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This page is dedicated to all the women and men who worked in "Falcon Crest" to make the whole cast look like the most glamorous people in the 80's TV screens, including the following names (and please forgive us if someone is not mentioned here):

Esta página está dedicada a todas las mujeres y hombres que trabajaron en "Falcon Crest" para que los actores fueran los más glamourosos de la TV de los 80, incluidos los siguientes (y perdonad si alguno no es mencionado aquí):

           Shirley Cunningham, costume supervisor: women / costumes: Jane Wyman

           Joyce Unruh, costumer (1981-1982)

           R. Loman, costumer (1981-1982)

           Yon DeLinden, costume supervisor: men (1982-1985)

           Jane Janiger, costume supervisor: women (1986-1988)

           L. Paul Dafelmair, costume supervisor: men (1985-1990)

           Rachael Stanley, costume supervisor (1988-1989)

           Charmaine Nash Simmons, costume supervisor (1989-1990)

           Dawn J. Jackson & Frank Novak, costumers (one episode each) 

           Apollonia Kotero, Apollonia (her season 5 episodes)

           Laura Lee, hair stylist (1981-1990)

           Damion, hair stylist (1982-1983)

           Tim Jones, hair stylist (1983-1984)

           Don Lynch, hair stylist (1984-1989)

           Francine Shermaine, hair stylist (1989)

           Janice D. Brandow, hair stylist (1989)

           Maggie Hayes-Jackson, hair stylist (1989)

           Sharleen Rassi, hair stylist (1989)

           Shawn McKay, hair stylist (1989-1990)

           Dale Condit, makeup artist (1981-1987)

           Karl Silvera, makeup (1982-1987)

           Marie Carter, makeup artist (1984-1989)

           Charles Blackman, make-up (1988-1989)

           Janna Phillips, make-up (1988)

           Joe McKinney, make-up (1988)

           Gloria Blackman, make-up (1989)

           Robin LaVigne, make-up (1989)

           Ron Berkeley, make-up ( 1989)

           Moni Mansano, make-up (1989-1990)

           Dee Mansano, make-up (1989-1990)

           Leigh Mitchell, makeup (1 episode)

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