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~ Confession

  ~ Dream

When a girl starts to love you and is about to confess, you will see a dream event. The dream event is different from usual CGs that it will be a CG on both screen. (Regular CGs are only on one screen.) Dream events are different depending on the girl you are after. You have to do different things during the dream too.
  • Manaka : Touch her lips when there is a finger icon and say "Zettai Uwagi wa shimasen" (I will never cheat on you) when there is a mic icon.
  • Rinko : Say "Aishiteru" (I love you) a few times when there is a mic icon.
  • Nene : Touch the letter when there is a finger icon.
For the part that you have to say something, if you can't say it, you can keep touching the screen.

  ~ Confession

Soon after the dream, you should get confession from the girl you dream of. When she confesses, you will have 2 choices. The top one is accept and the bottom one is reject her confession. (You can reject her to get a "Reject Confession" Memory in the Gallery if you want. But if you don't get another girl to confess to you by day 100, you cannot proceed to play the second part of the game.)

If you say yes when she confesses, you will be able to kiss her when you see a close-up shot. Just touch the screen with your stylus. Then you will see the ending credit while walking home with her. She will ask you 2 questions.

First question is whether she can call you by your first name. (She always calls you with your family name throughout the first part.) Top choice is yes, middle choice is no, and the bottom choice is "..." which I don't know what it means. :P

Later she will ask whether you want to go on a date this coming holiday. Top choice is yes, middle one is no, and again the bottom one is a mysterious "...".

Then you will need to watch the credit and save before proceeding to the next part. And this is it for the first part of the game. After this, you will be playing the Second Part of the game (After Confession).

Note: If you reject her confession, you will continue playing the first part of the game. You might get confession from another girl and proceed to the second part or you will just end up alone on day 100th. If you don't get a girlfriend by day 100th, you will start back on the day you last save your file.

~ Tips

If you can't get a confession by the 100th day, I have some tips for you. ^_^
  • Select an activity that will let you meet your targeted girl in the evening (the 3rd row activity). For example, select tennis club for Manaka, library for Rinko, and restaurant for Nene. You will get more chance to talk to her or ask her to walk home with you.
  • Try to get events with the girl as often as you can. If you see an activity that has her face icon, always select it so you can get closer to her.
  • After exchanging mail address with your girl, keep sending mails to her days and nights. In the morning and at night, wait about 10-20 seconds before using Schedule or Sleep command. She might send or reply a mail to you. (Note: The way you greet her and the way you reply her mails will affect her personality that you can choose later near the confession.)

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