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Skinship Tutorial

  • If you choose to have skinship tutorial, you will fall asleep and enter the tutorial mode. (In your dream, you will think that it will be okay to try touching your girlfriend anywhere you want... :D)
  • First, the game will introduce the eye icon on the upper left screen. It shows how many people are currently staring at you. (Black means none, red means a lot of people.) If you touch your girlfriend when many people are staring, she will feel embarrassed and get mad at you.
  • You will have to try touching your girlfriend when there are less people. So watch the eye icon, and touch her when it is not crowded. You have to try until you succeed to get to the next stage.

  • Next, the game will show you the places you can touch your girlfriend. You will have to touch her in order from Hair, Forehead, Ear, Body, Arm, and Hand. So, touch her accordingly.
  • After you succeed in touching all the spots, you will wake up and that will end your skinship tutorial.
  • Note: The kissing tutorial is only available in Skip Mode. So you will learn how to kiss later in Skip Mode. ^_^
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