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Site Construction Updates

This place is a work in progress - check here for what is coming, what is being worked on and to leave suggestions for making this an even better resource.  As always - if interested in helping - please contact me docwho2100@gmail.com

A note about how the site is organized - ideally the articles/resources are alphabetized by author's last name with last name listed first - so an article by John Smith would be in the S section.  However, as the universe enjoys taunting taxonomists, there are resources that are harder to file - so, for now, the following will be used:
1.  If an author's name is present, it is listed last name first and filed in that section.  Example: John Smith would be in the S section listed as Smith, John)
2.  If unable to find author - the source will be listed in the A section with no author name listed.  Example: the blank author names sort to the top of that list).
3. Chats/Works/Resources with no distinct single author will be listed in the section that fits with the host organization's name.  Example: the twitter chats hosted by Film Threat would be in the F section.
4. Organizations are listed in the section by the first word in their organization's name.  Example - the conference resource hosted by Future of Marketing is listed in the Fs
5.  Pseudonyms are listed in the section by the first word in the pen name - Bad Vegan is listed in the Bs

Last updates - April 6, 2014  - over 426 resources

UPDATE - April 6, 2014 - It has been awhile - but I still am around, still have been collecting sources and still intend to continue plugging things in.  Hope to start adding more again within the month - ahhh the life of an archivist!!!


December 31, 2012 

Yes I am still here, yes I do still intend to put up more resources, and yes 2013 is going to be an AWESOME YEAR! That said, please be patient as I slowly juggle other projects so I may work more on this resource.  I know many are writing Year in Retrospect type of blogs and posts about transmedia and such - I'll be collecting those and putting those up here (much more efficient to let others review the ups and down and collect those in one handy spot than just add another blog post to the ever growing world of knowledge - remember, I am a curator more than a creator ;)

Cheers everyone and have a wonderful new year!!!! 

October 26, 2012
Updated and check out a new source and way to group collaborate on a set of resources - http://list.ly/list/23x-transmedia-case-studies 
July 16, 2012
Updated a new section - ZZ0 - Transmedia Legal Issues - legal issues are becoming more and more important in the world of transmedia, IP and shared story worlds
April 18, 2012
I also deleted the Transmedia in Business page and merged those resources with the marketing page.  And as always, the eternal struggle dogs me that this format is not the most usuable, so, still trying to figure that out.  But, considering I do this on the side, as a project, it's the best I can do, for now :)  A semi-curated, semi searchable database...
I did find this script - http://sitesguide.pjrprojects.co.uk/google-sites/sample-scripts/import-export-list-data - so if you want - you could import all of the lists I have here into google spreadsheets and then search that way.  This script also is a neat way to go the other way as well (push a spreadsheet to a google site list page). Still not elegant search - but makes the data a little more usable....
March 30, 2012
still working to add resources and also try to find a better format.  Hoping to reach the 500 mark by mid April.
February 14, 2012

We hit 400+ resources - wheeeeeee-hoooooo I love this stuff :-P

February 9, 2012

added new section ZZ5 - Transmedia Case Studies - this section came about after reading this article http://muchtoolong.blogspot.com/2012/02/starting-out-in-transmedia-5-points-of.html by Simon Staffans and realizing there are a lot of articles out there that say transmedia case studies :) 

February 3, 2012 

Have been bogged down with other projects, should be adding more resources within the next few weeks (and maybe even beginning the slow transfer to the WordPress site).  Also, found another group starting to curate resources too - http://transmediala.net/2011/12/profiling-our-new-wiki-a-collaborative-toolkit-for-transmedia-storytellers/
August 21, 2011

added a new page - ZZ4 - Creating a Transmedia Property - this is a collection of articles and resources that address how to actually plan and create a transmedia property

August 16, 2011

Crossed over the 350 mark for articles here and the 85 pages mark in the wiki! Added a number of articles in the transmedia for Activism section.
May 23, 2011
Added a new section ZZ3 - User Narratives - based on an article by Lance Weiler and working on a couple other items - I am very interested in this topic.  Does anyone have any other resources to share?

