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 IDFA DocLab from source: "IDFA DocLab is a festival program for new media within the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam(IDFA). Throughout the year, IDFA DocLab showcases interactive webdocs and other new forms of digital storytelling that expand the documentary genre beyond linear filmmaking. Projects are presented online, as well as during live cinema events, exhibitions, workshops and industry panels." March 30, 2012 
 Armchair Revolutionary from site - Beautifully explained today by CNET's Daniel Terdiman, Armchair Revolutionary is... "a Web-based social activism platform designed to harness large-scale crowdsourcing and the boom in social gaming in a bid to support a wide variety of science and technology ventures that could benefit the world at large." May 2, 2010 
 Transmedia for Good wiki from source: "Whether you call it transmedia storytelling, immersive narrative or cross-platform experiences, this site brings together the best examples of using this approach to bring about social good. This could include initiatives by nonprofits or government agencies, documentary projects, cause-driven fiction or educational applications. These projects may be related to health, social, environmental, or other topics that are intended to change people's lives for the better. " August 16, 2011  from source: "The site is published by Fert Rights srl of Turin to raise awareness and promote innovation in the production of digital interactive content." March 30, 2012 
Bennett , John   Transmedia Activism: Politics, Avatar and Harry Potter  from article - Whether it's the Trollope Society or the Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan club, fandoms often become forums in which participants move beyond their shared love of a particular piece of content to start discussing real world issues. However, it's only relatively recently that people have started using them for concerted political action. March 12, 2010 
Bollendorff, Samuel & Ségrétin, Abel  Online Screening: Journey To The End Of Coal See for more information - from that source: "An educational webdocumentary that lets viewers investigate the world of Chinese coal miners who risk their lives in state-owned and private coal plants. 300 photographs and many hours of video and sound were used to create a striking immersive environment" March 30, 2012 
Center for social media Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use from source: "This Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use is necessary because documentary filmmakers have found themselves, over the last decade, increasingly constrained by demands to clear rights for copyrighted material" November 18, 2005 
Cheshire, Tom Magazine Transmedia: Conspiracy For Good from source: "It was a set-up: Sandberg staged the event last December as a blind test of the script for a new transmedia project, Conspiracy For Good. His pursuer was an actor -- "he had to fall down a lot so we'd have time to get away". CFG is a participatory drama that will play out this summer, with a cast of more than 400 spread over five countries. The plot centres around a secret society whose aim is to change the world; the society has decided to go public and CFG is the recruitment campaign. " July 9, 2010 
Das, Angelica Transmedia for Social Documentary Lots of great examples of social projects that use a transmedia approach  May 16, 2011 
Donnelly, Katie Why Youth Media Projects Should Link Up with Public Media from site - there is often tremendous overlap between youth media and Public Media 2.0 projects. While we describe public media's core function as "generating publics around problems," youth media projects often accomplish the same goal by addressing issues such as social justice, civic engagement, and media reform. But, too often, these sectors are not linked. Is this a missed opportunity? January 21, 2010 
Donnelly, Katie  Witness Creates Sophisticated Evaluation Tools for Video Impact from site - many public media organizations are struggling to measure impact -- and some are relying only on traditional indicators of reach, as opposed to other elements of impact such as relevance, inclusion, engagement or influence. Some projects, however, are taking a more holistic approach that is matched closely to their mission. The international human rights group Witness, which provides training, support and visibility for local groups producing documentaries about human rights issues, has created a Performance Dashboard that tracks more than just the number of viewers. Using "at a glance" metrics, descriptive analysis and direct feedback from participants, the Performance Dashboard provides a concise overview of impact.  March 11, 2010 
Fulton, Mary Lou  What gets people to use social media for social change? from site - One of the best sessions I attended at the recent Diversifying Participation conference focused on this fascinating question: What motivates people to start using social media for social change? February 27, 2010 Multimedia for Social Change from site - This course is for students who want to use participatory multimedia as a tool for real social change. In this innovative service-learning course and workshop, students will work with community based organizations in Los Angeles to help develop participatory media projects for social change.  April 12, 2010 
Hughs, Lynn Transmedia Is the New Black: "Media That Matters" Conference Explores the Future of Storytelling from source "The most successful documentaries have lasting impact. This concept isn't revolutionary. Any director pouring his or her life into a documentary wants that effort to be worthwhile. But in today's swiftly changing media landscape, how do filmmakers achieve that impact? And perhaps more importantly, how can this new landscape create opportunities that enable the impact we strive for? There seems to be a lot of talk these days about transmedia storytelling among the documentary community. " March 1, 2011 
Institute of Play and E-Line Media Gamestar Mechanic from site - Gamestar Mechanic aims to be a fun and accessible environment for kids to follow their passion for games and game design. The game and the companion learning guides are being designed to allow teachers to use the principles of game design to inform a larger program of systems-thinking and digital media literacy. Check out examples of our learning materials below.  April 12, 2010 
