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Skip Mode

  • Skip Mode's game play is pretty much the same as the first part of the game (before confession). Only that you can now call your girlfriend for a date and select your desired locations when you use Go Out command.

  • If you play Skip Mode for the first time, you will be asked whether you want a Kissing Tutorial or not. If you choose to have a tutorial, you can read more at Kiss Tutorial Section.
  • If you use the Calendar command in Skip Mode, you will see that it will loop over a general week. You won't have any special events or holidays in this mode, unlike the Real Time Mode.

  • When you use the Phone command, you can only call your girlfriend to schedule a date. (Unlike in Real Time Mode that you have 2 options, which are calling your girlfriend out for a short date and schedule a date.)

  • The good point of Skip Mode is that it proceeds very fast. You can unlock date spots, unlock items, or build some hearts for your parameters from this mode. You can also date your girlfriend so many times in this mode to gain her affection as well as to unlock some costumes. However, dream events and some of the lucky charms require that you play in Real Time Mode. Anyway, you can switch between these 2 modes as you wish.

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