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~ Love Plus +

What's new in Love Plus +

- Local contents
You got this option at the main screen. (I don't know yet how this option works. Will add more info later if I got a chance.)
Edit: You need to get a confession from a girl before you can play this part. So far, I got one bonus character based on the birth place I chose in the naming screen. (I chose Osaka so I got Manaka in Takoyaki costume.) Other than that, it seems like you need to connect your DS to local Wi-Fi station or something. (So I guess people outside Japan can't play it but I'm not sure.)

- Time confirmation
Once you open the game and select a save file, you will be asked from one of the girls to confirm the time setting on your DS. If the time on the screen does not match your real time, just turn off your DS and adjust your time.
(決定=Confirm, はい= Yes,  いいえ= No)

After you confirm the time on the first screen, you will get a chance to adjust your game time in case you want your game time to be different from the real time on your DS system. 
(決定=Confirm, DS本体に合わせる = Use the same time as DS system.)

- Profile (Name selection)
The first one when you have to enter your last name will be a handwriting recognition screen instead of character selection like the original game. For those who can't write Japanese, just select the second one from the bottom (英数) for English alphabets and write one English alphabet at a time in the box in the middle. Then you'll see choices of characters appear at the bottom boxes. Just tap on the one you want or tap on the blue button (クリア) to clear your writing.

- Birth place selection
In the naming screen, the bottommost one is your birth place (出身地). There are lists of prefectures in Japan, so if you don't currently live in Japan, just randomly pick any of them.

- HN (Handle Name)
After confirming your name/last name pronunciations, you'll have to select a HN. It will be like a user name you use when you exchange data with others via Wi-Fi. (I guess. I haven't had a chance to try this yet.) Just enter it the same way I explained in "Profile (Name selection)" above.

Other than these, most of the things for the first part of the game seem to be the same as the original Love Plus. If you are totally new to Love Plus, just check the side menu on this site and start reading from 1. Getting Start.

For now, I only played through like 10 mins of the first part, so can't tell much yet. Will add more info if I have time to play it. (I'm quite busy with other stuff and I know I don't have time for these girls yet. :P)

By the way, I only have 1 DS so I can't confirm anything about data transfer.

Second Part (After Confession)

There are some changes in the second part. I'll list some that I found so far here.

- You now get a swimming class to choose instead of your regular P.E. class so you can see your girlfriend in swimming suit as many times as you want.

- There is an extra option for you to re-schedule the date in Real Time mode when you use a Phone command. (It appears at the bottommost, only after you scheduled your date with your girlfriend.) Max re-schedule is 2 times and you must re-schedule it no later than 3 hours before the scheduled date.

- There are more options when you take your girlfriend to a date. Ex. at the amusement park, you can choose the attractions. (I think there are more scenes too but I'm not sure since I haven't played the original Love Plus for a long time.)

- Study date questions are not the same as in Love Plus. (That means the answers we usually use for cheating in Japanese Wiki pages don't work anymore.) There's also an option to stay with your girlfriend longer after study date. (I guess. I don't remember there's this option in the original Love Plus.)


(Updated: Sorry, guys. I guess I'm so not in the mood for Love Plus+. I started playing from start and got to the after confession part. Nothing impressive for me so far and I totally got bored with it so I guess I'll just stop playing this game. I probably won't update any more stuff about Love Plus+, at least not anytime soon. You can search the Internet to find info about Love Plus+ somewhere else then.)