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SAEOnline  Transmedia Storytelling - class  (from source) "Course Description Transmedia storytelling is to fragment stories, offering multiple windows of opportunity to find out more and 'drill deeper' into the storyworld. " April 9, 2010  
Shreffler, Melanie Scholastic’s New Transmedia Tween Series, Google’s Goggles, Online Education review of upcoming projects and interesting concepts December 20, 2011 
Shust, Dan CONVERGENCE 2O1O / 1O COOL THINGS THAT COULD HAPPEN THIS YEAR...OR NOT from SXSW conference presentation 2010 March 15, 2010 
Silberman, Lauren  A Precursor to FoE2: NBC's Heroes: Jesse Alexander and Mark Warshaw Speak to MIT Community Nice overview of presentation about transmedia, the Heroes property and concepts such as 360 initiative, adapting to the audience and Narrative, Serial, Story Arc  November 15, 2007 
Smith, Aaron Transmedia Storytelling in Television 2.0  (from source) " Hello, welcome to my senior undergraduate thesis for the Film and Media Culture department of Middlebury College. " May 1, 2009  
Smith, Ms. Augmented Reality Research: 'Offline to Online Recognition' from source: "At the Black Hat security conference, Carnegie Mellon University researchers Alessandro Acquisti, Ralph Gross and Fred Stutzman presented "Faces of Facebook: Privacy in the Age of Augmented Reality" [PDF]. During their research, they took photos of students with a web cam and then used facial recognition software to compare the photos with Facebook to get students' names. After more online data mining that they called "augmented reality," like on creepy site Spokeo once they had a person's name, they were able find out addresses and phone numbers, interests, sexual orientation, credit scores, and in some cases social security numbers. This "offline to online recognition" all started by them having a single photo of a person. They called this "the emergence of personally predictable information from a person's face." August 11, 2011 
smudge studio inc scan #5: TRANSMEDIA STORIES (from source) ""Media Scans" investigates diverse extreme media phenomena that are reshaping core human experiences right now. " March 15, 2010 
Smudge studio inc.  Extreme Media Studies (from source) " is a generative resource and outlet for expanding the fields of art and media." March 15, 2010  
Sonnenfeld, Gunther  No, There's Nothing Wrong with the Term, Sometimes We Just Act Like a Bunch of A-Holes #transmedia #storytelling A review of the current discussion on how to define and classify transmedia storytelling -  April 28, 2011 
Sonnenfield, Gunther The revolutionary power of transmedia storytelling  (from source) " Unlike widgets or individual pieces of content, transmedia elements can be experienced an infinite number of times " September 28, 2009  
spoxx ICH SEHE WAS, WAS DU NICHT SIEHST (I spy with my little eye) a storify conversation about transmedia May 16, 2012 
Staffans, Simon Starting out in transmedia - 5 points of advice great points about how to get started with transmedia storytelling February 6, 2012 
Staffans, Simon  Examples of Transmedia from source:"In this new guest post, Media City Finland's Simon Staffans cites some of the best recent transmedia projects, including Collapsus" December 10, 2010 
Stuart, Keith  Doctor Who Adventures - and the future of cross-platform entertainment  (from source) "The BBC has announced that it'll be releasing four Doctor Who Adventure Games to tie in with the latest series of the hit sci-fi show. Mac and PC owners will be able to download each episode from the Doctor Who website, starting in June. " April 8, 2010 
Sultan, Zack  “Transmedia” Translated: Defining a term you’ll hear more of in the coming months General review - nice references to FOE4, world without oil and other examples  November 24, 2009 
Taylor, Forest  Transmedia Storytelling – Experience Assembly (from source) "Transmedia is quickly becoming a choice buzz word, its core elements and primary motivations on deck to be bulleted, retweeted and watered down. " May 1, 2010 
Thacker , Jim  Participatory Storytelling: A Thousand Authors in Search of a Character (from source) "Four leading figures from the worlds of alternate reality gaming and participatory storytelling reflect on how involving the audience is changing the role of the author. Good review of participatory narrative." November 11, 2009  
Thompson, Brooke Transmedia vs. Alternate Reality Games short article on a starting point of the difference between the two June 1, 2010 
Thompson, Brooke Definition Discussions – update  brief review of a recent IRC and other discussions on the definition June 6, 2011 
Thompson, Brooke  A criticism on the lack of criticism (from source) "It strikes me that one of the biggest problems hindering the growth of transmedia (and all the various things that fall under it, such as ARGs) is the absolute lack of critical looks at projects. " June 1, 2010 
Thompson, Brooke Towards a definition of transmedia…  (from source) "Over the last few weeks, there’s been a renewed interest in coming up with a solid definition of transmedia." April 16, 2010 
Thompson, Brooke 4 Easy Steps for an Accessible Transmedia Experience  (from source) "The other day, I spoke with Lance Weiler of, among other things, the WorkBook Project." April 29, 2010 
Toschi, Angelique  The Entertainment Revolution: Does Transmedia Storytelling Really Enhance the Audience Experience? (from source) "This paper examines the theory of convergence culture in a technologically savvy culture where transmedia storytelling is becoming the norm rather then the exception. " May 20, 2009 
