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 Should I feel embarrassed by using the phrase Transmedia? Make sense of both sides of the argument 
 Transmedia: The new concept in multi-platform production 
admin Transmedia - Is that a disease? April 18, 2011 
Admin What is Transmedia Broadcasting March 31, 2009 
Arrglington, April  What the heck is Transmedia anyway?  May 13, 2011 
Atkinson, Jill Transmedia Entertainment: 8 defining characteristics March 19, 2010 
Atkinson, Jill Transmedia Entertainment: 8 Defining Chaacteristics March 19, 2010 
Bargiel, Nina  I am a Transmedia Producer March 21, 2011 
Brown, Tara Tiger  Transmedia : Post 1 of 5  March 21, 2011 
Clark, Brian Reclaiming Transmedia Storyteller May 2, 2011 
Crye, John and sharp, Todd The Unnameable Future  May 5, 2011 
Crye, John and Sharp, Todd The Unnameable Future, Part II  June 1, 2011 
de Leeuw, Inge  Cross-Platform Storytelling: The Buzz On Transmedia March 30, 2011  
DeMartino, Nick  Transmedia Storytelling Crossing the Line towards Infinity and Beyond  May 11, 2011 
DeMartino, Nick July 5, 2011 
Dena, Christy YSA Creating a You Suck At Transmedia Website June 16, 2010 
Fahle, Rich  Are You Ready For the Transmedia Revolution? July 21, 2011 
Getzler, Wendy Goldman  Played out? InPlay hosts debate on transmedia  May 18, 2011 
Godest, Olivier  The puzzle of transmedia classification criteria  May 3, 2011 
Golick, Jill Defining Transmedia April 12, 2010 
Guest Author Transmedia Symposium: Less Debating Semantics, More Storytelling  April 11, 2011 
Gurfinkel, Jenka  Your Life Is A Transmedia Experience  April 25, 2011 
Hayes, Gary Celebrating 21st Century Media Tower of Babel  April 20, 2011 
Hughes, Lynn Transmedia Is the New Black: "Media That Matters" Conference Explores the Future of Storytelling 
Iacobacci, Nicoletta  From crossmedia to transmedia: thoughts on the future of entertainment  May 24, 2008 
Jenkin, Henry Defining Transmedia Further August 1, 2011 
Jenkin, Henry Transmedia Education: the 7 Principles Revisited  June 21, 2010 
Jenkins, Henry Transmedia Storytelling 101  March 22, 2007 
Johnson, Lucas J.W.  Last thing I’ll say  March 22, 2011 
Johnson, Lucas, J.W. An Overview of Transmedia October 13, 2010 
Johnson, Lucas J.W. Still defining Transmedia  September 29, 2010 
LeCharles Gonzalez, Guy  Wrestling With Words: Defining Transmedia  September 25, 2010 
Maker, Miles Transmedia Demystified  October 30, 2010 
May, Geoff  Your Mom is Transmedia March 21, 2011 
McDermid, Anne  Defining Transmedia  April 28, 2010 
Moore, Haley SXSW: Felicia Day Rolls Her Eyes March 19, 2011 
Norrington, Alison Transmedia Storytelling – What’s it all about?  May 17, 2010 / 
Peters, Steve What the hell *is* Transmedia? May 18, 2011 
Peters, Steve Is it Really transmedia 
Peters, Steve The Transmedia Hijack (or How Transmedia is the New Dihydrogen Monoxide)  March 21, 2011 
Phillips, Andrea WTF is Transmedia (updated) May 18, 2011 
Phillips, Andrea WTF is Transmedia?  April 6, 2010 
Pratten, Robert Types of Transmedia 
Pratten, Robert Transmedia Storytelling 
Pulman, Simon What is Transmedia October 6, 2010 
Pulman, Simon The Three Facets of Transmedia  February 21, 2011 
Romanek, Neal  I Ask Inga von Staden: What IS Transmedia?  December 13, 2010 
Rose, Frank Why Transmedia Is like a Walk in Patagonia August 22, 2011 
Ryan, John Transmedia Storytelling: What Is It?  April 20, 2011 
Sieze the Media What is Transmedia 
Sonnenfeld, Gunther  No, There's Nothing Wrong with the Term, Sometimes We Just Act Like a Bunch of A-Holes #transmedia #storytelling April 28, 2011  
Staffans, Simon Transmedia, Part One November 25, 2010 
Stitch media Transmedia Circles 
Story2.OH (Jill Golick) Defining Transmedia  April 12, 2010 
thelegacyproductions What is TransMedia Syndication and Distribution? Fiction Without Limits … April 24, 2011 
Thompson, Brooke Definition Discussions – update  June 6, 2011 
Thompson, Brooke Rebooting Transmedia April 26, 2011 
Thompson, Brooke Towards a definition of transmedia…  April 16, 2010 
van Gool, Daniël  PICNIC: Everything We Know About Transmedia Is Wrong September 26, 2010 
Wigmore, Rebecca  Hello, my name is Transmedia - Part One  March 26, 2011 
Wikipedia Transmedia storytelling 
Wilson, David What exactly is ‘Transmedia’ anyway?  August 9, 2010 
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