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3. Controls

Most of the time, you will use Nintendo DS's stylus to touch the screen and proceed through the game. In some parts of the game, you can use D-pad to change camera angles to get different views of the girl.

During a general conversation, you will see a box at the lower part of the screen. Touch any where in that box to proceed. You can also use L button instead of touching the screen. There is a little box at the lower right corner labeled "Auto." You can touch that button to make the conversation progress automatically. Click it again will change the mode back to manual where you have to touch the screen to proceed to the next conversation.

There are some parts that you need to say some words or sentences to Nintendo DS's microphone to proceed. And there is also the "Love Plus" mode where you need to use DS's microphone to chat with your (virtual) girl friend. In both cases, if you can say something to the microphone, you will see a green microphone icon on the screen.

Later in the game, you will be able to touch your girlfriend. You will see a finger icon on the right screen. That is when you can use stylus to touch her.