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 Futures of Entertainment (from source) "Drawing industry and academic speakers together with researchers from the Convergence Culture Consortium, Futures of Entertainment 4 provides a unique opportunity to participate in dynamic discussions about the future entertainment and media landscape. " March 3, 2010 
 Transmedia 101 for Publishers and Authors from source - " Transmedia is officially a buzzword, but depending on whom you ask, its definition will vary wildly. The consistent thread running through most definitions, whether in advertising, film, or gaming, is story — and no one knows the value of a story better than publishers and authors. In this free WEBcast, Transmedia 101 for Publishers and Authors, we will define transmedia from a publishing perspective, explore the opportunities (and challenges) it presents, and discuss how it changes the traditional models of content creation and acquisition."  August 14, 2010 
 Producing Transmedia Experiences (10:00 — 12:00) - Futures of Entertainment 4  (from source) " This tool is a way for people in the audience to post responses to the panel live, and in a publicly visible venue. These responses can be questions, comments, links to related resources, or whatever else you think other people might be interested in. " November 20, 2009 
  Case Study: Transmedia Design and Conceptualization – The Making of Purefold Video of presentation at FOE4 on the project December 9, 2009 
 Futures of Entertainment 2  contain audio and some video of the talk from this meeting - good topics such a Fan Labor  November 16, 2007 
 ARG Netcast (from source) "The ARG Netcast is a weekly show covering all things Transmedia Entertainment and Alternate Reality Gaming. Each week, we discuss recent events, current campaigns and interview special guests." May 14, 2010 
 Transmedia Storyworlds - Enter the Dojo Project Hard to find who is maintaining this site - has some nice link to articles and transmedia websites April 29, 2011 
Alexander , Bryan and Levine, Alan  Web 2.0 Storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre (from source) " "What is Web 2.0 storytelling? As the phrase suggests, it is the telling of stories using Web 2.0 tools, technologies, and strategies. " November 1, 2008 
Arrglington, April  Slideshows: Telling it to you like a two-year-old  A collection of slideshows that review basic transmedia/publishing/etc. themes March 14, 2011 
Arrglington.April  Profiling our new Wiki – A collaborative toolkit for Transmedia Storytellers! Article about a wiki the Transmedia LA group is developing December 14, 2011 
Arrglington, April /the-hunger-games-campaign-so-close-yet-so-far  March 4, 2012 
Bad Vegan Transmedia for indie filmmakers I: Transmedia 101, ARGs and more Great overview of concepts such as Authenticity, narrative, and DIY ARGs March 18, 2010 
Bain, Kathleen , Kim Jensen, Pavita Sangruengkit, Ezra Silman and Chris Zi Transmedia and Crossmedia Convergence in a Connected World from source: These 5 students are in their 3rd year at RMIT University, Melbourne, studying a Bachelor of Communication (Media). These five students have dedicated a semester to undertake a research project in convergence culture, transmedia and crossmedia, specifically when it comes to fictional storytelling. " February 14, 2012 
Barnes, Kevin A. Guerilla Transmedia Storytelling (from source) "While Hollywood, digital advertising agencies, universities and others are busy codifying the concepts of transmedia communications and creating bigger and better transmedia properties, there will be others who are just following their artistic urges. " March 21, 2010 
Begeal, Jan Where the Transmedia Girls Are from source: "Film, technology and gaming, three of the core industries in transmedia storytelling, have historically been male-dominated arenas, and many of the women mentioned below have come from these backgrounds as well as from advertising, marketing, publishing and education. These women are true trailblazers in the transmedia storytelling space, and their projects and writings have influenced new creators as well as those already well established in the space. They are mentors, speakers and producers with extensive experience who have received accolades in their fields." November 18, 2011 
Belisle, Jonathan  Transmedia Storytellers Network a small group aimed at discussing transmedia storytelling and related - some interesting mindmaps March 9, 2010 
Bhatia, Tejpaul  Commentary: The New Art of Storytelling Good article about the concept - uses multiplatform terminology  November 28, 2006 
Biagio Indie Filmmakers, Meet Interactive Fiction Interesting article about using interactive fiction as an extension - mention of a great programming language too April 1, 2010 
Bordwell, David Now Leaving from platform 1 very good dicussion regarding transmedia, hypernarrative, Gérard Genette and other topics including a number of good link to sources August 19, 2009 
