This serves as a simple place to collect resources.  I have no credentials, no affiliations, no tranmedia degrees (my degrees reside in geosciences, technology and education). I have only an interest, curiosity and desire to discuss and learn more about transmedia and related topics.  If you wish big names, validations, credentials, experts, experienced hands or people in the biz (academic or industry), check out the links I provide.  I am always up for talking about this topic or related - so feel free to give me a holler (docwho2100@gmail.com).  I take all forms of criticism, one can only grow from what they know.

thanks for stopping by - docwho2100

some other projects I play with http://transmediaresources.wikia.com and transmediaeducation.blogspot.com/  
A note about how the site is organized - ideally the articles/resources are alphabetized by author's last name with last name listed first - so an article by John Smith would be in the S section.  However, as the universe enjoys taunting taxonomists, there are resources that are harder to file - so, for now, the following will be used:
1.  If an author's name is present, it is listed last name first and filed in that section.  Example: John Smith would be in the S section listed as Smith, John)
2.  If unable to find author - the source will be listed in the A section with no author name listed.  Example: the blank author names sort to the top of that list).
3. Chats/Works/Resources with no distinct single author will be listed in the section that fits with the host organization's name.  Example: the twitter chats hosted by Film Threat would be in the F section.
4. Organizations are listed in the section by the first word in their organization's name.  Example - the conference resource hosted by Future of Marketing is listed in the Fs
5.  Pseudonyms are listed in the section by the first word in the pen name - Bad Vegan is listed in the Bs