May 13, 2011
Well - have started a tumblelog - not much there - but if anyone has suggestions.... I plan on using tumblr more for the videos and pictures part of this site - trying to make the most effective use of each resource (wiki for this, blog for that, google sites for this, tumblr for that)  how am I doing?  http://transmediaresources.tumblr.com

May 7, 2011
Well, since there is soooooooo much being written on "What is transmedia", in addition to the page I have giving a general overview of that topic - I have decided to create a straight list of  articles that directly address the topic of definition - kinda a listing of the bare-bones kind of articles written specifically about defining the word.  Enjoy????? - Defining Transmedia 

April 28, 2011
 I would like to thank Scott Walker (http://metascott.com/) for the mention of this site in a recent interview.  check out the interview here - www.psfk.com/2011/04/psfk-salon-los-angeles-speaker-interview-scott-walker.html.  There is a new category over at the wiki - a listing of other glossaries and collections
April 18, 2011
I added a new glossary entry and updated some of the definitions as I found the following resource, one of the "pioneers" in the newer transmedia discussions... see  the term transmedia intertextuality and the book by  Marsha Kinder, "Playing with Power in Movies, Television, and Video Games: From Muppet Babies to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" where she uses the term transmedia intertextuality to define and discuss how narrative for children's projects moves across multiple sources and has levels of interaction - great thoughts and one of the very early works in the resurgence of the transmedia concept!
April 13, 2011
I added this in the Odds and Ends - but it is just so fun and neat - www.personalizemedia.com/randomizers/windmills-of-our-transmedia-minds-app/

March 28, 2011

UPDATE - March 28, 2011 - well - in an attempt to try better modes of organization, as well as make this even more of an open resource - I've created a companion Wiki at http://transmediaresources.wikia.com/ (now with over 45 pages - WOOT!).  The Glossary, Project Examples and more in depth information about useful tools will be the main focus for now. 

This site will remain as a huge database bare bones listing of resources with the wiki hopefully going into more detail on certain subjects.  I also hope others will join in to help curate.  As always, please pass along comments, suggestions and anything else.
January 13, 2011
 Happy New Year everyone!  - It seems the creative juices and discussions continue to flow (a couple of interesting recent articles I like http://muchtoolong.blogspot.com/2010/12/what-makes-good-transmedia-format.html and http://athinklab.com/2010/12/16/a-tale-of-two-trends-augmented-reality-and-transmedia-storytelling/)  As mentioned in both articles, transmedia has continued to build and grow and excite, which means there are a large number of resources.  No one can collect all of them (I heave a big sigh as I had this dream to build a transmedia library) if anyone has any ideas on better organization systems for this site - please let me know.  Also, I am alway worried about archival issues - especially as the Internet ebbs and flows and sites disappear - yet there is always a conflict between copyright and just wanting to make sure the ideas and content survive - if you find bad or old links - please let me know, thanks!
I am going to copy three paragraphs from http://muchtoolong.blogspot.com/2010/12/what-makes-good-transmedia-format.html - I recommend reading the whole article (even betterm leave comments and start a conversation).
By Simon Staffans  -  "There are still probably as many definitions of transmedia as there are people talking about transmedia. These are not necessarily differing all that much from each other, but rather in a nuance here or a nuance there. It’s all good though; we should all fear the day when we have the definite definition of what transmedia is. That’s the day when it’s time to start doing something else.

It’s not just talk either. A growing number of people are starting to venture into the field of transmedia to tell their stories. These range from major multi-million dollar ventures to small dramas or documentaries with next to no financial power behind them. Some will fail, even amongst the colossal ones, but some will succeed magnificently, even amongst the small ones – such is the way of the storytelling business.

