Miymini Michoel

A collection of Torah thoughts
by Michoel Reach

Chumash and Parsha

מימיני מיכאל - a sefer on the Chumash (Hebrew, pdf)

Parsha notes: Excerpts from Miymini Michoel (English)    pdfs (more complete collection)

Parsha: Shoftim - Questions, Suggestions (English), D'var Torah and here

Bris Bein Hab'sarim (English, pdf)

Migdal Bavel (English) pdf      (Hebrew)

Yosef and his brothers (English)

Meleches Hamishkan (Hebrew) [broken]

Ta'amei Hamikra (Hebrew, pdfs)

Other topics

Hilchos Teshuva of the Rambam (Hebrew)           pdf

The Rambam on Mishnah and Gemara (Hebrew)           pdf

The Megillah and the role of Hashem (English)         pdf

P'shat and Midrash - account of a personal struggle (English)        pdf

Koheles (pdf)

AskTheRabbi (English)


Keves-Kesev (Hebrew)         pdf

Types of possessions in the Torah (Hebrew)         pdf

Chazal's understanding of reality, and words in lashon hakodesh (English)         pdf

Ches-Ayin (English)

Tefilah (Hebrew)

Hallel         pdf

Saying the words (English)         pdf