Braccia,Nick ; Pratten, Robert, Dee , and cook, dee Transmedia Talk 41: The Year in Review, Part 2 from source: "Michael Andersen of ARGNet returns to the podcast discuss transmedia in the second half of 2011. It was the year so nice, we had to review it twice!" March 16, 2012 
Buckner, Bonnie  A Tale of Two Trends: Augmented Reality and Transmedia Storytelling tagline from source: "Two distinct trends – one is sticky, the other is not. A look at the psychology behind the momentum." December 16, 2010 
Carr, David "Heroes" Creator Tim Kring on His New TV Series, Transmedia, Future of Television  good overview of his projects, ideas on transmedia and telling stories using multiple methods July 30, 2010 
Clark, Brian (Henry jenkins) Brian Clark on Transmedia Business Models  Five part interview/article series with Brian Clark's transmedia and business views November 8, 2011 
Cuccureddu, Gianluigi  Dynamics of Interaction and Social TV Experience Architecture (from source) "Here are multiple aspects that define the Social TV experience." May 14, 2010 
de Andrade, Diogo Pessoa  I recommend (from source) "Diogo has participated and organized artistic, cultural, training and youth exchange events since 1998, in association with A.R.C.A" April 20, 2010 
de Leeuw, Inge Cross-Platform Storytelling: The Buzz On Transmedia  overview of transmedia with examples of projects such as "Pandemic", "Granny’s Dancing on the Table " and "Rekill" March 30, 2011  
Demartino, Nick Stories & Worlds: What Transmedia Has to Teach (and Learn) thoughts on transmedia and 2011 Story World Conference  November 11, 2011 
DeMartino, Nick  Why Transmedia is Catching On (Part 1)  Part 1 of three on the Why Transmedia is Catching On series  July 5, 2011 
Dena, Christy Cross-media + Entertainment. this is an older blog - she updates - but lots of good resources October 23, 2007 
Dena, Christy  The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Cross-Media A special presentation by Christy Dena for DIYDays: the conference part of the film distribution and discovery festival From Here to Awesome: July 1, 2008 
Denis, Todd The Transmedia Equation, Part 3: Platforms with Robert Pratten  (from source) "Synopsis: In this, the third of several stories focused on the transmedia industry, we speak with director and transmedia consultant Robert Pratten." June 9, 2010 
Deny, Christina Do You Have a Big Stick?  from source: "This essay addresses four of the key approaches that have emerged so far in transmedia writing. They represent areas of expertise and therefore opportunities for writers. The first two approaches are types of transmedia projects. .. ... The next two approaches to transmedia storytelling, can be described as the timing of a transmedia project: when it becomes a transmedia storyworld. February 7, 2011 
Doh, Jane The Elephant in the Room: Talking Transmedia at the eBook Summit in NYC  review of the ebook summit and some examples of how transmedia is beginning to enter into publishing including a summary of theorist Douglas Rushkoff’s talk, “Ten Commands for the Digital Age,” giving an overview of his latest book Program or Be Programmed. and peek into the all-digital literary magazine Electric Literature’s new project: Broadcastr. December 17, 2010 
Dorr, Chris Our Top 10 Transmedia Posts of 2011 a listing of For our last post of year, we are proud to give you our top 10 Transmedia Posts of 2011 from the Future of Film: December 21, 2011 
Eaton, Kit Fox's Twitter TV Experiment Tweets Its Way to Epic Failure (from ource) "When Fox revealed its plan to broadcast reruns of Fringe and Glee with a live Twitter feed overlay, I said they had to be really really careful. But Fox didn't listen. From user comments online it looks like the experiment earned itself a big FAIL." September 4, 2009 
Exon, Mel A perfect storm: the social web, storytellers and brands  (from ource) "My brief was to shed some light on brands and cross-platform/transmedia storytelling, which, if I am honest, initially felt a little awkward. Brands and agencies may be embracing cross-platform creativity and integration per se, but true transmedia… not so much. " July 13, 2010 
Fahle, Rich  Are You Ready For the Transmedia Revolution? Summary of transmedia and some definition and examples such as Pottermore with focus on video July 21, 2011 
Film Threat Transmedia: What is it? and Why Should you Care? The transcript from the Film Threat twitter chat on the subject of Transmedia November 23, 2010 
Film Threat (Mark Bell) INTRODUCING “TRANSMISSIONS ON TRANSMEDIA”  overview of what Film Threat and Film 140 will be offfering regarding transmedia November 17, 2010 
Flint, Joe The business behind the show A few predictions for 2012 January 3, 2012 
Gargan, Meghan  The Hunger Games Transmedia Experience: A Shift In Perpsectives from source: "The Hunger Games books to movies are not a transmedia experience by themselves, however, the creation of District IDs, interactive Capitol tours, Capitol TV, Capitol Couture (digital fashion magazine) as well as a slew of merchandise and additional multimedia assets begin to help build out the story world of the Capitol and Districts, thus becoming a more immersive story and transmedia telling" March 24, 2012 
