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As part of a talk I am giving this summer and a general topic I am interested in - here is a collection of examples, tools, and articles that deal with novels and books that are not your traditional paper print book.  Many cross over with transmedia projects and some are more multimedia - but they do represent a different way of telling a story. 

Some buzz words (check the glossary for definitions) - digi novels, hybrid book, multimedia novel, Quillr,  vooks)

SENDING OUT A SPECIAL THANKS TO Michael Andersen.  He sent a number of links (20+) for the ZZ1 - special section - transmedia/crossmedia novels/publishing  (as well as resources for other sections).  You can catch his work and contact him through www.argn.com (www.argn.com/author/michael_andersen/).  Thanks again!!!!!!

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AuthorTitle/NameCommentsType of ResourceDate Published Source
Andersen, Michael  Sentient Silicon: A Nanovor Primer Describing the transmedia elements of the Nanovor franchise Article April 6, 2010 www.argn.com/2010/04/sentient_silicon_a_nanovor_primer/ 
Andersen, Michael  Looking Back at Scholastic's Transmedia Efforts for 39 Clues Referencing the scope of the 39 Clues project Article January 31, 2010 www.argn.com/2010/01/looking_back_at_scholastics 
Andersen, Michael  Interview with Cathy's Book Co-Author Sean Stewart Exploring Sean Stewart's impression of the history of storytelling Interview June 19, 2010 www.argn.com/2010/02/interview_with_cathys_book_co-author_sean_stewart/ 
Andersen, Michael  An Interview with JC Hutchins: Personal Effects An Interview with JC Hutchins and the book Personal Effects Interview November 12, 2008 www.argn.com/2008/11/an_interview_with_jc_hutchins_personal_effects/ 
Andersen, Michael  Interview with Author Patrick Carman Explaining Patrick Carman's preference for the "vBook" / "multimedia" term Interview June 19, 2010 www.argn.com/2010/05/interview_with_authorpatrick_carman/ 
ARG Netcast Sprechen Sie Awesome? Interview with Carie Ward (Rowan) about her trip to Germany for Charlotte is Becoming Real Podcast April 9, 2009 www.argnetcast.com/2009/04/arg-netcast-episode-86-sprechen-sie-awesome/ 
Carman, Patrick  PatrickCarman.com Patrick Carman's website, listing his multimedia books (39 Clues, Skeleton Creek, 13 Days to Midnight, and TRACKERS) Official Book/Project Informational Website June 19, 2010 www.patrickcarman.com 
Clicker Blog (Julia) The Web Threatens Books: Books Fight Back  Offers examples of how many books use web series to enhance or market.  Article December 17, 2010 www.clicker.com/blog/the-web-threatens-books-books-fight-back-7582.html 
Dickson, Jeremy Scholastic to debut multi-platform tween series from source: "Scholastic is set to launch Infinity Ring, a time travel/alternate history series that’s laced with digital elements. Article December 20, 2011 http://kidscreen.com/2011/12/20/scholastic-to-debut-multi-platform-tween-series/ 
Doh, Jane The Elephant in the Room: Talking Transmedia at the eBook Summit in NYC  review of the ebook summit and some examples of how transmedia is beginning to enter into publishing including a summary of theorist Douglas Rushkoff’s talk, “Ten Commands for the Digital Age,” giving an overview of his latest book Program or Be Programmed. and peek into the all-digital literary magazine Electric Literature’s new project: Broadcastr. Article December 17, 2010 www.argn.com/2010/12/the_elephant_in_the_room_talking_transmedia_at_the_ebook_summit_in_nyc/ 
Doh, Jane  The Twisperers Describing John Connolly's twitter-based campaign for his novel "The Whisperers" Article May 12, 2010 www.argn.com/2010/05/the_twisperers/ 
Doh, Jane  Lost Souls: Burning Sky Opens New Trilogy for Young Adults Describing the Lost Souls experience Article May 11, 2010 www.argn.com/2010/05/lost_souls_burning_sky_opens_new_trilogy_for_young_adults/ 
eliza Interact with a character to become a character (from source): In the six weeks leading up to the publication of Nightshade (Oct. 19, Philomel), a teen novel by debut author Andrea Cremer, readers can watch one of the main characters come to life in 12 webisodes. The character’s name is Shay Doran, and he has jumped off the page to communicate with fans via Facebook posts, blog entries, personalized phone texts and webisodes.  Article September 8, 2010 www.bookpage.com/the-book-case/tag/shay-doran/ 
Horowitz, Eli & Barnett, Mac & Teplin, Scott  The Clock Without A Face McSweeneys combination book/treasure hunt Official Book/Project Informational Website June 19, 2010 gustwintig.com/ 
Hutchins, J. C. 7th Son: Descent (from source) "Synopsis: As America reels from the bizarre presidential assassination committed by a child, seven men are abducted from their normal lives and delivered to a secret government facility. Each man has his own career, his own specialty … and all are identical in appearance." Actual Book/Project June 22, 2010 jchutchins.net/site/2009/10/13/7th-son-descent-episode-1/ 
