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~ Game Start

There are 3 save slots on the right screen. You can choose which one you want to use or choose the save slot you want to continue playing.

Click on the save slot once and it will show you the saved data on the left screen.  Click on it again to play the game. You can click the little blue button (もどる) to return to the main menu screen.
  • If your save slot is empty, you will see "No Data" on the left screen. If you play the game for the first time, you need to enter your name and information. You can read the naming guide here.

  • If you have played the game before, you will see your saved data on the left screen.

Left Screen Translation

Date last saved:
Your name:
How to pronounce your name:
Blood type:
No. of days:

  • If you reach the second part of the game (after confession), you will see your girlfriend's face on the right screen and some more information on the left screen. The information added are the "Lover's Rank" and the "Lover's Stars" you have earned while dating your girlfriend.

  • Rank Translation
恋愛ビギナー Love Newbie
平凡カップル Ordinary Couple
中堅カップル Solid Couple
ベテランカップルVeteran Couple
恋人本格派 Authentic Lover
熟練のふたり Experienced Couple
シニアカップル Senior Couple
ふたりはラブラブ Deep in Love
ベストパートナー Best Partners
とわのふたり Eternal Two