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Kan, Alicia Why Transmedia Is The Next Social Media  Another review of the South By Southwest (SXSW) session called The 10-Minute Transmedia Experience - No Mimes Media partners Steve Peters and Maureen McHugh, who ran the session  March 15, 2010 
King, Rita Global Collaborative Storytelling Game  Video and overview of How Second Life can be used in storytelling April 26, 2011 
Konzal, Adalbert Woitek Entertainment architecture : constructing a framework for the creation of an emerging transmedia form from source: "This thesis investigates the radically uncertain formal, business, and industrial environment of current entertainment creators. It researches how a novel communication technology, the Internet, leads to novel entertainment forms, how these lead to novel kinds of businesses that lead to novel industries; and in what way established entertainment forms, businesses, and industries are part of that process. This last aspect is addressed by focusing on one exemplary es-tablished form: movies." May 28, 2011 
Koshan, Shea  Transmedia Storytelling My Perspective  (from source) "One of the purposes of transmedia in story, aside from the lucrative marketing advantage that most of the large companies have been taking advantage of, is that the story can be expanded. " July 24, 2008  
Kring, Tim Tim Kring Enterprises: Imperative Tim Kring's production company 
Lamantia, Joe  Social Interaction Design for Augmented Reality at the Web and Beyond slidehow and description of presentation June 3, 2010 
Laurel, Brenda  Creating Core Content in a Post-Convergence World - AIGA "Collision!" (from source) "My point, and I do have one, is that the content process thus far has consisted of "repurposing," more or less successfully, content from one medium for another - film to TV, TV to film, videogame to film, TV to web, videogame to web, doll to web (and therein lies some pretty ugly pink stuff), cartoon to radio, radio to web, etc. In a post-convergence world, this will be an even less efficient way to do things than it is right now. " April 14, 2000 
Lim, Kevin theorycast.63 :: What is Transmedia? (from source) "At the Futures of Entertainment 4 conference in MIT, I asked academics Xiaochang Li, Sheila Seles and William Uricchio of the Convergence Culture Consortium on their definitions of transmedia. " December 17, 2009 
Macaulay, Scott  A Report From The Slamdance/Open Video Coalition Filmmaker Summit  An overview of talks and meetings at SlamDance Open Video Coalition Filmmaker Summit - mention of Christy Dena Transmedia talk and other good tidbits  January 23, 2010 
Malloy, Judy Hypernarrative in the age of the Web from ource "Making the contrast between interactive fiction, a term generally used for works with a branching structure where the reader continually makes choices between sequential plot paths, I called my hypertext narrative a "narrabase" (for narrative database) when I wrote Uncle Roger in 1986. I thought of this work as a "pool of information into which the reader plunges repeatedly, emerging with a cumulative and individual build up levels of meaning and to show many aspects of the story and characters, rather than as a means of providing alternate plot turns and endings."" April 3, 2007 
McCracken, Grant Cloudiness: of selves, groups, networks and ideas (from source) "I think cloudiness was an emerging property of selves and groups in the late 20th century, but that cloudiness was intensified by the new electronic technologies of the last 10 years. " January 31, 2007 I like the ideas discussed in this blog - which is from 2007 - a bit before his time? 
Mcgraw, Kelli Defining ‘multimodal’  (from source) "Reading the Draft Australian Curriculum for English (‘DACE’…?) I can see that confusion over the meaning of ‘multimodal’ text is about to cause English teachers some major problems. " May 13, 2010 
Mendoza, Nick SXSW Showcases Rise of Multiplatform Storytelling and Collaborative Filmmaking A review of some of the multiplatform storytelling, multiscreen experiences and projects from the 2011 SXSW conference - mentions the two screen experience, crowdsourcing, the Tron transmedia experience and Collapsus  March 25, 2011 
Minchew, Brandie  SXSW 2011: Andrea Phillips on Blurring the Lines review of Ms. Phillips SXSW 2011 presentation on ethics and transmedia - she presented great examples March 24, 2011 
Moore, Haley Ten Interactive Story Ideas for Layar  (from source) " Of course, these are all very simple ideas. " December 3, 2009  
Morris, Gregg Storytelling Emma Darwin, Transmedia, Story Slam, Social Media, Michael Margolis, Lance Weiler & More  a collection of useful links about storytelling and more April 28, 2011 What Is a Mediascape  (from source) "Mediascapes are rich in interactivity — full of sound and music, images and text, videos and animation, narrative and dialog, all embedded in the space where you’re standing. " April 20, 2010  
Norrington, Alison  Shopping by genre or by platform? The ‘chicken & egg’ of transmedia publishing…? (from source) "By casting off those expectations that we’ve grown up with – a story is… text on a page, actors on the stage, special effects on the screen or a narrator reading – it’s a natural step to dictate how we want our stories; ..." December 11, 2009 