Tovich, Anita  Plea To The New Generation: Embrace Transmedia Storytelling!  (from source) "I am Chair of the producing dept. at the New York Film Academy. In reading TFF’s recent transmedia storytelling post I realized this is it! This is it! This is a far reaching piece of the puzzle for my producing students and I sent the article to all current students and some former." September 1, 2009 
Trumble, Thomas from source "The following is a liveblog of a series of 6 short presentations on the convergence of media and devices that is taking place. include: Convergence 2010: Ten Cool Things That Could Happen This Year – Dan Shust, Convergence: Already Here, and Gosh It’s a Mess! – Jared Benson, From Hulu To Yahoo Widgets: Will The Internet Transform The TV? – Richard Bullwinkle, Imminent Fusion of Intelligent Mobile Devices & Entertainment Content – Rebecca Allen, Transmedia Storytelling – Creating Stories That Work Over all Platforms – James Milward, Convergence 2015 ‘ A Look Ahead – David Berkowitz,  March 15, 2010 
Trumble, Thomas  The 10-Minute Transmedia Experience (from source) "The following is a liveblog of a presentation on transmedia experiences and alternate reality games that was given at South by Southwest by Steve Peters and Maureen McHugh on March 14, 2010. " March 14, 2010 
Tyron, Chuck  Transmedia Notes (from source) " Assorted thought on transmedia topics" September 5, 2009  
Walker, Scott The Narrative (and Collaborative) Gutter of Transmedia Storytelling (from source) - "My last post touched briefly on a topic I call narrative sequencing, which refers to the order in which an audience experiences the individual pieces of content of a transmedia property. I want to explore that concept a bit more in this post." July 19, 2010 
Walker, Scott Co-Creating Value with Customers from ource: "Our increasingly mediated world is playing havoc with the old analog rules but has yet to fully reveal the new digital ones. Digital piracy and changing consumer behaviors aren’t helping as companies attempt to construct long-term strategy with limited short-term visibility." June 2, 2011 
Walker, Scott Collaborative transmedia storytelling is not CYOA (from source) "So, having set the stage for my own public flogging, allow me to propose the following: “Collaborative transmedia storytelling with audiences does not always equate to an anything-goes morass of poor quality, choose-your-own-adventure (CYOA) fan fiction.” Sort of. " July 16, 2010 
Walker, Scott  Stop telling/selling stories. Create Experiences.  Article discussing moving beyond telling a story to creating an experience February 17, 2010  
Walkuski, Eric  Interview: Brian O'Toole (from source) "However, with the new digital revolution, filmmakers have a greater opportunity to sell their films themselves. " March 26, 2010 
Watson, Jeff Transmedia Storytelling and Alternate Reality Games  (from source) "As a spatially- and temporally-distributed storytelling form, ARGs deploy narrative across a wide range of expressive media, including physical spaces and artifacts, websites, game worlds, books and graphic novels, music, television and movies, online video, rumors, cell phone content and live performances. " September 19, 2009 
Watson, Jeff  Viz: Overview  (from source) "Viz is a casual augmented reality game that enables players to discover and embed virtual objects — or “vobjects”1 — in physical space by looking through the camera viewfinders of their mobile phones. " September 22, 2009 
Weaver, Tyler Transmedia: The Three Flavors from source: "We’ve got our definition of transmedia storytelling which is: the crafting of stories that unfold across multiple media platforms in which each story piece deepens the whole – but is capable of standing on its own – giving the audience the choice as to how deep into the story experience they go." December 22, 2011 
Weiler, Lance Creating a Storyworld – part one (from source) "STM’s Chief Story Architect Lance Weiler explains how a storyworld was designed around his most recent feature film HEAD TRAUMA. - explains what his take is on a storyworld "  
Weiler, Lance Lance Weiler on The Evolution of Storytelling A video From Power to the Pixel in the UK, Workbook Project and Culture Hacker founder, Lance Weiler. October 29, 2009  
Weiler, Lance  Lance Weiler explains why filmmakers should expand their films into a "storyworld."  (from source) "Storytelling is going through an evolution." June 1, 2009  
Weiler, Lance CULTURE HACKER: LET’S TAKE THE AUDIENCE OUTSIDE  from source: "As audiences’ relationship with storytelling evolves and stories become more fluid across devices, understanding UX (User Experience) design will become an essential skill for artists. When I begin a project I’ll often allocate time to create “user narratives.” A common practice within product and interactive design, user narratives look at how a user moves through an experience in an attempt to understand how and why they make the choices they do. Filmmakers interested in expanding the stories they tell can find value in UX. " April 17, 2011 
Wendig, Charles Once-upon-a-playtime III Return-to-the-gamestory-lagoon (from source) "Part 3 in a series talking about storytelling, video games, interactive storytelling and more " March 26, 2010 
White, Ed  Tali Krakowsky starts experiential company Apologue (from source) "Former Imaginary Forces director of experience design Tali Krakowsky has launched Apologue, a new company that will create branded experiences by merging storytelling and new media with physical environments." April 8, 2010  
Wilson, David Why Transmedia is good for the Indie Producer from source, "In a recent Twitter conversation, I was asked to respond to my profile summary: “IP should be controlled by its creators; not by the studio.”" August 17, 2010 
ZenFilms and Pratten, Robert ZenFilms' photostream / Tags / transmedia A collection og great images and charts for organizing Transmedia September 12, 2011 
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