Hutchins, J.C.  Personal Effects (from source) "Dark Art combines the experience of a traditional thriller novel with a multimedia-fueled “out of book” narrative. " Official Book/Project Informational Website June 22, 2010 jchutchins.net/site/personal-effects/ 
Kattalia, Kathryn  Mom Wasn't Without a Clue Article describing Michelle Senderhauf's recovery of one of the twelve bejeweled numbers hidden for Clock Without A Face Article June 14, 2010 www.nwitimes.com/news/local/porter/article_a19f06e3-7b82-5021-b594-d0dac202a4a1.html 
Kessler, Sarah  Movellas Is Like YouTube For Ebooks from source: "Quick Pitch: Movellas is like YouTube for ebooks. Genius Idea: Letting anyone publish and share his or her own ebook."  Article August 12, 2011 mashable.com/2011/08/11/movellas/ 
Kring, Tim & Peck, Dale Shift A story that reaches out over multiple mediums -(from source) "Set in the crucible of the 1960s, Shift is the story of Chandler Forrestal, a man whose life is changed forever when he is unwittingly dragged into a CIA mind-control experiment." Official Book/Project Informational Website August 19, 2010 www.randomhouse.com/crown/features/shift-book-by-tim-kring/ 
Mcgrew, Kelli Helping teachers to explore multimodal texts a good list of what makes a multimodal text and a couple of links to good articles Article June 10, 2010 kellimcgraw.com/2010/06/10/helping-teachers-to-explore-multimodal-texts/ 
Norrington, Alison  Send out your dinghies & test the unchartered waters (from source) "Sending out the dinghies isn’t restricted to publishers and isn’t fresh news, it’s called experimenting. " Article June 18, 2010 storycentraldigital.wordpress.com/2010/06/18/send-out-your-dinghies-test-the-unchartered-waters/ 
Odum, Mel & Weisman, Jordan  Lost Souls Combination book / board game from Smith & Tinker Official Book/Project Informational Website June 19, 2010 www.lostsoulsbook.com/ 
Petrecca, Laura  Authors Strike Deals to Squeeze in a Few Brand Names Reporting on the controversy surrounding Cover Girl's product placement in Cathy's Book Article August 10, 2009 www.usatoday.com/money/advertising/2006-09-10-books-product-placement_x.htm 
Rich, Motoko Curling Up With Hybrid Books, Videos Included  has overview of some projects and reviews digital medium in books Article September 30, 2009 http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/01/books/01book.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=the%20amanda%20project&st=cse 
Rich, Motoko  Scholastic Puts Its Branding Iron on a Successor to Harry Potter Discussing Scholastic's decision to retain ownership of the series Article December 18, 2007 www.nytimes.com/2007/12/18/books/18scho.html 
Scholastic 39 Clues Website serving as a platform for the 39 Clues franchise Official Book/Project Informational Website June 19, 2010 www.39clues.com 
Senderhauf, Michelle  Charlotte is Becoming Real ARG sends players to Germany ARG leading up to the release of Sebastian Fitzek's novel "Therapy" Article April 16, 2009 www.argn.com/2009/04/charlotte_is_becoming_real_arg_sends_players_to_germany/ 
Shreffler, Melanie Scholastic’s New Transmedia Tween Series, Google’s Goggles, Online Education from source: " Scholastic is readying a new transmedia tween series, “The Infinity Ring,” which presents a story of time travel and rewriting history. Along with the books, the story includes interactive maps, an online game, and a mobile app) (Licensing Biz) (Kidscreen)" Article December 20, 2011 http://www.business2community.com/trends-news/scholastic%e2%80%99s-new-transmedia-tween-series-google%e2%80%99s-goggles-online-education-0110059 
Sloan, Brittney & Vanasse, Christine  The Cell Phone Novel - Cell Phones" The New Publisher nice over view of this type of publishing method and story. Examples from Japan Article  www.slideshare.net/brittneysloan/the-cell-phone-novel-seminar-presentation 
Smith & Tinker Nanovor Central hub for the Nanovor transmedia video game / book franchise Official Book/Project Informational Website June 19, 2010 www.nanovor.com 
Stewart, Sean  Bard 5.0: The Evolution of Storytelling at TEDxEdmonton TED Talk discussing Cathy's Book, the iPhone app, and storytelling Video April 5, 2010 www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnxVsVetrDI 
Stewart, Sean & Weisman, Jordan  Cathy's Book Website for Cathy's Book Actual Book/Project June 19, 2010 www.cathysbook.com 
Transliteracy Research Group Transliteracy.com (from source) "Transliteracy is the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and film, to digital social networks." Official Book/Project Informational Website August 10, 2010 www.transliteracy.com 
"Webster, Rachael " (Smith & Tinker) PixelVixen707 Blog for Rachael Webster, a fictional character in Personal Effects that attracted attention on a number of game critic blogs Actual Book/Project June 19, 2010 www.pixelvixen707.com/ 
Weiler, Lance  TCIBR podcast: J.C. Hutchins - Beyond the Book Interview with JC Hutchins Podcast July 18, 2008 workbookproject.com/blog/2009/07/18/tcibr-podcast-jc-hutchins-beyond-the-book/ 
Zuiker, Anthony E. & Swierczynski, Duane  Level 26 Website for Zuiker's Dark Origins "digi-novel" franchise Actual Book/Project June 19, 2010 www.level26.com/ 
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