Jenkins, Henry On Chuck and Carrot Mobs: Mapping the Connections Between Participatory Culture and Public Participation comments on the panel from FOE4 - "Transmedia for Social Change" - During my introduction to the panel, I referenced the research we've begun to do trying to better understand how engagement with participatory culture, especially with fandom, may be teaching the skills and creating identities which can be applied to campaigns for social change. This project has launched since my move to California and is being conducted jointly with researchers at USC, MIT, and Tufts. What follows is the first of a series of reports on this still new research initiative, written by members of my team. Anna Van Someren  December 16, 2009 
Joey Lina Srivastava: Badass Activist Friday from source: "Lina Srivastava. Lina studied law at New York University and now has her own consulting firm for transmedia activism. As a consultant, she has been involved in the production of documentaries such as Born into Brothels and The Devil Came on Horseback. Currently, she is the organizational strategist for VODO and 3Generations, and member of the Board of Directors for MobileActive and Global Grassroots." December 16, 2011 
Kanter, Beth Transmedia Storytelling and Co-Creation Networks from site - "Transmedia activism with a co-creation network." and how to dig into this topic because it combines a couple of interest - storytelling with social media and working in a networked way.  April 14, 2009 
Kanter, Beth What is the distinction between social media for charity and social good/systemic change? More about social media than transmedia - but a good overview March 20, 2009 
Marshall, Claire  Jeff Gomez, a Children’s Hospital and Transmedia for Good How a plan is born - from source: "So I now have a plan. A multi-platform Transmedia plan that will benefit a very special group of little people and their wonderful (and exhausted) parents. If your curious and want to know more leave me a comment" August 10, 2011 
Newman, Brian "Awra Amba" - Documentary and Transmedia Activism from source: "In Awra Amba: Virtual Village, director Paulina Tervo experiments with transmedia practices to accomplish each of these goals. Tervo has created a relatively traditional broadcast documentary about a rural village in Ethiopia where the 400 inhabitants have come together with the belief that they can escape poverty by applying gender equality, dividing labor equally and by leaving behind traditional and religious practices. Tervo expands her story, however, by creating a participatory ‘virtual’ village online. " July 29, 2010 
Oehler, Kara  Zeega Enables Communities to Create Interactive Documentaries, New Forms of Storytelling from source: "We at Zeega want to enable anyone to create interactive documentaries and invent new forms of storytelling. For inspiration, we've looked to a figure who challenged the documentary form right when radio and film were being invented a century ago: Dziga Vertov. " August 24, 2011 
Rehfeldt, Eddie  Project Pedal - engaging transmedia documentary  from ource: "Mike Ambs and Amanda Walker, are the creative force behind, a site which documents Mike and Amanda’s five year struggle to produce a feature-length documentary about a cross-country bike trip from Anacortes, Washington to Bar Harbor, Maine which will ultimately be titled “For Thousands of Miles.”" March 23, 2009 
Srivastava, Lina How Transmedia Can Lead To Social Change from source: "Editor’s Note: Lina Srivastava recently gave this great talk at TEDx Transmedia conference in Rome. She outlines several transmedia projects that are designed to create social change and highlights their common approach to achieve this through new storytelling techniques. " October 24, 2011 
Srivastava, Lina  Transmedia Activism: Telling Your Story Across Media Platforms to Create Effective Social Change brings transmedia storytelling and transmedia activism together - lots of great examples January 20, 2009 
Taboada, E. M.  Advice for Creating a Transmedia Documentary from source: "It’s an exciting time for filmmakers and storytellers who are exploring ways to enhance their stories via the web. One of the new genres to emerge is the “web” or “connected” documentary. In essence, these are documentary projects that try to engage viewers via interactive tools — from customizing the experience depending on when and where it is accessed, to providing a “choose your own adventure” structure. " February 22, 2012 
Terdiman, Daniel  Crowdsourcing start-up aims to change the world from article - Want to change the world but only have 99 cents? Armchair Revolutionary is here to help. Set to launch into beta on Tuesday, Armchair Revolutionary is a Web-based social activism platform designed to harness large-scale crowdsourcing and the boom in social gaming in a bid to support a wide variety of science and technology ventures that could benefit the world at large. Built around a series of eight social activism tasks--gifting, VoIP phone calling, e-mailing, uploading, downloading, voting, forms, and quizzes--Armchair Revolutionary is seen by its creators as a one-stop shop for today's Web savvy and altruistic communities to make a big difference, one small step at a time. The value proposition? That today's existing Web-based social activism efforts suffer from a combination of being boring; of wasting too much money on transaction fees and asking for too much to get mass participation; of not rewarding that participation and much more.  April 5, 2010;title 
Threespot TransmediaForNonprofits very good overview of transmedia potential March 1, 2011 
Weinreich , Nedra Change the World with Transmedia Storytelling  from source: "We live in a transmedia world. Information, stories, marketing come at us from all sides .. Why does this matter for nonprofits, public agencies and others who are working to change people's lives for the better? Because the people you are trying to reach also live in this transmedia world.  July 22, 2011 
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