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Real Time Mode and Skinship Tutorial

If you use Real Time Mode for the first time, you will see some instruction windows. What you need to know are;

  • Activity Points

    Unlike the first part of the game or in Skip Mode, almost everything in Real Time Mode requires Activity Points (行動ポイント). You will need Activity Points to do daily activities, to go to dating spots, or even to send messages to your girlfriend. You have 30/30 Activity Points when you start the game and you can gain more points later by playing the game regularly or getting closer to your girlfriend.

  • Skinship Lesson

If you play Real Time Mode for the first time, you will be asked whether you want to practice skinship or not. Choice 1 is yes and choice 2 is no. After picking your choice, you will be introduced to the parameters and commands.

  • Parameters

    The parameters are still the same. You got Fitness, Intelligence, Sense and Charm just like the first part. The added items are the heart above and the smiley icon below each parameter. You will gain a heart once your parameter level goes beyond the upper limit. You can have maximum of 4 hearts for each parameter. The smiley icon shows satisfaction level of your girlfriend for each parameter.

  • Commands

    In Real Time Mode, you have to decide and select your activities day by day. On the day you don't play the game, you activities will be shown as thinking icon, which means undecided activity.
    The command selection will be the same as in the first part of the game. Just click the arrows to change commands. You will see how many Activity Points you need for each command. If you don't have enough Activity Points, you will have to select other activity or leave it as undecided. Once you are done, click 決定 (confirm) button. Note that in this part of the game, if you choose to go out, you will need to click on the go out icon again and select the location before you can click 決定 (confirm) button. I will cover more about locations here.

  • Skinship Tutorial

After selecting your activities, if you choose to have skinship practice from the previous steps, the game will ask you again whether you really need the Tutorial. If you choose to have the tutorial (choice 1), you will enter the Skinship Tutorial. Otherwise, if you choose choice 2, the game will continue to next part.

(If you choose to have a skinship lesson, read Skinship Tutorial Secion first.)

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