia.html 
Jenkins, Henry  Confessions of an Aca-Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins (from source) "Henry Jenkins is the Provost's Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California." transmedia storytelling,  March 1, 2010 www.henryjenkins.org 
Moore, Alan smlxtralarge (from source) "Why Engagement and beyond social media " engagement marketing, social media, transmedia March 19, 2010 smlxtralarge.com/ 
multiple (Lance Weiler) WorkBook Project - Blog (from source) "The WorkBook Project is for those who want to be creative in the digital age. An open creative network that provides insight into the process of funding, creating, distributing and sustaining from one's creative efforts."  March 26, 2010 workbookproject.com/blog/ 
Norrington, Alison  storycentral Digital (from source) "I’m a chick-lit/rom com author, a playwrite, journalist and PhD student currently researching Emerging Platforms for Writers, Fragmented Interaction & Pervasive Media… Or, put more simply, reading and writing in new and exciting ways and on a variety of new and exciting devices!!" digital storytelling, narrative, transmedia March 19, 2010 storycentraldigital.wordpress.com/ 
O’Flynn, Siobhan Siobhan O’Flynn’s 1001 Tales (from source) "Stories are in our bones, old as the first fire and first cave paintings. " storytelling, transmedia, narrative,   1001tales.posterous.com/ 
Papworth, Laurel   Laurel Papworth The Business of Social Media, Online Communities & Social Networks (from source) "Laurel has been creating and managing virtual communities for 20 years, teaching social media for the last 5 years and was named Industry Head, Social Media by Marketing Magazine (Australia) in 2010" social networks, social media April 14, 2010 laurelpapworth.com/ 
Pratten, Robert Zen Films (from source) "Zen Films is an independent production and publishing company. Our transmedia content is entertaining, thought-provoking and irreverent.Zen Films was launched in 2000 by Helen and Robert Pratten." transmedia, independent films, DIY distribution,  March 3, 2010 zenfilms.typepad.com/zen_films/ 
Pulman, Simon Transmythology (from source) "Simon Pulman is a Manhattan based Transmedia Producer focused on the creation of expansive story worlds, development of entertainment brands, and maximization of intellectual property value through sophisticated Transmedia strategies aimed at the mass market." transmedia, marketing, branded entertainment, story September 28, 2010 transmythology.com/ 
Rose, Frank Deep media from source "Deep media is a blog about how narrative is changing in the Internet age. It's edited and primarily written by Frank Rose, the author of The Art of Immersion: How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories" transmedia, storytelling, immersion April 18, 2011 http://www.deepmediaonline.com 
Schankowitz, Peter and Jordan, Zach  Joe Digital Blog (from source) "Joe Digital, Inc. is a full-service media and consulting company for the next generation of branded content production and distribution." targeted ditribution, brand storytelling, living digital audience February 24, 2010 www.joedigitalblog.com/ 
Sonnenfeld, Gunther  Welcome to Now (from source) " Discussion, inights and personal rants about the intersection where commerce and common interest meet. " marketing, engagement March 8, 2010 welcometonow.blogspot.com/ 
Staffans, Simon  The Developers Logbook  from his blog - I work mainly as a designer of cross and transmedia formats. I also do research into the stuff we develop, get published, do talks etc. Interested in social media as well, and especially the connections between all this stuff and the storytelling possibilities opening up. This is all quite interesting, entertaining and actually even fulfilling.  transmedia,  January 13, 2011 muchtoolong.blogspot.com/ 
Swarm Entertainment Jawbone TV (from source)"We're a narrative news portal dedicated to showcasing and studying the mechanisms, the methods, and the outcomes of storytelling in our modern world." transmedia, storytelling, narrative The site is run by Swarm Entertainment, an interactive consulting and production company that creates story-driven experiences. Operations are based out of Toronto, Canada, with contributors both diverse and worldwide (meet them ... or become one of them), overseen by founder Todd Denis April 20, 2010 www.jawbone.tv/ 
Thompson, Brooke Giant Mice (from source) " - Hi! I'm an Atlanta-based experience designer specializing in transmedia storytelling, alternate reality gaming, and real world play." transmedia. ARG May 14, 2010 www.giantmice.com/blog/ 
Walker, Scott Meta Works A listing of the assorted projects and sites he is onvolved with  March 31, 2011 metascott.com/ 
Watson, Hannah  100 Best Blogs for New Media Students (from source) "With topics ranging from social networking to innovative art forms to gaming to Internet policy and politics falling under this umbrella, there is plenty for students to learn about and stay connected with. "  August 24, 2009 www.associatesdegree.com/2009/08/24/100-best-blogs-for-new-media-students/ 
Watson, Jeff  Jeff Watson - blog (from source) "Jeff Watson is an interdisciplinary media practitioner with a background in screenwriting, filmmaking, and game design. "  ARG, social media, story words, transmedia March 5, 2010 remotedevice.net/ 
Wendig, Chuck Terrible Minds (from source) "Chuck Wendig is a novelist, a screenwriter, and a freelance penmonkey." writing, filmmaking, storytelling April 4, 2010 http://terribleminds.com/ramble/blog/ 
Wilson, David Transmediator New Media Manifesto - Anything, Anytime, Anywhere from source, "David G. Wilson is currently Head of Creative and Business Affairs for the EON Screenwriters Workshop Ltd - a subsidiary of EON Productions Ltd,"  September 3, 2010 www.transmediator.net/ 
Xiaochang, Li Canary trap (from source) " Xiaochang is what happens when academia meets industry meets madcap spy caper. She recently graduated from the Comparative Media Studies at MIT," transmedia, digital media July 15, 2010 canarytrap.net/tag/transmedia/ 
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