Godest, Olivier  The puzzle of transmedia classification criteria  Great overview of recent discussions and ways to classify transmedia projects May 3, 2011 
Golick, Jill  Featured Column: Transmedia Julie and Julia from the source: "Afterwards it occurred to me that it is one piece of an organic transmedia experience. Ephron’s film is a clear mashup of two underlying works: Julia Child’s autobiography, My Life in France and Julie Powell’s blog The Julie/Julia Project. Already we’re at three platforms: film, print, and web. " February 10, 2010 
Golick, Jill Jeff Gomez’s Principles of Transmedia Narrative Nice overview (with good list of 8 to think about) of difference between transmedia and transmedia narrative - From source: "Giving the inspirational opening keynote address at NextMEDIA last Monday, Jeff listed eight principles of transmedia narrative based on his experience on a variety of transmedia projects" December 5, 2009 
Golick, Jill Defining Transmedia Short article on the difference between transmedia and cross platform April 12, 2010 
Gomez, Jedd and others CTIA 2009 - The Mobile Space and Transmedia: A Critical Content Platform for Hollywood Producers reference only to presentation October 7, 2009 
Gomez, Jeff Cosmic Streetcorner (from source) "The world is changing so rapidly, and it’s my job to keep up with a lot of it, especially where it impacts popular culture, children and young adults and storytelling. I’m going to use this forum, so graciously furnished by KidScreen, to try and make sense of it all in the hopes that my observations and experience can give you a new or different perspective." March 11, 2010 
Gomez, Jeff Reawakening the Grand Narrative from source: "As someone who has spent the last decade advising the entertainment industry on how best to extend big movie and videogame properties across an array of strange new media platforms, I’ve had to think about story from any number of perspectives. What I’m coming to understand is this: Story is more powerful than any weapon. More than warriors, storytellers have influenced the way we’ve evolved as a race." May 9, 2011 
Gomez, Jeff Storyworlds: The New Transmedia Paradigm video of Jeff's presentation at TOC 2010 March 2, 2010 
Gonzalez, Guy LeCharles   Collaboration is the Killer App – #DIYdays Thoughts and review of some of the #DIYDays conference April 4, 2010 
Gould, Robert  Imaginois (from source) "Created by Robert Gould in 1999, Imaginosis is a transmedia arts company that works with visual artists and writers to strategically create, develop, produce, distribute and manage intellectual properties for a variety of media that maintain the integrity, quality, imagination and philosophy of the creator's original vision." March 15, 2010 
Gurfinke, lJenka  Your Life Is A Transmedia Experience — Now With Pictures!  from source: "Last year, I wrote a post called “Your Life Is A Transmedia Experience.” In October, the post became the basis for a panel discussion event at the FutureM conference in Boston with me, Marta Kagan and Jan Libby. I have updated the deck from that panel, and am sharing here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! " January 18, 2011 
Harris, Mark WHY FILMMAKERS HATE TRANSMEDIA from source: "I’ve been mulling this topic over for a while, as I encounter many filmmakers — usually independent filmmakers — who kind of sneer at the word “transmedia.” They think it’s just marketing, or they don’t understand why people can’t just sit and watch a good film. I wanted to talk a little about this, as I certainly think there are some filmmaking topics transmedia developers need to keep in mind to make the work as a whole really soar." April 18, 2011 
Hart , William Ph.D. TRANSMEDIA NARRATOLOGY (from source) "This is a research website about transmedia narratology. " August 10, 2010 
Hayes, Gary The Future of Social Media Entertainment Check out his presentation/slide show that has focus on social media but has crossover with transmedia concepts October 28, 2008 
Hayes, Gary Traditional Media – Time to Become Relevant again? (from source) "The reasons to ‘be 360′ are now no brainers for younger content makers but there is still confusion as to the differences between key elements..." October 29, 2009 
Hayes, Gary  Transmedia Comes of Age? Dare to Dare (from source) "Now I do have problems with the term ‘transmedia’ being used as a catch all for everything that is non-linear but I think we are stuck with it for the moment as it has come to represent a few key areas ..." April 6, 2010 
Hayes, Gary Producing Transmedia Stories – 10 Reasons why Audiences do it Better (from source) "Why do transmedia professionals have a difficult time achieving authentic and fluid transmedia stories and why do ‘existing’ branded entertainment & digital agencies tend towards lowest common denominator, tried and tested formulaic cross media, more about PR, advertising and marketing than real ‘story’ focused engagement." August 5, 2010 
