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~ Misc Events


- Study Date

  • When it is close to the exam (you can check exam schedule in Real Time Mode's calendar), you may have a chance to have a study date at your girlfriend's room. Within 2 weeks before the exam, if your Intelligence parameter is low, you might run into your girlfriend somewhere. You will see two choices (I can't remember what they are). Choose choice 1 means you want a study date and choice 2 will reject her. (Note: You can get study date invitation in both Real Time and Skip Mode.)
  • If you accept the study date invitation, you will be at her room She will ask you a set of 3 questions. If you get all correct, she will change into her cosplay costume (or sometimes her swimsuit, or regular cloth). You can look at her as long as you want. Just click "Skip" button to end the session and you will have a chance to kiss her.

  • If you miss any one question, you won't see her costume. You can ask for another set of questions. (Tell her " もう1回")

  • After a set of questions she will ask whether you want to continue. You have 2 choices. The top one is yes (もちろん!) and the bottom one is no (もういいや). You can have upto 3 rounds of questions in one study date. After the study date, your Intelligence will go up a lot.

  • You can also gain a study date command after playing the game 1 month. In this case, you will have a Study Date command to choose for your Daily Activities. Note that this Study Date command will disappear if you don't use it within one week.

- Morning Call

When you meet your girlfriend during a date or a short meeting, sometimes she will ask you how easy you wake up in the morning. You will have 4 choices.
  • 1. 強いほうかな
  • 2. 弱いほうかもな
  • 3. 出来る男は朝型なんだよ!
  • 4. バリバリ夜型です!
If you choose choice 2 or 4, sometimes your girlfriend will come wake you up in the morning. (But sometimes she will wake you up when you answer something else too. But choice 2 is the most certain one if you need a morning call.)

- Lunch Box

Sometimes your girl will ask you about your favorite food. You usually have 4 choices. The top choice will be the same as her favorite but it is not something she can make for you. So pick anything except choice 1. if you want to have lunch with her occasionally. (You will see a scene at school around lunch time that looks like she is sitting close to you. If you can't read Japanese, you probably don't even know that you're having lunch with her. :P)