As more and more projects are being developed, there seems to be a need to look beyond the ”what is transmedia?” or ”why transmedia?” to the much harder ”should I and this project go into transmedia?”
December 9, 2010
UPDATE - December, 2010 - Alright - still back-logged (I looked in my resource folder and I have over 500+ base resources waiting to be added and do you know how many transmedia projects now exist - Oi!)  This means there are many awesome resources out there that are not listed here, so if you see great sources missing, you are right, they are.  If anyone is interested in helping (from adding resources, to coming up with a more efficient design both in terms of organization and also in terms of visual pleaing to look at, to any ole critique or work), please let me know.  I also have been worried about copyright, content aggregation issues and the like, so I have tried not listing as much in way of description for each resource (yes I should write original review but time is something I do not have right now - eventually I'd love to put reviews of sources and materials in here, although a lot of bloggers already do that - see the list of people who do that here)
September 28, 2010

WOW - a lot of people have started trying to once again define transmedia and the back and forth is amazing.  There are multiple tweets, blogs, and comments flying everyday.  Some now hate the term, others think it has gotten too "buzzy" and over-used and many still are discovering the term everyday.  I am finding this site is growing and I have over 300 resources waiting in my inbox to be put up.  That said - the definition is in flux, the world is exploring and the fun is continuing - I am looking at a better way to organize and curate these resources.  If anyone has any ideas - please give me a holler!  dw2100

September 4, 2010

A few updates - so much to get to.  Seems there is a resurgence in trying to define transmedia and also the notice that many people are using the term so broadly that there is a disparity between projects and what to call them or how to identify them.  Especially check www.deusexmachinatio.com/2010/09/does-transmedia-have-to-be-interactive.html so much to catalog now.... here is a fun site to check - imagine the future... www.youtwitface.com/

August 13, 2010

Maybe it is because it is Friday the 13th, or the breaking story about Oracle and Google getting their IP boxing gloves on, or the certain lawyer group suing everyone and their mother (literally) over quoting any material from a certain Nevada media source, or who knows, but I spent today trying to make sure I am not overstepping any copyright/intellectual property boundaries.  As I say on the front page - this is a no-profit site that is a continuous work in progress - short quotes from the collected resources are included, if you do not wish any of your resource quoted, let me know and I'll remove the quote docwho2100@gmail.com

So yes, I felt the need to add the little rider clause and make changes to list references (using the word source) and that I am referencing said source when I take a short clip from a resource.  If your resource is on here and you do not want any material used, let me know and I'll remove it.

August 10, 2010

Added more resources - always more to add.  Also, if anyone is interested in specific projects - I am really hoping to work on the glossary, a crowdsourcing/funding page, a better way to organize the tools and to finally begin the Project examples overhaul!!!! 

July 22, 2010

Updated resources (articles, videos and more) - reached the 250 mark - WAHOO!  Added a new section ZZ2 - Special Section - crowdfunding & crowdsourcing with focus on crowdfunding and crowdsourcing

July 21, 2010
Updated glossary, and crossmedia or transmedia or ??? page.  Added a few more resources - till trying to organize the projects section and just catch up with the over 300 (yes that number is correct) resources I have backlogged and needing to be added nevermind my transmedia necessity maps I want to get back o working on)  Decided to stay with the simple, text based design - this site really is about just listing resources - other sites can deal with analyzing them and such.... : )

July 15, 2010

Added a great resource when Web 2.0 Storytelling was the name to use http://www.educause.edu/EDUCAUSE+Review/EDUCAUSEReviewMagazineVolume43/Web20StorytellingEmergenceofaN/163262 -   also coming soon - a Crowdfunding/crowdsourcing section of resources

June 24, 2010

SENDING OUT A SPECIAL THANKS TO Michael Andersen.  He sent a number of links for the ZZ - special section - transmedia/crossmedia novels  (as well as resources for other sections).  You can catch his work and contact him through www.argn.com (www.argn.com/author/michael_andersen/).  Thanks again!!!!!!

June 18, 2010

Migrating to www.transmediaresources.com - hurray - lots of work to do. 

Project Examples Section - Will be redoing this section over the summer, each transmedia world/project will have a separate page and all resources will be listed.  Anyone have ideas on how best to organize that???

Updating the Overview and Common Language Pages - as more people talk about this concept, it continues to morph and grow and change shape - phew!