Norrington, Alison Spreading Your Transmedia Bets  Overview of how to best use Transmedia - also published at under the title Transmedia: Gatekeeping the story not the page March 3, 2010 
Norrington, Alison  Transmedia tales and the future of storytelling  Short article with some good examples about new way to tell stories November 25, 2009  
Norrington, Alison Transmedia: Gatekeeping the Story, Not the Page Good summary of what transmedia is with nice examples - also published at under the title "Spreading Your Transmedia Bets"  March 10, 2010 
Orsini, Lauren Rae  Pinterest premieres transmedia storytelling experiment  from source:"Transmedia company BeActive is using Pinterest to share one work of fiction through a combination of episodic videos, audio snippets, and visual pins. Inspired by Jasmina Kallay’s novel of the same name, Beat Girl is a Pinterest profile that tells the story of fictional DJ Heather Jennings" June 26, 2012 
PaleFire Transmedia, Hollywood: S/Telling the Story (Part One) a recap of and thoughts on the Transmedia, Hollywood: S/Telling the Story conference organized by Henry Jenkins March 20, 2010 
Pater, Martijn CO-CREATION'S 5 GUIDING PRINCIPLES Or.... What Is Successful Co-creation Made of? This article looks at 4 types of co-creation - see for a summary . May 12, 2009  
Peters. Steven The “New Internet,” and what it means for ARGs and Transmedia " Why ignore half the internet? Why ignore the way people are actually using it? The landscape is changing fast, and we need to keep up with the changes our perish. " April 15, 2010 
Phillips, Andrea Dragon Age and Narrative Structure (Part 1) discuses Dragon Age: Origins and its story structure June 21, 2010 
Pratten, Robert Crowdsourcing for Indies?  (from source) "This post looks at crowdsourcing from the perspective of the independent filmmaker and presents some considerations when asking an audience or fan base to create content. There’s a range of things an indie might do to engage an audience but this post looks specifically at crowdsourcing." November 13, 2009 
Pratten, Robert  Transmedia Notation  Article talks about how to document and organize a transmedia project - good visuals October 23, 2009 
Pratten, Robert Proposal for a groundbreaking transmedia project, Parasites: Collaborative Multiverse  (from source) "Proposal for a groundbreaking transmedia project, Parasites: Collaborative Multiverse. Submitted to Power to the Pixel conference. Presents our case for investing in this exciting creative project. " September 16, 2009 
Pratten, Robert Transmedia Workflow (from source) "The first part of this post is over at Culture Hacker. The diagram below shows provides an overview of the workflow for delivering a transmedia project. " June 7, 2010 
Pratten, Robert Collaborative Transmedia Storytelling  (from source) "For my inaugural blog posting here at Culture Hacker I’d like to discuss the issues of collaboration. " October 29, 2009  
Pratten, Robert Transmedia Documentation (from source) "Last year I posted an idea of how to document transmedia projects. " June 7, 2010 
Pratten, Robert Transmedia and the Independent Filmmaker Presentation from Sacramento Film Festival - 3.Today’s presentation • PART ONE: intro to transmedia – What is transmedia? • PART TWO: a new mindset • PART THREE: a design process • PART FOUR: final example 3  April 24, 2010 
PR Web First Mobile Platform for Transmedia Storytelling from source: "Launching today is a mobile app that allows audiences to immerse themselves in stories that blur the boundaries of fiction and reality and digital life and real life. Conducttr Mobile is part of a transmedia storytelling ecosystem that provides brands, agencies, publishers, film studios and educators with an end-to-end audience engagement solution. " May 28, 2012 
Pullman, Simon Recommended Transmedia Reading 2/15/12 A list of transmedia and brand articles to check out February 15, 2012 
Pulman, Simon The Three Facets of Transmedia  Describes three items transmedia properties should have including: telling a story, engaging audience and financing February 21, 2011 
Pulman, Simon Exploring Revenue Streams Copares ome types of revenue streams and models for transmedia projects September 9, 2010 
Rose, Frank Why is Transmedia Like a Walk in Patagonia? thoughts on transmedia September 12, 2011 
Rutledge, Pamela Transmedia Storytelling: The Reemergence of Fundamentals from source: "ransmedia storytelling is one of the most exciting developments to hit entertainment, branding, marketing, and advocacy in the last few years. Transmedia storytelling is a ‘story experience’ both for—and with—an audience that unfolds over several media channels. This is a big deal for two reasons. First, it represents the continuing shift from a technological to human focus that I wrote about in PT Post Trends for 2011. Second, storytelling and narrative tap into a fundamental form of human communication and connection, engaging our imagination and through that, empathy and creativity. " January 7, 2011 
Rutledge, Pamela, Dr. Transmedia Storytelling: The Reemergence of Fundamentals Dr. Rutledge is a media psychologist and writes about transmedia storytelling - part 1 January 7, 2011 
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