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2. Naming

When you play the game for the first time (or first time for each save file), you will be asked to enter your information. 


Left Screen Translation

Family Name (Maximum 4 letters)
First Name (Maximum 4 letters)
Date of Birth (Month/
Blood Type

Right Screen Translation

 漢字 - Kanji (Chinese character set)
 かな - Higagana (A type of Japanese character set)
 カナ- Katakana (Another type of Japanese character set)
 小文字 - Small Japanese letters
 英文 - English alphabets
 記号 - Symbols
 削除  - (Delete one character)
= Return to previous page
= OK (Confirm)

Entering Information

1. Enter your family name. It's easier for those who don't know Japanese to use English alphabets. At least you will recognize your name when it is mentioned in the game script.
  • Maximum characters you can enter for your last name are 4 characters.
  • Once you finish with your family name, click the bottom-right blue button (決定) to confirm and proceed to the next step. Or if you want to change anything, you can click the bottom-left blue button (もどる) to return.
2. Enter your first name. Everything is the same as when you enter your family name.
3. Enter your birth month (select from month 1-12), then your birth date (select from 1-31).
4. Select your blood type (A, B, O, AB).

Voice System

    After inputting the above information, you will have to select how you want the characters in the game say your family name and your first name, respectively.

    This time, you can only select Japanese sounds. If you don't know how each letter sounds, you can search the Internet for "hiragana table" to look the sounds up. I collected a few links for your reference here too.   

Entering voice

Enter the pronunciation for your family name first. Then click 決定 (confirm) button and continue with your first name's pronunciation.

Confirm the pronunciations

Once you finish with your family name, click the bottom-right blue button (決定) to confirm. You will see another screen asking you to select the name. Since there's some limitations, your pronunciation choice may not be acceptable and may be shorten or adapted. If you are not satisfied with the choices, click the bottom-left blue button (もどる) to return and input a new name.

Note: You can see examples of acceptable names here;

Once you are satisfied, choose one of the name on the right screen by clicking it and the confirm (決定) button will appear. Click 決定 button to confirm or もどる button if you want to go back and change anything.

Confirm Data

After you confirm the pronunciations for your family name and your first name, a window asking whether the information are correct will pop up. Click はい if everything is okay, or click いいえ to return and change something.

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