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~ On a Date

Dating A Girl

  • When you have a scheduled date, if you play Skip Mode, you will automatically go for a date after you select your daily activities. If you play in Real Time Mode, you have to turn on the game a little bit before the scheduled time and a pop-up window reminding you about the date will appear. The Daily Schedule icon (topmost icon on the right screen) will change to デートへ行く which means it is about time.

  • Once you click デートへ行く icon, you will meet your girlfriend. At this part, it depends on the hearts you have gained for each parameter. You can touch her or kiss her or sometimes she will ask your opinion about her hair style or her dress. Sometimes she will ask you to stop by a cafe or restaurant during the date or ask you to take her to another place after the date.

Dating Variations

What you can do on a date depends on the amount of hearts you have for each of your parameters. Check the tables below for Date Effect and Date Extra.

  • Date Effect: You will see a label with arrow pointing to the heart icon on the left screen (like in the picture above) when you have 2 or more hearts on at least 3 parameters. This will make your date a little smoother than usual. Your girlfriend will be less likely to get upset when you kiss her at a crowded place. The skinship and the kiss will be a lot easier. Sometimes you don't have to do anything and your girlfriend will just walk straight to kiss you, etc.
 Parameters with 2 or more hearts
 MAXハート  MAX Heart
 アクティブ  Active  All except Intelligence
 行き当たりばったり  Random  All except Charm
 チャームアップ  Charm UP
 All except Fitness
 二人の世界  The world for just us
 All except Sense

  • Date Extra: Instead of just go straight to the date location, if you have at least one heart each on at least 2 parameters, you can get some extra features as listed in the table below.
                   Extra  Parameter 1
 Parameter 2
 Extended date to another location
 Fitness  Intelligence
 Skinship while walking
 Fitness  Sense
 Skinship at her house after date
 Fitness  Charm
 Go to coffee shop/restaurant
 Intelligence  Sense
 Ask opinion about hairstyle
 Intelligence  Charm
 Ask opinion about clothing style
 Sense  Charm

For some extras to take effect, you need to click the screen when you see a pink heart icon on the right screen (like in the picture above). For example, when she asks your opinion about her new hairstyle, if you wait until the pink heart disappears, it will mean that you don't notice her new hair and she can get mad at you.

For the extended date, if you ask her to go to a place she doesn't like much, she may not go with you.

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