Hayes, Gary Celebrating 21st Century Media Tower of Babel  Reviews some of the issues surrounding using terminology. Includes a nice graphic with the assorted names and also a 3 way matrix which can be used to get a sense of the project to help define level of funding for a type of project, April 20, 2011 
Hayes, Gary  Australia’s 1st online creative Crowdfunding platform (from source) " We were contacted by the creators of FundBreak who are about to go live with Australia’s first crowd sourced funding for creative project ideas " April 20, 2010 
Hayes, Gary Navigating the World of Multi-Platform & Transmedia Rituals from source - "So for a few workshops & talks recently I developed a simple ‘graphic’ which demystifies some of the challenges storytellers face. This post describes the motivation and deeper thinking behind the World Map of Multi-Platform Cultures & Transmedia Rituals. How to understand this new world and how to navigate the relatively uncharted waters?" March 25, 2011 
Hernandez, Christina  A media innovator on the future of storytelling (from source) " During “the last heyday of print,” Jim Gaines held the reins at some of the country’s top magazines, serving as editor of Time and People and as editor and publisher of Life. " March 31, 2010 
Himpe, Tom  Ag8: Purefold Info (from source) "Purefold, the open media franchise conceived by Ag8 and developed in partnership with Ridley and Tony Scott’s RSA Films and Baby Cow Productions, has come to a halt. - there are some good links about the project here" February 7, 2010 
Holsteen Larsen, Per The Ideal Aesthetics - Transmedia Storytelling in Contemporary Brand Communication (from source) "The concept of transmedia storytelling presents a new method of brand communication which caters to these changes in consumer culture. " June 11, 2009 
Hon, Adrian Putting the ‘Game’ back in ARGs  Video and overview of the author's SXSW talk on the subject of ARGs March 1, 2011 
Hope, Ted Can Truly Free Film Appeal To Younger Audiences? (from source) "What about the audience’s desire to participate? How come we have not found a way to encourage participation on a more widespread basis? " December 15, 2009 
Hosted by the Convergence Culture Consortium at MIT Futures of Entertainment 4 (from source) "Convergence has moved swiftly from buzzword to industry logic. " November 20, 2009 
Hughes, Lynn Transmedia Is the New Black: "Media That Matters" Conference Explores the Future of Storytelling from source: "There seems to be a lot of talk these days about transmedia storytelling among the documentary community. Certainly there are those who have been aware of the concept since it was first introduced in the '90s and then brought into the mainstream culture in 2003 by MIT professor Henry Jenkins. Commercial media interests have been capitalizing on transmedia storytelling for decades now. So just what is it? " 
Inchauste, Francisco  Better User Experience With Storytelling – Part One Looks at storytelling from perspective of user experience  January 29, 2010 News  Storyworlds: The New Transmedia Business Paradigm  (from source) "Jeff Gomez (head dude at Starlight Runner Entertainment, and general good guy) gives yet another informative presentation on the real world (business) models in today's transmedia." March 16, 2010 
Jenkin, Henry Transmedia Storytelling (from source) " Several years ago, I asked a leading producer of animated features how much creative control his team exerted over the games, toys, comics, and other products that deployed their characters." January 15, 2003 
Jenkins, Henry Reflections on Transmedia from source: "The above video was shot by Scott Walker during one of my presentations at San Diego Comic-Con, during which I spoke about some of the controversy which has surrounded the definition of transmedia " August 15, 2011 
Jenkins, Henry How Learners Can Be On Top of Their Game: An Interview with James Paul Gee (Part One)  Video and interview with James Paul Gee March 21, 2011 
Jenkins, Henry Transmedia Storytelling 101 Great list of resources and articles on Transmedia Storytelling March 22, 2007 
Jenkins, Henry Harry Potter: The Exhibition, or what Location Entertainment Adds to a Transmedia Franchise a look at how transmedia sources might come in all forms  December 14, 2009 
Jenkins, Henry How Transmedia Storytelling Begat Transmedia Planning... (Part One) Thoughts on planning as well as good discussion about Grant McCracken's blog posts on the topic December 11, 2006 
Jenkins, Henry The Revenge of the Origami Unicorn: Seven Principles of Transmedia Storytelling (Well, Two Actually. (from source) "The team asked me to deliver some opening remarks at the conference which updated my own thinking about transmedia and introduced some basic vocabulary which might guide the discussion. " December 12, 2009 
Jenkins, Henry and Clark, Brian Brian Clark on Transmedia Business Models (Parts 1 - 5) Part 1 of five part series/talk with Brian Clark on transmedia models  November 8, 2011 
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