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~ Mails

  ~ Mails

    Once a girl likes you enough, she will exchange mail address with you and will start sending mails to you. You will see a "NEW" icon at your mail command. Just click on it to read the girl's mail.

    For the first mail from the girl, if you click the REPLY (返信) button, you will be able to reply her mail. But you cannot compose a new mail to her until she send you another mail to confirm her address. After her second mail, you can enjoy corresponding with her.

  ~ How to use mail (Before Confession)

1. Select the girl you want to send mail to. (You can only send mails to the girls that have already exchanged mail address with you.)

2. Select message. (You can read message translation at Misc/Mail Messages.) Then click the left blue button (送信) to send the message or the right blue button (もどる) to cancel and go back to previous screen.

You have a limit of 50 mail messages in your mail box. Older messages will be deleted automatically. You can read a message by clicking on it. You can lock a message to prevent it from being deleted by selecting the message and then clicking LOCK (ロック) button. You can delete a message by clicking DELETE (削除) button.

Once you lock a message, you can unlock it by clicking on the message and then click UNLOCK (解除) button.

* At this part of the game, you can send mails only in the morning and at night. (After you get a confession, you can send mails any time you want.)
* Sometimes if you just receive mail(s), you will not be able to compose a new mail. (You will see a message warning that you should not send too many messages, like in the picture below.)