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~ Mail Messages

Note: I haven't checked all the messages yet. I translated some of them without seeing the game context, so don't trust my translation too much. I'll update this page later when I have time to check them. ^_^

What you can send to her when you use Mail command
(Some choices are only available after you got a confession).

  • おはよう Good Morning
  • おやすみ Good Night
  • 何してる?What are you doing?
  • 愛の言葉 Love message
  • デートの感想 Date impressions (Only available after a date)

When she send some general mails
(Ex. Greetings, warning about exams, etc.)

  • ありがとな Thank you
  • どうでもいいや Whatever

General Mail Answers

  • 適当に返信 Reply halfheartedly
  • 普通に返信 Reply normally
  • 気持ちを込めて返信 Reply with feelings

When you did something wrong
(Ex. Forget to go to date.)
  • ごめんな I'm sorry.
  • 言い訳する Explain the reason
  • 愛の言葉 Love message

Before date

  • デート楽しみにしてる I'm looking forward to our date.
  • 早く会いたい I already want to meet you.
  • 愛の言葉 Love message

When she wants to meet you
(Usually this will happen in Real Time Mode and she will ask if you can meet her. Try to find a number in her mail. That will be the specific time she wants to meet you. 10時 = 10 o'clock,
11時 = 11 o'clock, etc. If you answer Okay, you should turn on the game and play in Real Time Mode at that time.)
  • いいよ Okay
  • 用事があるから無理 I can't. I got something to do.

When she got excited after date

  • ぼく(おれ)もだよ Me too.
  • まあ、そうだな Well, yeah...
  • 少し落ち着こう Calm down

When she talks about you two being in love
  • 一緒にたしかめよう Let's confirm it together.
  • わからないな I don't know
  • さぁ?Huh?

When she talks about ???
  • もちろん!Of course!
  • そのうちな Kind of
  • めんどうだな So troublesome

When she talks about the kisses

  • 次はもっと…… It'll be more next time...
  • )も同じ気分…… I feel the same way too...

When she talks about ???
  • そうだな So it is
  • もだよ Me too
  • そのうちな Just like that
  • まだ足りないって It's not enough yet

When she talks about ???

  • そうだな So it is
  • そうか? Really?

When she tells you she likes you more
  • ぼくはもっと好きだ I like you more too.
  • やった!Yes!
  • ふぅん Huh?

When she asks whether you two are deeply in love
  • あぁラブラブだ!Yeah, so in love.
  • わりとね Pretty much.
  • ラブラブって…… In love..?

When she talks about your relationship

  • これからもな?It will continue from now on too.
  • そうかもな Maybe
  • えっと…… Well...
When she talks about separation
  • 大丈夫、離れないから It's okay. We won't separate
  • いつでも会えるって We can always meet
When she talks about ???
  • 我慢しろって Be patient
  • ずっと傍にいてくれ Please always be near me

When she talks about ???
  • いいんじゃない? Isn't that good?
  • うーん、ずっとか…… Hmm... Always?
  • ぼくはとっくにそうだけど?I kind of think like that
  • それもあり、かな? That exists... may be
  • やばいな Too bad.
  • 寂しくさせてごめんな Sorry for making you feel sad
  • そんな日もあるって That kind of day also exists
  • そうなんだ That is so
  • そんなの当り前だろ Of course it is
  • そうだな That's right
  • 考えとくI'll think about it

When she tells you she will change her hair length
  • うれしい!お願い!I'm glad. Please do it.
  • 今のままでいいよ The current one is already good.

When she asks your opinion about her hair length that you like
  • 今の長さ or 今のまま Keep it the same
  • ロング Long
  • セミロング Semi-long
  • ショート Short

When she asks your opinion about cloth color that you like

  • 明るい色 Bright Color
  • 暗めの色 Dark Color
  • 暖かい感じ Warm Tone
  • 涼しい感じ Cool Tone

When she asks your opinion about cloth style that you like

  • 清楚 Neat
  • サッパリ Simple
  • 可愛い Cute

When she asks your opinion about personality that you like

  • クールで物静か Cool and Quiet
  • 優しくて大人しい Kind and Obedient
  • 優しくて積極的 Kind and Active
  • 明るくて積極的 Cheerful and Active
  • 知的で強気 Intellectual and Knowledgeable

When she asks your opinion about her current personality

  • もちろん、タイプだ You are already my type
  • もう少し明るい方が A little more cheerful would be better
  • もう少し落ち着いてる方が A little calmer would be better
  • もう少し活発な方が A little more active would be better
  • もう少し穏やかな方が A little quieter would be better

When she tells you she will change her hair color

  • 興味ある! I want to see it
  • 興味ないな I don't care about that

When she asks you about hair color that you like

  • 明るい色がいいな Bright color
  • 自然な茶系とか Natural / brown tone
  • 黒髪に限る!Black is the best
  • 黄色っぽいの Yellow-ish
  • 赤っぽいの Red-ish
  • 黒っぽいの Black-ish

    When she tells you she will change her hair style

    • いいとも! Good!
    • やめてよ Stop it
    • いいね! Good
    • 今のままがいいよ The current one is already good
    • いいかも!That 's probably good
    • ないない No-no

    Thanks to TL Wiki Love Plus for the script